What happens during a cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) session?

CBT sessions vary depending on the nature of the mode of therapy but if it was an individual face-to-face session with a therapist, what you’d often have done is had an assessment. You’d have an understanding of your problem. You’d have set yourself some goals. You will have also set an agenda for every session. So every session you’d meet with the therapist and you’d work through the agenda. You’d have your symptoms measured to monitor the progress that you’re making in regards to your depression or your anxiety for example. You’d also then look at the goals that you’re achieving and whether you are making progress towards them. You’d look at the homework that you’ve probably done during the course of the week to see how you’ve been getting on with that. You’d also maybe tackle some negative thoughts for example, look at cognitive strategies, look at behavioral strategies and then you’d set yourself some goals and some homework for the next part of the therapy.

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