Wellness at Washington University School of Medicine

[Music] In my first year of undergrad I really thought this is the beginning of my life. Like I’m just going to do my own thing and I’ll see my family whenever I get around to it. But my dad actually passed away during my first semester of undergrad. And it was kind of a realization moment that caused me to start wanting to run more, just because it was an escape but it was also a way to be healthy. Because I realized there’s so much more to life than just what’s in a textbook. [Music] Part of our lives is being medical students but we need to start building that balance now. Because everyone talks about work-life balance, but if we can’t even do that when we’re students, when will we start? And so that’s really why I like to be involved in wellness programs here. And I’ve been very happy with the way that the school has supported us and given us the resources to build that kind of culture. And so we take a key role in to organizing lunch talks and activities throughout the week. So we had a puppy therapy as a de-stress session and we had people speak about relationships at medical school. and then we also had a cooking class that was really successful, as well. [Music] You all look amazing. This is so incredible. There are some students who might struggle with whatever it is if there’s, if there’s, you know, a death in the family or a mental health issue, we can support them. We can be flexible. And it’s so rewarding then to see that student walk across the stage at Commencement. Once you come here as a medical student we are going to get you across the finish line because we really believe that you can succeed. And we are here to support you in every aspect of your life.

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