What Are Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria and Why This Matters to you?


  1. These two are pitifully ignorant about antibiotic resistance. They are not even dealing with the cause of antibiotic resistance. And how about the fact that a very huge reason for antibiotic resistance is the tons of antibiotics used in meat industry. People, from the water supplies, the animal "foods" etc are getting loaded with antibiotics.
    These two are like listening to 5th graders who would likely make better presentation. The moderator is having real difficulty extracting useful information from them.
    They must be in the employ of the drug and medical industries. They can't be as stupid as they present themselves. But I must admit that I'm only 37 minutes into their 2 hours. Maybe they will absolve themselves.
    I am about halfway through Ethyl Douglas Hume's book
    "Bechamp or Pasteur",
    published in 1923. I had to get it through inter library loan. It's not an easy read, but three things are definitely clear, #1, Bechamp was an Indefatigable researcher and as honest with his work as Jesus. Speaking of whom , Bechamp was also a devout believer in God his whole life. #2, The drug and medical industries were just as rotten, corrupt and after the buck…truth and health be damned…back in the 19th century as they are today.
    #3, Pasteur, in league with #2 above ,was a self aggrandizing, obsequious toady his whole life to all the powers that be. As a chemist he was a dolt, so had to steal and misrepresent Bechamp's work.
    Some bottom line facts: A healthy body does not become diseased (thus eat right and stay physically fit). Disease is an inside job. Healthy bacteria support a healthy organism. However when the organism becomes unhealthy…nutrient deficient for example, or injured….the good bacteria MORPH THEMSELVES into "disease" bacteria…they become "decomposers"…they break down dying cells and tissue. The "morphing", or "pleomorphing" is the more precise term, is a characteristic that Bechamp discovered about bacteria. A healthy body is made up largely of bacteria that support health. However when a body, or some part thereof, becomes injured or health is challenged by nutrient starvation, those health promoting bacteria change themselves…morph…into decomposers of dying cells. It's this power of "polymorphism" that the bacteria employ to become resistant to antibiotics…and they readily share their newly altered drug resistant genes with other bacteria. These scientific facts, and much more, Pastuer and the medical and drug industries of 150 years ago plagerised from Antoine Bechamp and twisted his research, claiming that bacteria are totally separate entities that invade the body from the outside atmosphere. There was no way to make money with Bechamp's discoveries. So they claimed it for themselves but altered it. One could say that Pasteur, the drug and allopathic industries have dragged medical science to a commercial level. However, now with the bacteria outsmarting these charlatans and throwing their antibiotics back in their face, they don't know what to do. But we can be sure that whatever they come up with will be paid for in more pain, suffering and death for the people….and riches for them.
    We are truly in the Pasteurian Medical dark ages…living/dying with the non scientific "germ theory of disease".
    Two other books worth reading on the truth about germs:
    "Good Germs, Bad Germs" by
    Jessica Snyder Sachs. and
    "Immunization, The Reality Behind The Myth" by Walene James.

  2. Go watch movie 'Dominion'.
    Humanity should die on cancer for this..
    Oh wait they're dying on cancer. Never mind then.

  3. There are ICD-10 codes for antibiotic resistance; yet true these are not entered on a death certificate.
    Z16.24 Resistance to multiple antibiotics

    Z16.29 Resistance to other single specified antibiotic

    Z16.19 Resistance to other specified beta lactam antibiotics

    Z16.20 Resistance to unspecified antibiotic

    Z16.10 Resistance to unspecified beta lactam antibiotics

    Z16.22 Resistance to vancomycin related antibiotics

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