What A-Levels do you need to study medicine?

– Hey guys, one of the
most common questions that I get asked is what A levels do you need for medicine? And it’s not what you expect. (lively music) So, this potentially could be
one of the most boring videos I’ve ever made but please don’t let that turn you off because it’s quite an important video. After I’ve finished doing my waffling bit, at the end is there is gonna
be some PowerPoint slides where what I’ve done is gone
through all of the universities that I can find that offer medicine and I’ve looked at for 2017 I’ve looked at what UCAS points you need, what grades you need,
what subjects you need, what additional requirements you need, whether it’s on the BMAT or the UKCATS. And the majority of them,
in fact, all of them, chemistry is the core requirement. Some of them require biology as well, so I know most of you think that biology’s the
most important A level for doing medicine but it’s not. Every single place wants chemistry and then other things to go with it. All the details are kind of like at the end of this video. I sorted it by university alphabetically, it’s also over my website if you want to go and just
have it in front of you, not as a video format because I know that might be a little bit annoying for some of you. But chemistry is the core requirements, some of them would say other
sciences would be nice, some of them say maths would be nice, some of them say you have
to have three sciences, some say you have to have two sciences, some of them are BMATs, remember, UKCATS, so if you’re applying to
like four universities that have BMAT and one that’s UKCATS, you have to sit both of them which is a little bit of a drag but you might just want to
think about universities that are BMAT or just
think about universities that are UKCATS but chemistry is the important one which I know is gonna
come as a bit of a shock for some of you. When you’re thinking about
some of your other A levels, you need to make sensible choices, so when you’re going for your
medical degree interview, chances are they’re gonna ask you about your A level choices. So, if you’ve picked biology, chemistry and dance, they’re gonna ask you why as a doctor do you
think dance is important? And if you can’t answer
that question sensibly, then maybe we shouldn’t be
picking dance as an A level or French or music or art or history or politics or economics or anything that doesn’t directly relate to being a doctor or medicine because they’re going to ask you about it when you go for your
medical school interviews and anything that just
looks a little bit weird, well, you’re going to be
competing against people that are gonna be doing four A levels, biology, chemistry, physics and maths. The other thing you need to be careful of when you’re picking your A levels is that some places will
say that you have to have like three sciences and maths is included is
a science for this course, but you can’t have maths and further maths as two of your A levels or you can’t have
biology and human biology because they’re too similar, so you can do further maths but it won’t be counted or you can do human biology but if you do biology,
it won’t be counted. The other thing is that psychology generally doesn’t count as
a science in this instance. I know it’s generally
taught by scene teachers but it’s generally not
gonna count as a science. So, there we go, that’s
what A levels you need to do medicine. Now is gonna come a boring slideshow. (lively music)


  1. +primrose kitten unfortunately in my gcses I got a c in core and a b in additional.do you think I can still do science even though my school requires a b in both.

  2. Also for you're next video can you please do one about btecs and the entry requirements for nursing because I'm really interested in that.

  3. I would love to become a doctor and have always wanted to, but I honestly don't know if I have the intelligence for Alevel Chemistry :/ I would say I am fairly clever and am willing to work very hard to achieve but I've been told so many times that chemistry is sooooo difficult! Any advice? X

  4. I'm taking Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Geography I am not set on doing medicine but I want to keep my options open and I think these Alevels do

  5. For those who want to know, I searched many Universities for medicine and the requirements. The best A-Levels are:

    Chemistry (Compulsory)
    Biology (Compulsory in most unis)

    Physics and Maths are the most preferred as the other A-Levels. Hope this helps 🙂

  6. Hi I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you. I'm 15 years old and have just finished year 10 at school. This year I sat 10 gcse exams a year early as this is our school policy. My teachers put me in to triple science last September as they said I had the capability to achieve good grades however I've known that science isn't my strongest subject at all. In my mocks I got an E in Biology, D in Chemistry and U in Physics. I couldn't understand as I was in top set and I have always been hard working and put in a lot of revision. I knew something had to change as my gcses were 7 weeks away. My friend suggested your channel and it's safe to say I binged watched all your science videos for WJEC. It's hard to find videos directly to my exam board. I worked so hard and whilst I was certain to have gotten U's in my exams (in higher tier grades are A*-C and then a U) but I didn't!! In fact I got an A in Biology, B in Chemistry and B in physics. I was so shocked and couldn't believe it. It was all thanks to your great and useful videos. I am now doing additional science throughout year 11 and am on course to get an A too. THANK YOU 😊

  7. Does anyone know what happens if, for example, you pick a set of a-levels then decide (too far in to change) that you want to go down a completely different career path, what would you do?
    Could you still go for pretty much any career still or do you cut off options completely, no amount of work can help you, once you do a-levels?

    Because as much as I love psychology, I know there's other options, and I'm worried 2 years will pass and I'll totally change my mind (even if I feel confident now).

  8. I'm taking Biology, Chemistry, Maths but I'm taking History to AS level as well, do you think they will question me on that?

  9. What people don't think about is that medicine is one of the most desired uni courses, meaning that a lot of the A* students will apply and most likely get accepted. The reality is that most people aiming for AAA won't get in due to some people getting A*A*A*. Which is very stupid but is how it works.

  10. French or any language is liked very much by medical schools actually, as it shows you have a skill that someone who takes maths biology chemistry and physics doesn't.

  11. Do you think doing 3 A-levels and a BTEC is good? I'm thinking of doing maths, economics, politics and business BTEC.

  12. I want to do something related to health, and I'd love to do nursing, I'm going to study A level Biology, Sociology and Health and Social Care. Is that okay?

  13. question- I was going to do geography a level (alongside chemistry and biology), but am thinking of changing to English literature after getting a 9 in this but only an A in geography GCSE. thoughts? do universities value English lit? also, even if they would prefer geography would english lit be better if i get a better grade?

  14. I want to become a lawyer, so could you do a video on what A levels should be taken to do law at university. I'm debating on whether to take chemistry, history and maths or geography, history and maths.

  15. I just wanted to tell someone so I'll say it here.
    I got:
    a 4 in English Language
    a 5 in English Literature
    a 6 in Maths
    a C in German
    an A in Geography
    an A in Chemistry
    an A* in Catering
    an A* in Rs
    an A* in Biology
    an A* in Physics

    some disappointments but overall yay

  16. I have always wanted to persue a career in medicine due to the fact that my mum studied sciences in college and uni. I've always wanted to become a paediatrician since I was like 12 now I'm entering year 10 I'm scared I won't be smart enough 😕

  17. I am doing medicine and I was always told by teachers to do chemistry, biology and an essay subject. Maths is not essential and if you're going to struggle it is so much better to do something you'll enjoy and get a good grade in. Essay subjects develop your writing and critical analysis skills which you'll use in research and when you're a doctor!!

  18. I have heard somewhere that one university that you apply for has to be non-medicine. What university course would you suggest for this non-medical course in case none of the other universities choose to accept you?

  19. Hello, I'm taking the International Baccalaureate (IB) this year and looking to go on to study medicine at Oxbridge. Do you think that these sound like good choices: Chemistry, Biology and English Lit (for my highers) and Psychology, Spanish and Maths – highest level for maths is standard- (for my standard level subjects). Thank you and I love your videos and your baby is sooo cute! Please do loads and loads of Chemistry, Bio and Maths A-level / IB videos next year (the courses are quite similar) 🙂

  20. I just wanted to ask if it is essential to do maths for the whole 2 years or can you drop it after one year and still get into medicine?

  21. Hi I was wondering if you can advise me
    My daughter got a C grade in biology and chemistry she wants to do medicine
    Please advise me where I can enrol my daughter for A level who will except it with that grade please help .
    Many thanks

  22. so what would you recomment as an "other subject"?? also would Maths & Physics be too similiar? anyone please reply

  23. I'm doing Biology, Chemistry and German this year and planning to study dentistry after sixth form. Do you think that it will be beneficial to do one more subject at AS?

  24. The interviews are nothing to do with A-level choices. If you want to dance and it meets the criteria go for it, the interviews are completely separated from that sort of stuff – it won't matter to the interviewers because they won't know your A-levels anyway. And in terms of comments saying AAA students won't get in over A*A*A* students, don't believe it. Most unis work off of a tiered system. As long as you meet the minimum (AAA usually) then they forget about your A level predictions and use the aptitude tests, then interviews to get the offers. If you fail in one you won't get through to the next stage but having AAA with dance is not any disadvantage over A*A*A* in three sciences.

  25. I would like to become a doctor and I am doing A level biology and level 3 extended diploma in health science(lab skills) which is equivalent to 2 A Levels. I am not doing chemistry as A level but there's some chemistry in health science diploma. My question is will I be able to do medicine with this? Even with a pre-foundation degree.

  26. Do you think I would be able to get into any university with a Health and care level 3 technical diploma to become a doctor. I would like to know before I sign up for college thank you.

  27. Second year medical student here – I did Biology, Chemistry, Maths and History. Most of my friends who did Medicine did not do triple science and maths: they did three of those subjects, plus History, English, Economics, French etc etc. I think that while Dance A Level might not be suitable, other non-'science' subjects really are. Most universities do NOT care what your extra A level is, so take something sensible and rigorous sure (humanities, languages, economics, English), but don't feel like you have to do something 'sciencey'.

    Plus I didn't get asked at any of my three interviews about my A Level choices so don't get too worried about justifying your subject choices. Even if you do have to justify your extra choice, humanities and English Lit demonstrate an analytical, critical appraisal side to yourself – an important part of being a doctor. A language will allow you to better communicate with certain patients, work abroad, and maximise the opportunity of your elective and to work with MSF you have to be fluent in another language. Economics relates to health economics (part of my curriculum) and helps you make financial decisions, key part of NHS leadership. Religious Studies helps you better understand different cultures and religions, super important part of being a doctor etc etc etc

  28. I really want to ask you is maths important . I am taking bio physics and chem. Is that ok ? Do i need maths

  29. I’m taking chem and bio for sure because I got 9’s in them. But I am in a dilemma, what should I also pick maths or philosophy and ethics. I wanted to do maths but think it might be too hard so recently been thinking of philosophy and ethics but does that count as a facilitating subject?

  30. I want to be a nurse
    I was going to take medical science,psychology,And English lit
    Because I've heard core sciences are really difficult I did triple science at gcse
    Should I consider changing them???

  31. Help, I wasn’t well informed when I was picking my a levels and I didn’t pick chemistry, I am halfway through year 1. I am so desperate to become a doctor now but I only have biology, physics and maths. Is there still a chance 😢

  32. Are there any medicine siding that doesn't require chemistry ? 😁 Me and chemistry is just like day and night. I really like medicine, helping people and curing diseases. But chemistry is just not for me.

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