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the internet is full of prosigns fake knowledge half information or propaganda your quest of reliable authentic health information ends here so subscribe this channel and hit the bell icon and you never have to go anywhere else ever again hello everyone how are you today I am dr. phalanges and you're watching dr. education friends we have already started of series about explaining you what abnormal complete hema gram abnormal test results mean and today I am going to talk about the WBC's we've already talked about RBC's Hema gram hematocrit hemoglobin so you can just watch the previous videos in the series and just to find the videos you can drag the topic and dr. education in YouTube you'll find the videos right so today we're going to talk about what happens if your WBC's crowns are high or TLC town total leukocyte count WBC count or even the differential counts are high so if your leukocytes count TLC is high it can mean a lot of things number one it is in medical terms called leukocytosis cytosis means increase in number Luco is WBC white luka means white leukocytosis means WBC's are high in number that can happen because of infections any kind of infections bacterial most probably most commonly bacterial even in some types of parasitic infections other infections the WBC count can increase second thing which can lead to WBC count increase are diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis alergies and lupus lupus erythematosus these kind of diseases can actually lead to a lot of production of WBC's as well as sometimes they they are basically autoimmune diseases so in this kind of case autoimmune diseases you can have increase or decrease number of WBC so you have to understand this as well then there is there are medicines medicines like steroids corticosteroids if you take steroids by any means corticosteroids can lead to increased number of WBC's and because steroid is a stress hormone and stress hormone any kind of stress in your body actually increases the amount of these WBC's because your body interpret a stress like a threat and prepares itself to fight right that's why increases the number of WBC's then WBC's TLC count can also increase in physical stress as well as emotional severe emotional or physical stress not not any mild in fair and mild emotional if there is a severe emotional stress or severe physical stress very debilitating then that can happen even due to tissue damage it can happen right whenever there is a tissue damage in the body maybe from burns if you got burnt somehow and if you have a muscle injury or a broken bone or a heart attack even without infection you can have high WBC's right then if you have baby leukemia blood leukemia in that case also WBC counts can become very high so and these are all the things which can lead to high WBC so you have to find out whether you are taking any medicines and supplements and infections any chronic systemic diseases leukemias a severe emotional or you know physical stress and tissue damage so these are all the reasons for a high WBC's and other tests give us an idea of clue what could be the diagnosis the differential diagnosis and then we can go forward and pinpoint the cause and treat it accordingly so this is how things are done and next time we will talking about what are the reasons for a lower than normal level of WBC's this is also called leukopenia right Pina Pina means less thank you so much for watching stay connected stay healthy


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  2. Autoimmune desease can cause increase in WBCs( pretty logical).But how can Autoimmune desease decrease WBCs as you say in your video?

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