Welcome to the Pharmaceutical Management Science Association (PMSA)!

The pharmaceutical industry is one of
the largest in the world and it is by no means slowing down. It is believed that
prescription drug sales in the world generate over 1 trillion per year. Within
this vast industry, pharmaceutical management professionals make business and financial decisions regarding research and development of new medicine,
marketing, and sales. They decide which types of medication should be developed
and how they will be marketed to the public once they have been approved by
the FDA. I think it’s a really fascinating
industry where data analytics has the power to influence and impact business
decisions and strategy. In return, it also helps to improve patient outcomes
and quality of life. Pharmaceutical analytics is slightly different, because we’re a very regulated industry. You have HIPAA compliance, you have
medical records, physicians enrollment, payers enrollments so it
becomes a lot of parties involved in one’s well-being and there needs to be
analyzed data that we need to bring together. Of course
maybe everybody says that for your own work but our work is pretty complex
because the fragmented market is with the data out there is very sometimes
coarse, sometimes its too much, you just have to bring everything together. it’s quite important that we stay
connected because it’s a very small world and we get better by sharing our
techniques, by sharing best practices and PMSA is is one key component of that. PMSA is one venue where you share ideas.
It’s not a sales function. We are truly saying hey, let’s share ideas,
let’s not sell our products here. No partner is here to sell their product,
they are here to share the best practices, their methodologies and even
more important, I think, we are a very small tight-knit group, pharmaceutical
industry, and in particularly the analytics function, so the networking
opportunities that you get being part of PMSA. I got to see a friend of mine
after 10 years I had not expected to see someone after 10 years but again things
move around people move, change their jobs. So eventually this could be one
common thread that ties everyone together. Industry right now is in a really
interesting intersection and crossroads of the future potential and I
think PMSA is at the cutting edge of helping to shape and sort of influence
what that’s going to look like. PMSA is one of the few organizations
where you have a lot of people dedicated to solving the exact same problems, so
oftentimes within a company or within an organization they have their own culture
and way of doing these things and there’s no other way to learn about how
to evolve your thinking except to join with other like-minded individuals who
are creating novel approaches to solving those problems. PMSA has a rich
resource library with historical previous presentations, videos, tutorials.
I think once people start to get a taste of how PMSA even the existing previous
resources can help them do their job better and help them think outside of
the box, and can challenge them in doing things in new ways and then you will
have much more solid I would say evidence and persuasive power to bring
them over to the event. Being part of PMSA really keeps you up to date on the
latest innovations, the highest quality of research and analytics that’s
happening in healthcare. We all work in industry, even though it looks like a big industry its still a small social network, you know, sometimes you need your connections you want to be able to call someone and request an insight the next
day and this is the place I think to kind of create those networks, and very efficiently. It is not an exclusive club or anything, it’s more about an inclusive club
that wants to help everybody that wants information, that wants to advance the
community, so we are looking for volunteers. We are looking for people
that want to learn more. This continued to be a very valuable
resource for me mainly because of networking. I think it’s one of the key
organizations in analytics and industry. There are others but I think that
PMSA has set itself apart by being more focused on the industry personnel, for
example the requirement to be on the board is that you have to be on the
industry side rather than vendors. I’ve always encouraged my staff whether
I’ve worked at Pfizer, Organon, now at Crossix to come here for the training
and then in addition to that it’s a great place for professional networking.
Every year you have 300 people in the industry, very talented, brilliant,
exchanging ideas and having come here for over 15 years you really start to
build up like a family. Attendance to this session gives you the
added benefit of the ton of networking opportunities, a ton of your peers, three
or four hundred of your peers will be here in a relatively pleasant
environment and the opportunity to interact, to follow up on, ask each other
questions, to hear some great keynote speakers, it’s really excellent and a
very cost effective use of your time and energy for growing your career. I think
overall it’s a wonderful experience. Well thank you for for the organization. The
new president Karthik is amazing, love the dance moves.

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