What Causes Drug Defects? Miami Pharmaceutical Litigation Attorney Explains

The manufacturing of pharmaceuticals is complicated.
First, there’s the ingredients that go into the drug itself. Then there’s the actual
manufacturing and the blending of those ingredients and then, at the factory, there is the quality
control to make sure that the right things get into the medication. Then the medication
must be tested and must be clinically tested over a series of years, research trials, all
that must be done properly. Unfortunately, what we’re finding with these pharmaceutical
companies is in the rush to make profits, they’re sacrificing people. They’re hiding
bad test results that they don’t want to go public because the profits are so enormous.
They spend billions and billions of dollars on advertising, yet not enough on research,
not enough on clinical studies and they hush bad results, they keep them quiet to keep
them from the people. This leads to serious injuries; this leads to a lack of information
from the public. This leads to a lack of warnings. Many pharmaceutical cases are due to a lack
of proper warnings. People rely on the warnings that are given by manufacturers on the labels
for drugs. If manufacturers don’t properly label their drugs and warn of side effects,
people can be seriously injured. For more information, you can contact Colson
Hicks Eidson at our website, Colson.com.

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