What do you need in a hiking first aid kit

hi I’m Shoni a guide of Rico’s rambles and today I’m going to be talking about what to pack in your personal outdoor first-aid kit [Music] so this is my kit here this small and lightweight designed to deal with superficial and minor injury such as cuts scrapes and sprains this purpose is not to help throughout in major incidents such as a break or a fall if you did find yourself in such a situation you’d be looking to see professional help first item in my kit is always gloves it’s really important to wear gloves when you’re dealing with other people’s injuries for hygiene reasons next I’ve got some antiseptic cream this can be applied to cuts and scrapes to prevent infection it’s especially useful on longer trips when it’s hard to get clean next I’ve got some zinc oxide tape I use this instead of plasters as it can be applied to cuts and scrapes it’s also good for treatment and prevention of blisters and it can be used to take off a sprain if necessary next I’ve got some scissors and a pair of tweezers which is useful for a number of reasons such as renewing splinters or treating any troublesome blisters I’ve also got a selection of tablets paracetamol for general pain relief and some ibuprofen to reduce any swelling 2k to sustain an injury I always also like to carry some imodium please don’t when you’re hiking trip ruined by having diarrhea and there’s no tights around so it’s a small kit but remember it’s personal birthday to bind it only deal with superficial and minor injuries if I’m guiding and I’m responsible for the safety and many other people I’ve been looking to include additional kit I hope this has been useful thanks for watching more content visit Rico’s rambles Cody UK [Music]

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