Well Stocked First Aid Kit Essential First Aid Supplies

well stocked first aid kit essential first aid supplies camping first aid kit car home work camping hiking hi it’s AlaskaGranny I’m getting ready
to spend some time at my Granny Camp off-grid Alaska cabin and so I’ve been building
a first-aid kit and the things that I need to go in it to take out there to Granny Camp make sure that I have what I need whether you’re staying at home you’re
riding in your car you’re going camping or you’re in an emergency bug-out
situation you need to have a first-aid kit so a first-aid kit is something that
you should have more than one you need to have one first aid kit in your home you need to have one first aid kit in each of your cars you need to have one first aid kit at your workplace you need
one with your bug out bag or your emergency survival prepping gear and if you spend time in the
out-of-doors you need a first aid kit with your camping or your outdoor gear a first-aid
kit is something you can buy an already prepared kit they come in a variety of
price points with different degrees of readiness it’s also something that you
could put together yourself Dollar Tree First Aid supplies whether you buy a first aid kit already made or you
assemble it yourself there are certain items that are must-haves for your first
aid kit I’m going to go over the different items in a well-stocked first-aid kit so
that you can make sure that you have the supplies items that you need no matter what your emergency situation is first you need a sturdy container it can be something that
your purchased first-aid kit comes in it can be something you already have
around the house I bought this red zipper pouch at a thrift store for 99
cents then that’s the one I’m going to be filling up today red is a good choice for a first aid kit because it’s a color that people associate with first aid and medical
supplies look through first-aid supplies and make sure you have assorted
band-aids I like the cloth band-aids they stay on longer lasts better and you
can get them from tiny sizes all the way up to great big squares at Dollar tree have some adhesive cloth tape that’s a nice kind of tape because it sticks to itself and
not to your skin so when you want to remove it you don’t cause further injury
or pain to a wound have some antiseptic antibacterial wipes and some hand sanitizer
along with some disposable gloves you need gauze rolls gauze pads a
thermometer tweezers scissors the instant cold pack is always a nice
addition as is an emergency survival mylar blanket many times when people are injured they may
go into shock you need to keep them warm and comfortable and one of the ways to
do that is with the addition of your emergency blanket open it up wrap it
around them it can help reflect their body temperature the body heat back to
their body and help keep them from going into shock extra supplies that I always
like to include from Dollar Tree sunscreen aloe vera gel insect repellent and an after bite
stick you want a variety of over-the-counter medicines and drugs
things like aspirin ibuprofen advil tylenol or their generic variety you
want some anti diarrheal medication some antacids maybe some laxatives some cough medicine sore throat lozenges antibiotic creams cortisone cream burn cream
first-aid cream you need to make sure that you have the emergency contact list
the people you need to get in touch with in an emergency have a paper copy of
those phone numbers addresses and their contact information from your doctor’s
to your insurance companies family members the local hospital the poison
control number any pertinent medical information that you would need in an
emergency whether it’s a list of your doctor or a list of the prescription
medications that someone is taking also make sure that you have a small supply
of prescription medications that you take with your first-aid supply so that
in case and emergency and you need them they’re
there with your emergency gear get a good first aid guide and learn to
administer first aid it’s important that you be able to take care the best you
can of someone in an emergency situation then go through your first aid kits
occasionally make sure no one has raided them they haven’t been misplaced
that you still have the things that you need so that you’re ready for the things
that come along if you’re concerned with emergencies that might include more than just simple first-aid you might want to consider beefing up your supplies some
of the very specific emergency first aid gear and supplies that would be in addition to any
kind of a basic kit as with any area of prepping decide what are the risks that
are probably most likely to be something that you and your family encounter and
those are the risks that you prepare for then make sure that you have your
supplies on hand you have them where you need them and you know how to use them when the time comes learn more at alaskagranny.com please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel


  1. You have such wise and wonderful advice. Thank you. I have been talking to my family and friends about your channel. Have a great time camping. Thank you.

  2. After watching your videos, I gave everyone a multi tool, first aid kits, and a few other things to keep in their cars for emergencies. They may have chuckled a little when they received everything but after I explained how these items may save/help someone else, they were grateful. Your videos really help!!

  3. First Aid kits is the first thing we need in home, in the car, and in my backpack and mine is ready. I have two store bought first aid kits in my backpack alone and they have the items I would need for many situations. Every family should have their kits where they will be needed if at home, or away from home.

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