What Diet Should Physicians Recommend?

“What Diet Should
Physicians Recommend?” In 2013, a Nutritional Update for Physicians
was published in the official journal
of Kaiser Permanente, the largest managed care
organization in the United States which covers about nine million
people with about 15,000 physicians, who were told that healthy eating may be
best achieved with a plant-based diet, defined as a regimen that
encourages whole, plant-based foods and discourages meats, dairy, and eggs
as well as all refined and processed junk. Too often, physicians ignore the
potential benefits of good nutrition and quickly prescribe medications
instead of giving patients a chance to correct their disease through
healthy eating and active living. Physicians should therefore consider
recommending a plant-based diet
to ALL their patients, especially those with high blood pressure,
diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or obesity. The major downside is that it
may work a little too well. If people are on medications
their blood pressure or blood sugar could actually
drop too low, so physicians may need
to adjust medications or eliminate
them altogether. Despite the strong body of evidence
favoring plant-based diets, many physicians are not stressing
the importance of plant-based diets as a first-line treatment
for chronic diseases. This could be because of
a lack of physician awareness— or a lack of patient
education resources. So Kaiser sought
to change that. Want to lose weight, feel better,
improve, stabilize, or even reverse chronic disease,
and get off some of your medications? If you answered yes to any of these
questions then a plant-based eating
plan may be right for you. Side-effects may include lower cholesterol,
blood pressure, and blood sugar, reversal or prevention of our #1 killer,
a longer life, healthier weight, lower risk of cancer, diabetes— may even slow the progression
of certain types of cancer, and improve inflammatory conditions
like rheumatoid arthritis. They offer tips to get
started, meal plan ideas, and I’m honored to say,
good taste in websites. The paper ends with a familiar refrain,
“Further research is needed”. In this case, though, further research is
needed… to find ways to make plant-based diets the new normal for our
patients and employees.


  1. where can i find the info in the booklet? i want to know the tips on how to get started or what all constitutes as a plant based diet/choices?

  2. Will you share info for gastric bypass and plant based diet? Is it possible in your professional opinion? Or has the damage been done?

  3. I love being on a plant based life style! The changes to my health were subtle at first, clearer thinking, smelling and tasting things again, clearer, smoother skin, feeling good, just to name a few. Major changes after that, blood pressure dropped, lost most of the fat I had been packing for ages, and a major zest for life!  Whats wrong with a plant based life??  Nothing!  Try it!

  4. Awesome video! The plant-based lifestyle saved my life. I was very athletic, training for a fitness photoshoot, long distance runner, until one day I was struck with horrific pain. I was set off track for a few years with countless health ailments. I have now healed LOTS of them and am lifting weights and doing short runs. The power of plants in healing is real. I recently started documenting my journey on YouTube as well. Everything happens for a reason. I probably would not be eating this way had I not suffered with so much pain. I love this lifestyle! 🙂

  5. I rather think it's obstinacy, as no meat eater over a certain age that I have ever encountered has been willing to overhaul their diet to get better.  Some do, true, and we're the ones that subscribe to this channel.  I recently sat in on two meetings with physicians of a family friend.  The weariness of spirit as they issued lifestyle change recommendations was evident in the doctors' body language.  They may as well have prefaced their advice with, "Look, I know you aren't going to listen to me when I say this, but . . . "  I felt sorry for them:  When doctors that know lifestyle modification protocols are the way forward, and get support neither from the upper echelon of their discipline, nor the academic stratum of their discipline, and not even from their own patients, what are they to do? 

  6. I was a patient at a Kaiser Permanent Hospital in Northern California 4 months ago for ten days, and I can tell you whoever orders the food for patients didn't get the memo.
    The food was standard America diet, lots of meat, and lots of junk like "maple syrup" (for the pancakes and sausage) made from corn syrup and caramel coloring, among other delicacies. 

  7. Doctors and scientists use a very precise language … so can someone please carefully and specifically tell me what the precise definition of "plant based diet" actually refers to?

  8. Made a video on this too about a year ago. Pretty amazing and inspiring that there are informed professionals out there!

  9. Why not play up the celebs and icons who are vegan and give the multinatl corpses a run  for their admoney.  Or how about a magazine called Well featuring only plant-based support with some support for the grain free folks, mostly resources.

  10. It's the best lifestyle – lost 35 lbs so far and lowered cholesterol to 112 mg/dL eating a ton of tasty foods!

  11. I am 55 I have not eaten meat or chicken (moral reasons) for almost 30 years however I am not on a plant based (vegan) diet I have become "keto' adapted high fat low carb my cholesterol has always been about 220 I have almost reversed the aging process   since I burn fat instead of carbs I can exercise for hours without eating and without muscle loss a video log of my experiments is on my channel 

  12. There are a few principles to follow to design a optimal diet. Personalize(genotype diet), macro nutrients, micro nutrients, food combining, clean food(organic/pastured), food preperation. Water is most important of course, spring water only.

  13. Hey-O! Look at medical establishments pushing plants! McGregor is simply pointing out what this corporation is recommending and distributing not presenting an opinion at all. This is what they recommend! Look it up!

  14. My doctor at Kaiser was concerned about how I was "getting my protein" since I became a vegan- guess she missed the memo!

  15. Thank you for bringing this VERY important information to the world.  I have completely changed my eating in the last 4 months based on your science-based message. I have lost 7 pounds (I am not overweight, 49 years old, female, 5' 8" 145 pounds), have a ton more energy, and have seen a decrease in cellulite on my legs. My neighbor asked me if I had laser or botox on my face because I looked so refreshed and younger!  I told her it was the new diet! I get my blood tests in 3 weeks.  I had high cholesterol, so I will be excited to see the difference.  I have followed up by reviewing the research and videos of many others (McDougal, etc), but YOU were the first one who actually got me to listen.  I love your delivery.  You keep it real and fun!  I am a scientist, so I need to see the evidence.

  16. Perhaps other behemoth corporations can follow the lead of kaiser. I never believed I'd be patting someone that big on the back, though its really inspiring to know that all profit aside they set a precedent

  17. I need to buy stock in vegan companies similar to beyond meat and beyond eggs.

    Anyone have any other suggestions?

  18. You're really biased ,doc – toward health!!!   thanks for all the great information and it is nice to see a big corporation advising a healthy diet even if the motivation is probably mostly to improve their bottom line and boost profits

  19. Dr Greger, darling, please write about apnea. My friend suffers from a severe form of it, and I feel that a vegan diet will help, but need evidence to convince him.

  20. So glad to hear this, BUT it is easy for Kaiser to publish some materials, but they are not really pushing their doctors to do this. It needs to become part of the treatment standards physicians use. The active promotion of plant based eating needs to be a REQUIREMENT,  not just a suggestion. I left Kaiser, because I found a physician who really supports plant-based eating.

  21. Did you catch this week’s most popular video on how Kaiser Permanente’s Nutritional Update for Physicians suggests that plant-based diets be considered for all patients?

    Watch below or click the link to watch on NutritionFacts.org: http://nutritionfacts.org/video/what-diet-should-physicians-recommend

  22. This is so danged exciting!!!!  Finally the world is catching up to the wisdom of pioneers like Dr. Campbell, Dr. McDougall, Dr. Popper and our beloved Dr. G!  Yippee!!!!!

  23. Ok I just saw part  of a video where some crack pot was slamming an alkelizing diet in favour of an acidic diet WTH! he looked like a snake oil salesman and honestly not worth listening too, plus he was comparing us to dogs LOL!

  24. the bulk of your daily food intake should come from minimally processed plant based foods, but animal protein is absolutely necessary. vitamin b12, an essential vitamin, is only found in animal foods.

  25. Wow I am very surprised at this!  Healthy people equals no money for them… This is a great step in the right direction. 

  26. That would be nice if we could get everyone to eat like that. But you can't reverse everything with diet. Some people have very bad cases of diabetes, htn, cholesterol and need medications.

  27. For me one of the BIGGEST helps in switching was being told
    1) What to improve on ie) add flax seed
    2) Why to eat things.. ie) flax seeds have Omega3 and this is how they work
    3) Giving a simple plan and a recipe book. Meal Plans are nice but a recipe book lets me choose for my palette and what's available (at the store and farmers market)

    I think Doctors should give out Recipes Books First before Prescriptions.

    The most helpful of all three for me was the recipe book. I'd refine that down to … when you start these are great starter recipes. IE/ If I'd made the Brussel sprout and Butternut squash soup first versus the Golden Cauliflower soup. (Eat to Live Cookbook) I would have QUIT on the spot.

    I'm new to the plant based lifestyle. In the last month I've notice HUGE changes in my taste buds.
    A month ago there was little flavor in a strawberry and no sweet in the taste. Now, I can taste the sweet. I made a salad dressing yesterday following the recipe exactly. That same dressing a month ago I wanted to add more dates, but yesterday I made a note to reduce the dates used in half. It was way to sweet. This is coming from a former sugar addict. It's fascinating to me the changes that are happening.

  28. Hi there, let's say if I want to help translate some of your videos to French Sub's, what's the best way to do so? I love your work, and would like to contribute!

  29. If someone were to go on a plant based diet as recommended but also cut their calories significantly, would their weight loss attempts fail in the long run as well – even if they continued on a plant based diet? (please excuse my English, I'm not a native…)

  30. It's great that such a large medical program has this brochure in writing. It looks perfect for every English speaking patient who goes into a hospital! And the rest of us.

  31. I know you wanna get dizzy with your friends at these summer jams, but don't forget to do you!! We're halfway through the year and I already know the dreamers are still building that next scyscraper layer by layer. Pausing for a second and wondering, where in the f*ck did the time go? Time waits for no man, so don't even bother waiting on people that don't treat your time like money.

  32. The bad thing I experienced with a plant based diet (after quitting keto): my paranoia diasappeared, so I miss being angry for no reason. My heart arrythmia is gone, so I miss taking blood thinners for stroke prevention. The worst thing is my terribly heightened libido. I am soon 50, but have the stamina of a 25 year old stud. Not sure I can recommend this 😉

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