what a week in med school looks like: EMERGENCY MEDICINE BOOTCAMP (vlog)

It is Sunday night and I’m getting ready for
two weeks of what they’re calling emergency medicine bootcamp–which is basically going
to be a bunch of small groups and little workshops and clinics to get us ready for residency
which will be starting in a few months. Crazy I know! So I will be pretty much at the hospital from
9 to 5 or 9 to 4 or hopefully earlier 9 to 3 or 9 to 2… hopefully. Usually on a Sunday night to get ready for
hospital or work, I do a few things: one of the things I do is plan out what I’m gonna
eat for the week. So I had wanted to meal prep and I didn’t
really get a chance to do it. I basically planned out my meals for tomorrow
using things that I already have more or less ready. I also made more of my veggie soup that I
talked about in my Instagram Story a couple weeks ago. I got a lot of question about how to make
it… somebody asked me if I can put it up on YouTube so that they can refer back to
it if they need to. There are some baby carrots, one apple, one
tomato, a stalk of broccoli, one onion and this is about a quarter of cabbage in addition
to this, I’m gonna add a little bit of water and everything is gonna go into this pressure
pot. And you let it cook like this for about 10
to 15 minutes and that’s it! Take a look! It looks like this and most of the vegetables
are gonna be really mushy at this point. Everything just kinda falls apart and what
I do with all these great veggies is I blend it up with an emersion blender. You blend like this… and this is the final
product. So just as a little background to this soup,
I learned this recipe from my mom. In Korean my mom calls it ํ•ด๋… ์ฃผ์Šค
which roughly means detox juice. I think it’s a nice great vegetable soup. I usually have it for breakfast every morning. I just wanna point out that I would never
do this hair in residency. I don’t think that I can could have ever done
it as a third year medical student either because I’m just not really the person to
spend a ton of time doing my hair BECAUSE 1. I’m not really good at it and 2. I would rather spend that time sleeping or
planning out my food or something. It’s really nice that I can kinda experiment
with these things as a fourth year because I do have a lot more time but I think that
I’m probably gonna grow this hair out for residency. But it’s really fun while it’s lasting. GOODNIGHT! Ehhh! Good morning everyone. Running really late. Just drinking my soup and heading out. Alright see you guys later! So today we learned about sign offs. Basically when you’re done with your shift,
you’re supposed to give all the information about your patients that are active to the
next person that’s coming on to cover for you. There’s a lot of communication in medicine,
I feel like. Most of medical school–3rd year and 4th year
is learning how to gather information and learning how to pass on that information to
other people who are working with you. This sign out process is a similar thing where
you have to be efficient but you also have to give all the relevant information so that
if something happens, the next person that came on to cover for you knows what to do. We learned a little bit about that. We did some exercises and now I’m home. So if you guys remember from the last episode,
I’m doing a book challenge with my boyfriend. We’re picking out one fiction book and one
non-fiction book and reading it. I have started a book called Bellevue. It’s about the Bellevue hospital. So I’m gonna read some of that today. Good morning everyone! It is Tuesday. Today is gonna be a similar day to yesterday
where we have some lectures, some workshops, I have to lead a case today in the afternoon
and I’m gonna be leading a case about infant vomiting and I’m gonna be presenting it like
you might do it in a morning report or something where you give the chief complaint and people
ask you questions and you give more information about the case and then you solve the case
together. That’s what I’ll be doing and EM is the most
awesome specialty ever because they told us that we can wear scrubs. Everyone else has to wear business casual. So… “See how I didn’t cut your finger off.” “Should I have my elbow bent?” “We’re starting up here so.. it actually gets
really tiring. You’ll see”
“I know what I’ll get you next Chrismas” “Yes a roll of this!” (Laughter) “You will end up with some folds around the
elbow. You just don’t have sharp things jabbing in
to the patient and you’ll want to have used plenty of padding there first” “Good thing we used that extra piece there” “Thank you!” Today is Thursday and I realized yesterday
I talked about doing simulation cases at school and I don’t think that I really explained
what that was. Simulation is relatively new way of learning
where you have these high fidelity mannequins. These mannequins they’re like thousands of
dollars. They blink, they have a pulse, you can do
a ton of things with them, usually they’re hooked up to a computer so you can talk to
it, and somebody in the control room can talk back as a patient. You can hook them up to a monitor. You can check their vitals and depending on
the model, there’s a lot more things you can do. Some of them have IV access, some of them
have abdominal stuff that’s going on. So simulation is one of the many ways that
a lot of students learn how to deal with a real patient. They try to make it as real as possible. And it’s used especially a lot in the emergency
medicine. I guess just because of the sort of the un-predictive
nature of Emergency Medicine. You always walk in, you kind off never know
what you’re gonna see. So they like to kind of prepare you for situations
so you do a lot of different cases. During these simulation cases, there is different
roles. So there are six of us, there is a team leader,
there is an airway person, there is a primary survey/physical exam person, there is a person
who hooks the patient to the monitor and does the procedures, there is a pharmacist and
there is a recorder/reporter. So you record everything that’s going on,
you know what medication you gave, what happened, if there is a code that’s going on, you write
down all the time of the medication and the shocks that are given. And then you’re also responsible for reporting
to any consultants that might call cause you have all the information in front of you. So those are the roles and usually there is
a little informational session right after, just talking about the case, what you think
could have done better, what you think you did well. So basically that’s what we did yesterday
during our SIM sessions and we’re gonna have more of those SIM sessions in the future. And then usually in residency for Emergency
Medicine, they try to incorporate SIM as much as possible. It’s also one of the fellowships that you
can go into after Emergency Medicine, you learn more about SIM and you learn how to
run them, you learn how to make effective. So all around it’s really interesting stuff. I think it’s a really great learning tool. Hey guys! It’s Friday night and I’m officially done
with the first half of my emergency medicine boot camp. So this week was pretty exhausting but I got
to learn a lot of really cool procedures and I just wanted to say if you guys are in the
more boring part of your medical education, whether it’s high school, your pre-med years
or first two years of medical school, don’t give up! There’s a lot of really fun and hands on things
that are coming your way in the next few years and you’ll definitely get your hands dirty
and learn a lot of really practical things. Things that are a little more fun than just
book studying and taking exams. And with that, I wanted to close this video
and just wanted to thank you guys for watching this week’s vlog. I hope you guys found it interesting and I
will see you guys in the next video. BYE!


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