Western Sydney University: Doctor of Medicine

It’s really exciting using the modern
facilities here at uni I don’t know how to describe it. Wild in a sense. It’s
something that you would think that you would be using in your wildest
dreams. Western Sydney University Medical School is one of the new medical schools
and we chose to build world-class facilities to offer the people in
southwestern Sydney, but across Australia, and particularly a rural Australians, an
opportunity to work in the best medical school on the planet. It was something that was a
goal for me, I’m in terms of university preferences. We get over three and a half
thousand applications every year for a hundred places. It allows us to
choose, not just those that can work hard and that are bright, but those that are
absolutely committed to the needs of the communities. Western Sydney’s medical
course is significant in that we’re clinical from day one. There’s no sitting
in a classroom for years and years. We get out there, we get amongst the
patients and we really got a feel for what it is to be a healthcare provider
in Australia. You do get those opportunities to be hands on from the
very beginning and that’s something that’s quite rare. The course of medicine
here at Western Sydney University includes the key elements of the basic
sciences and that really means anatomy and biochemistry and molecular studies
but we also do population-based studies so that’s understanding broadly what the
populations needs are we look at the professional development and the
characteristics of what makes a great kind and confidential doctor and we also
teach clinical skills which underpin everyday practice in medicine. Well we think it’s great that students have got this opportunity to experience medical practice in a community setting because that’s where most of the ill health
happens. It doesn’t happen in the teaching hospitals that happens in the
community. Medical practitioners don’t work in isolation,
we work as part of a team. Experiencing things, together. Seeing teams operate at
close quarters is a valuable experience that they wouldn’t get otherwise. In Interdisciplinary events you learn how the different disciplines actually work
together. It’s such a fast-paced, high stress environment. You know you learn
that you really do need to keep the cool in those situations and go through the
proper procedures in order to ensure that the patient stays alive. Some of the clinical training is occurring as far apart as Lismore Bathurst and out to
Broken Hill and down to Aubrey. You might start at Campbelltown, but you could end
up anywhere in one of 47 sites across New South Wales. Good research, next to
good clinical training in medicine, brings the brightest and best to work
your area. But it also allows us to continually improve the quality of the
care that we give. Studying medicine is obviously quite challenging at times but
with the staff and the amazing facilities we have and all the students
here at Western Sydney, it’s just really helped ensure that my level of
motivation is always up there and I don’t forget why I came here in the
first place to study medicine.

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