Welcome Video – (Stanford School of Medicine Admit Weekend)

there is this attitude sir that you can be a doctor and something and you can make that end whatever you wanted to be option is pre-meds we have felt like we were on this treadmill that you had to check all the boxes in order to get in that school and in some ways stanford says for a time don't worry about the checkboxes who do you want to be you really have the whole campus open to you you're going to be hanging out with everybody here at Stanford engineers business students law students and it's that sort of cross-pollination of ideas and backgrounds that really make Stanford a great place and everyone has their own passions whether it's going out to the community and doing something they're working out one of the free clinics doing research it's it's really amazing so the diversity that you encompass in such a small class the balance of school and life is really hard and everybody's going to die I hope that someone seeing them and acknowledging them as a person knowing that they're struggling I think helps in some way having a class where it's like really really really acceptable it's like Express when you're struggling and you person in your class would say like galitsin talk flush out how you're feeling the thing that Stanford's great at is attracting people who are really easy to talk to and get along with no matter where they're from at the end of the day I know the names of every single person in the class and something about them and I've had the opportunity to interact with every single person in the most monotonous day's end up being leave joyful being substance of Stanford is amazing because you have the opportunity to come to a place where all of us have found a lot of happiness and hope that you guys find that to like son like being happy like breeze and the trees I think we should come here and we'll get your decision really think about the core values that you see yourself and you want to continue to carry throughout your life and your training and see you which environment can provide that to you thing is here everyone really friends cosmic professors they're all working and I've been to your success you are coming in with a clear idea of which one do that's awesome because Stanford will push you as far as you want to go but if you are like me and you don't really know what you want to do there's still time then Stanford gives you all the time you need to really figure out what works that's the kind of school Stanford isn't so you have lots of space to figure yourself out definitely come here you're going to have the most fun in your life and I know they're going to tell you that it's hard work it is but it's 100% worth welcome to skipper I'm going to send very welcome Stanford welcome sample from Stanford looking super focused Stanford welcome to Stanford welcome to Stanford slogan about them we're so excited to have you here the great admit weekend

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