1. Well said doctor. I thought and still thinking of becoming an MSW. I am a master level human service worker. You make the career field much more appealing LCSW.

  2. I resonate so strongly with this video.
    As a white male in my MSW year 2, I feel i'm learning so much about my white privilege etc.
    Great video, spread the message of intersectionality.

  3. This video speaks to many issues of concern within our society. It points out positionality and the power of systems as it relates to individuals and families. Good video.

  4. This is a great video. I think that other people should watch it regardless if SW is their career choice. I am a undergrad student at Ohio Wesleyan University, majoring in sociology/anthropolgy. I'd like to recommend a great book called "Unequal Childhoods" by Annette Lareau. When helping to addres anyone his has an issue, I also think it is important to consider social stratification. Also you can look at C. Wright Mills to learn more about the hindrance of social structures and institutions. Great video!

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