WHAT I EAT + COOK on Weight Watchers | Recommitting to my Health Goals after Gaining Weight

hey guys good morning it is Monday April 22nd and I am officially recommitting it to Weight Watchers I tried to do this a few weeks ago and I failed and I think that I really need structure to keep me accountable and so here I am making it this vlog I am doing it I'm jumping back into tracking it has been a minute really quickly I will tell you my history with Weight Watchers if you're not familiar I lost 40 pounds on Weight Watchers I started in let's see it's been about two years since I started so I lost 40 pounds and then I maintained my weight for about a year and then I got married in January and I think that I just gave myself permission to kind of have a free-for-all not like a full free-for-all but I gained about 4 pounds on my honeymoon and which was wonderful like I don't regret doing any of that but it has now been three months since pretty much two months since we got married I was just kind of tell you guys what is going on I haven't been tracking for a while and that's totally okay I weighed in let's see the last time I really weighed in was October 16th 2018 I was a hundred and thirty-eight pounds that was my goal weight 130 pounds and then today I weighed and I am a hundred and thirty six point four L B's seven pounds up for my goal weight I haven't feeling the results of it let's just say that I might clothes are fitting tight let's cut to the non superficial things I feel gross in my body like I feel not like gross cuz I feel like fat but I feel slow like I feel like well like I feel like my bad foods have cracked it and my energy is being affected so that is a no note for me I was so into the way I was feeling when I was at my goal weight I was feeling fresh and light and just happy I had tons of energy and I'm feeling it not so much that way so I am gonna start talking this week and I'm gonna take you along with me at least for the first few days of the week I think I'm gonna post this on Friday so probably be cut short we'll just see how it goes if you guys enjoy these kinds of videos let me know by giving this video a thumbs up and commenting below anyways this is Miri committing this is me getting centered I am a little nervous because I don't feel quite in the same mindset I was in in the past and that's why I think I am picking up the app and starting to track again because I really don't want this six seven pounds to turn into me gaming on the way back I know it's like a weird irrational fear but it is a fear and I wonder if other people who have lost a substantial on a weight in the past have had that kind of lingering anxiety about it I'm really trying to be like more gentle on myself this year and more like relaxed which I still plan on doing but I really do want to feel the best in my body that I possibly can and I felt like I had mastered that before I kind of tipped off my scales so no pun intended but anyways I'll check back in you guys kind of throughout the meals that I'm gonna be making this week and let you know how it's going whoo here we go okay so it is 12:40 and I am freaking for lunch right now and it is I'm hungry I'm gonna do something that I don't normally do but sometimes I'll do it when I'm tracking because it makes it easier I'm gonna do a screen recording of my lunch and I'm going to basically point out what I'm gonna eat before I sit and make my salad this will help me picture what I want and then also budget for points so I'm not like in the zone making something and then pointing out after I find that this helps when I'm trying to like get back in the swing of things okay so for lunch I know that I have leftover chicken thighs I've talked about this in the past where I kind of get weird about chicken thighs being so many points but I'm trying to be good so I'm going to go back to basics I don't know what want four ounces of chicken thighs are so I'm gonna go to just one chicken thigh and that's four points which both it hurt that hurts me but whatever I made this really nice slow cooked chicken die in my instant pot last night and I loved it so that sounds about right I know that my lettuce for lunch is gonna be zero points but I want to put some feta on my salad and so I'll probably put I see I don't know what one this is like my problem with Weight Watchers and when sometimes like leave for a while I'm gonna say I'm gonna put a tablespoon maybe two tablespoons it's really gonna be closer to one so I'll do that one tablespoon of feta I'm gonna put some pine nuts on my salad because I like the texture and the taste of them it probably not even that much let's say a half a tablespoon okay and then some olive oil spray which is probably zero points both saw make vinegar one tablespoon is one point perfect I'm gonna have some half-and-half with my coffee I don't have another cup of coffee at at lunchtime I'm actually gonna put that in the snack section but you'll see that there let's see where am I I have nine points left that sounds about right everything else on my salad will be zero points but that's kind of things I know that we have pointed out okay so here is my classic just kind of lunchtime Greek salad I make this all the time I've made a video where I show you how different ways I make it I'll link it in the description box and then this is the shredded chicken dye then I make it my instant pot I'll link that recipe in the description box as well it's super good I love it it's just a really easy wonderful meal so I'm going to put the balsamic vinegar I wanted to show you this is the fine life a olive oil mister that I got off of Amazon I'll link that in the description box I love this thing especially for when I'm doing Weight Watchers like this because you can put whatever kind of olive oil you want in there and then you just spray it on and it's zero points and then I have my organic balsamic vinegar from Whole Foods which is fabulous okay so I'm eating my lunch and watching a talk to you video and I realize I forgot to put pine nuts on my salad so I got a point back for my lunch which is bittersweet but I'm enjoying it nonetheless so I'm just going to go back in here and delete the pine nuts so goodbye I actually don't miss him that much on the salad either so that was only my lunch is like six points Ciroc on I have ten more to work with and so it is 6:20 and I am getting ready for dinner I have to our huge beautiful artichokes we got them yesterday on sale at Whole Foods they're kind of turning brown a pretty quickly which has happened to us before I think it's just like they put them on sale right before they're about to go bad so I've learned my lesson the hard way it's still not a cheap thing so I'm gonna make artichoke you don't make artichokes and then we kind of we're doing meal planning yesterday and we're gonna make this recipe from skinny teeth it is the glazed Korean barbecue chicken wings and that's what they look like we recently got an air fryer which I'll show you this is the air fryer it's the Philips and I was like when the hire recommended airfryer's out there I'll link everything below this is what we're gonna do so we're gonna do chicken wings and artichokes I just said that to Griffin on the phone he's like oh it's gonna be eating with your fingers kind of meal and that is 100% true last night when I was cooking dinner Griffin Americ but did the marinade for the chicken wings because she says to do that so that's really awesome that will save me a lot of time I'm gonna read the instructions for the recipe and also point out the chicken wings like honestly didn't do that last night just to kind of see what's going on then I need to get the artichokes in the steamer as soon as possible because these bad boys will probably take half hour 40 minutes and Griffin will be home in about that amount of time and I'm hungry I just got back from yoga okay so his skinny taste she doesn't give us like point value but she does give you all the nutritional information I am going to put this in hopefully it's not too high in points normally her stuff is not and that is great but you know we're sleeping chicken wings so okay so there you go it's nine points so I have one point remaining it to be honest that's kind of more than I bargained for I like to have a little bit more for Todd like math an evening little snack but so it goes I'm gonna see really fast how many what my points were for doing yoga my yoga I have five fit points for today which is exciting okay so I'm a little bit bummed out about the fact that that's nine smart points yikes I'm guessing that if I were to do it like manually and enter chicken wings all blah blah it might be lower but I'm just not good about it and I know that this is a pretty like good way of eating and I'm just might go a little bit over in points today and be better about it tomorrow so without further ado I'm gonna quickly prep my artichokes okay so basically I just cut the stem and then the top off the artichoke I always keep a little bow out when I'm cooking I got scraps in it I just put a lemon that is kind of like chopped up to fit in the bottom there peppercorns a bay leaf salt and some oil and then I take this which is by I think I don't know what I'll try to link something similar to this I got this set up a long time ago and I really like it then I think I normally I can't even remember this is probably not good to put them this way up or the other way up I always think I always get confused but cuz I think maybe like my dyslexic brain I'm pretty sure I put them but side up and just kind of put these on medium heat and cover it and that will probably take I'll probably check it in about 20 minutes and then see what's going on but it'll probably take closer to 40 okay so I think I've found a place to save on points I'm gonna admit the honey and then get rid of the sugars in here and see how that changes the point about personally I tried to eat soup a lot of sugar so I don't really want the honey in there no matter what so what I'll save me a little bit of points okay so that gets me to to it remaining points the artichoke is zero points what I want basically is to have four points for my energies boom chicka pop which I'm addicted to I like that as my you know end of the day treat and I found that and I'm gonna put that in here so basically I went to 25 points but I'm pretty sure that if I'm at 25 points I will still blue dot which means that I'm not with I'm still within like the healthy point range which is great so while everything is kind of prepping in the kitchen I just wanted I was thinking about it and I was like this is why you've been maintaining your weight when you think you're eating healthy it's totally every time I do eight Watchers it's a reality check in a portion control and that's what I'm feeling tonight and honestly that's totally it's a good reminder and that's a reason why I am back to tracking and it's like you saw me what I like to point it out the chicken wings I was like no it's nine points and I'm like bargaining with myself to make it eight points regardless I'm going to just go a little bit over today and like use my way back into tracking and just kind of doing everything okay putting these in the airfryer let's see what happens hey Mona you crazy okay so good Finn insisted on putting a little bit of honey in it because the sugar will make it crispy and then he the difference between him cooking and me cooking is he finds a mini whisk I would never ever ever bother to find him anyway but that's what you get when you're cooking with the chemist many ways that looks so good worth the point man oh yeah the cookbook officially has splatters on it which is always a good sign it'll make this recipe easier to find in the foot later huh okay so I think they turned out pretty good looking oh my gosh they got so crispy in there that cuz of the sugar just cuz it's airfryer but well they're sesame seeds on well wait wait shouldn't you put the extra sauce well oh well that's it's getting out splattering it mmm I'm pretty mmm sorry if you're vegetarian on the thing we have to end up eating dinner in two waves because the artichokes are still cooking but we'll have the chicken fingers or chicken nugget where they call chicken wings and then we will have the artichokes yum soup Griffin says he's been to a restaurant before that puts garlic flakes or garlic chunks on top and we have said garlic gold yep in the frame and kerlick gold nuggets that I always talk about when I'm cooking lunch I'm obsessed with them I'll link them below better ok the Griffins first time vlogging and what was the verdict on the chicken wing tight yeah very tight oh my gosh I think that there's gonna be a walking advertisement for the airfare because tomorrow I think I'm also doing we're doing that halibut is it how there's tacos it caught her called it halibut fish tacos in there prior to so whoa thank you to my grandpa for the airfryer for my birthday girlfriend good times and then now we're gonna the artichokes that's pretty self-explanatory all finger food dinner yeah I told him that you well I thought it I made the joke that no wonder that this is the recipe it's on the cover of the book because it's a ding good recipe I'll link this below as well okay so here's the steaming hot done artichoke that concludes in our time with good photography huh peas see you tomorrow so it's Tuesday today two of them to eat with me work out with me challenge yesterday what okay I definitely think I had some epiphanies such as kind of working through my mindset with Weight Watchers I talked about that last night when I was kind of cooking I also kind of had the Epiphany too that I'm not trying to cheat anyone on this journey it's all about me and my health and I was totally aligned with that mindset when I was in my weight loss / maintenance mode last year in the year before that but I found myself kind of making up excuses and exceptions last night and yesterday and I really want to nip that in the bud because you know me getting creative about pointing and things like that it's not serving anyone especially not myself because this is about me and about self-care and about getting to the point with my health and fitness goals that I want to be on so cutting out the BS today that's my motto for today I had just my normal toast and egg breakfast and I got to go on a run it is 72 degrees out right now though it's 10:30 it's suppose to be 82 today which is pretty much the hottest it's been in a long time I'm wearing a tank top to run in and I'm gonna go home I run I'll check back in next at lunchtime but I just wanted to pop on and let you know that I am sticking to my goals I am going on a run tomorrow I'm go to yoga Thursday I'm gonna run Friday I mean they're gonna take the day off or go to on her to yoga and then Saturday I'll go on a run so that's like my my outline for the week here we go writing time let's see how it goes when it's warm out I definitely am slower but I'm doing it not getting giving in to what I want which is to be crazy and keep working it's on the couch and just do computer work so holding myself accountable yey-hey so it is 12:20 and I am hungry which always happens when I go on runs I'm gonna go make myself my typical salad but first I got a really exciting thing in the mail it's a cookbook I've been waiting for for ages i pre-ordered it and it just arrived I'm gonna unbox that for you and show it to you I always drink a ton of water Bondi's when I run I try to drink even more this is my cortical tumbler I got in a fabfitfun box I believe and I really like it I've already drunk one of these it has a bunch of ice in here but the second one I put I squeeze the lemon into it so it's kind of refreshing oh my goodness this is a chunky cookbook I am so excited for this I have another cookbook by Cassie Joy Garcia I follow her on Instagram she's a wonderful she uses social media so perfectly it's amazing just following her this is her new book it's called cook once eat all week and it is big her first book is all about paleo it's fed and fit I really like it she does a great job of explaining things this is 26 weeks of gluten-free affordable meal prep to preserve your time and sanity which we could all use getting any cookbook is always a great way to motivate me to cook different things stay interested reinvigorate my eating healthy moments skinny taste is what I'm kind of using this week to do my mail planning you'll see that as I keep going this week but this will be really fun in two years maybe next week maybe I'll do another eat with me video might be kind of fun to do I was thinking about it when I got back from my run I'd be kind of fun to do like a series as I kind of lose these six pounds and sing just kind of making it eat with me a video once a week until they're gone that would really hold me accountable we'll see that's a big commitment so I'm gonna make my salad now and then I will report back and show you the final results okay so here is my lunch salad I am dubious is gonna keep me full until dinnertime Griffin is working I until it'll be 7:30 tonight and so we're gonna have a dinner pretty late so that's just putting that out there for right now Ramona is writing you to beg I am going to point this out really fast and tell you what's in it and then I'm gonna sit here at my desk and watch YouTube and eat this so what I did to save time in this video is basically I tracked out all the things that were point about in my lunch salad and I just put in I put some olives in today's salad which is one point balsamic vinegar pine nuts and feta cheese crumbled so my salad in total was five points I still have 12 additional points for meaning I also put my coffee creamer which you can see right there at just half and half a tablespoon of that in my iced coffee hey so it is Lindsay it is 507 right now and I am hungry I just finished photographing a bunch of new products from a message and I am having a snack so let's be honest this is a snack I would never eat however it is zero points on the watchers freestyle it is a small container of fie Greek yogurt 0% which is zero points and then about six strawberries cut up strawberries aren't super ripe they're not super sweet the yogurt is anything but sweet however this will keep me really full it'll be a great protein blast and it'll keep me till dinnertime any time this is really not sweet at all in fact it's quite sour Oh ma'am honey on this would be so good but I'm just a eat it and pretend it's like a really tart pink berry and I'll be as much as I can as much as it takes to get me full but honey would be better and or riper structures hey guys so they just of almost seven o'clock and I am just prepping dinner Griffin will probably be home in like a half hour 40 minutes I just wanted to show you what I was doing and then so get your can just take a little clip of the food so I'm like do a bunch of vlogging while it gets home because it could be late and I'm super hungry which is why I'm prepping dinner and I will put over this on the side what is going on with Weight Watchers basically in the dinner tonight it's seven two points and then I also added my energies boom chicka pop lightly sweet but the dinner I kind of pointed out the things I knew had points and it was pretty good I will show you what I kind of have prepped in the recipe in the skinny taste book that I'm going off of vaguely this is not like Oh verbatim recipe I'm kind of winging it and going with the flow and having some fun with it which is nice because I don't really like following recipes often I like to kind of take inspiration for that and kind of go my own direction last night we followed it to the tea tonight I kind of want to just play so that's what I'm doing also I should mention we just did not have all the ingredients which is fine we get a CSA box every week and so we kind of winged it this is what we're doing though this crispy beach tacos with how love it the how that I have cut up here I have the pinko bread comes I cut up some radishes which we actually got in our CSA box I'm gonna put these in the fridge and then grab the guacamole that I just made so this looks not like normal guacamole because we had some spring onions in the fridge that need to be used up we get our next delivery of CSA box tomorrow but this I just sauteed and kind of caramelized the spring onions and then mixed it with the guacamole and then put salt and garlic powder and a lemon half a lemon juice in here it's really really good but it's definitely unusual but this would be so good like on a sandwich I'd like a spread I'm into this especially on tacos but also this salsa by Casa Sanchez which is my favorite it's the medium salsa I love this I don't buy it often though because it's a total Achilles heel of mine eating that with chips then I have the Moran show organic corn tortillas these will heat up in the microwave steam em a little bit so they're not super firm and then also I was gonna say Eileen one of these girl from I'll probably have to I could totally eat too but I don't think I'll want it I'd rather eat more guacamole more of that then wasted on a tortilla that's my personal preference that's kind of my shot edgy everything is prepped I've been like a really good sous chef and some Griffin gets home we can assemble the tacos I think you just dip them in eggs and on the pan comb Kenko breadcrumbs which it has like spices and stuff in it and then we'll be good to go have some dinner yeah having fun doing this vlog definitely hungry right now though that's something that I remember about we watch your soft time is that it takes a while to kind of adjust to it and I'm feeling that at this exact moment it's also 7:00 and I had lunch at like noon so that makes sense my Greek yogurt was not my favorite they ever had so whatever so here is the finish result of the fish tacos I'm not eating two tacos because I just want to save on points but other than that I taste a little piece of that and it's really good I'm excited hey sorry about the lighting the Sun is officially down it's 8:15 and that was amazing another great meal skinny taste is just never go wrong with her recipes I will link that book in the description box as well as the airfryer which is right here I got the Philips airfryer nom nom P leo which is another person I love their recipes recommended it and so to Cook's Illustrated my grandpa called me and asked me what I wanted for my birthday and he suggested an airfryer and I was like sure that sounds awesome I know a lot of like you know I know a skinny taste uses it a lot and I really like her recipes so I wanted to kind of expand on that and yeah we've used it three nights in a row and it's been great I'm gonna finish the eating diary kind of thing here too because this video is already really long be sure to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and also comment below this really helps me understand if you enjoyed this if it was something you want to see more of especially that's kind of off script and not normal small business content it's really really really helpful for me especially on this kind of video I might be back next week with another eat with me tuile video I have some ideas and I really do like the idea of having this keep me accountable I'll check in on Instagram stories maybe throughout the week too and let you know how my first week back on Weight Watchers is going it's definitely feeling a little less daunting it and there today I felt like a lot more successful today too and that points and not going over and getting a good run in so okay thank you guys so much I'll talk to you soon bye


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  5. Hi Olivia. I needed this video today. I'm tracking with WW again, but struggling with the new "WW" philosophy. My mind is programed to count points for most everything. Now. Eggs, chicken, fish, all fruits and veggies, are free. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ I was wondering if you are having a little trouble adapting to the new name and the new freestyle program?
    I too love the Skinny Taste cookbooks. πŸ’•

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    And she has a new air fryer book coming out in a few weeks!

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  14. Olivia- I loved this video and your transparency on all things. I too have lost a large amount of weight in the past and am now up 40 pounds from where I'd like to be. I was running and clean eating to lose the weight and was single at the time so it was easier to control my food and the the food that I kept in the house. I have since dated and married a man who loves to cook for me, but not always the best options. I have been feeling that "yuck" feeling, and earlier today re- downloaded the Couch to 5K app that I used to start my running before. Here's to acknowledging that action needs to happen and taking steps to do that. Cheers and thanks for the motivation. The best of luck to you!

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