What are Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria and Why Should you Care?


  1. I loved this german woman who spoke up in the end of that long speech! I did not like his speech about antibiotics as he is obviously careless about animals which he is calling growing meats. All what is needed is to close the slaughterhouses!

  2. 20 min. speech, but vitamin c high dose or chlordioxide solution as treatment are not mentioned in this subject.
    Does he not know about those antibiotic replacements?

  3. I have an infection on my lower leg that has come back 100+x. Doctors have been absolutely useless. 5 or 6x I've taken bactrin, and the symptoms go away, but it clearly doesn't finish killing the bacteria. I constantly keep it at bay with oils, washing, and even bleach. Oddly enough the most effective treatment has been sauerkraut juice. Still returns. Have several spots now. It's definitely heat/sweat activated.

  4. Free ebook on killing bacteria, viruses, fungus using activated chlorine dioxide drops in water http://www.healingthesymptomsknownasautism.com/sdm_downloads/download-e-book-pdf/

  5. As long as we have psychopaths running science and allowing people like the Rothschild's to patent deadly virus , and allow FDA and CDC to be paid off with corporations money we the human race will never be free of these heath issues !

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