What I Wish Someone Had Told Me In Medical School About Nutrition

[Music] Aloha and welcome to the monthly public presentation of the vegetarian society of Hawaii since 1990 the vegetarian society of Hawaii has been following our mission of promoting human health animal rights and protection of the environment by means of vegetarian education as we’ve grown to become one of the largest all volunteer nonprofit vegetarian societies in the nation it is now time to introduce our special guests we’re delighted to have back with us tonight dr. Michael clapper Michael clapper MD is a 1972 graduate of the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Chicago with postgraduate training in internal medicine surgery anesthesiology and orthopedics at the University of British Columbia hospitals in Vancouver and obstetrics at the University of California’s San Francisco dr. Klapper has practiced acute care medicine here in Hawaii as well as in Canada California Florida and New Zealand far more fulfilling to him is his current practice focusing on health promoting food and lifestyle choices to help people stay out of hospitals and off operating tables a longtime radio host and a pilot dr. Klapper has served as nutrition advisor to NASA’s programs for space colonists on the Moon and Mars to minimize suffering of all sentient beings dr. Klapper adopted a vegan diet and lifestyle in 1981 he currently practices nutritionally based medicine at true north health center in Santa Rosa California his presentation tonight is entitled what I wish someone had told me in medical school about nutrition please join me in welcoming dr. Michael clapper well Aloha Nicole Aloha I was privileged to call these beautiful islands my home for 11 years I lived on Maui 1995 to 2006 practice medicine and took care of my mother in her final years and these islands are deep in my heart when I left to go practice New Zealand I felt an ache as I got on that plane and that 8 continues today and whenever I’m away from from the islands and so beautiful just as soon as you get off the plane here they’re lovely air this welcomes your home and it’s good to see all these lovely smiling faces again see familiar ones yeah that’s good and all the new ones welcome welcome welcome well as you heard the topic tonight is that what I wish someone had told me in medical school about nutrition this is the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Chicago find that at the school top 10 in the nation and anyone who tends there is going to get a fine basic medical education and I entered there in 1968 and after four years of intense study in 1972 at McCormick Place in Chicago I walked across the stage they handed me my diploma and called me doctor for the first time this is how I looked on that day in 1972 and as you can see I have not changed a bit right here that tells about it responds good and I received a top quality education and all the basic sciences all the clinical sciences superb instructors did I have and when I left I was well equipped to deal with any disease that happened to cross my path and from what I had learned in school I thought I was going to be seeing eight cases of leprosy every week sure I was going to see at least six and small parks for of diphtheria of a certain still looking for that first membrane on the back of the throat but I probably see one or two a bubonic plague every year and of course I would be deluge for cases of – through Moochie fever I know all the presenting signs of suzugamori fever in a physician for 45 years how many cases of leprosy I’ve seen saw one once in Louisiana smallpox thank God never diphtheria thank God never bubonic plague van Heaven’s never and I’m still looking for my first case of jutsu kabuki fever 45 years of carrying for thousands of patients though I was looking for these deathly ill patients the majority of people I took care of essentially looked like this this is Ken one of my favorite patients sweet guy funny guy lovely man in California nice fella but medically and he was pretty much of a disaster he was clinically obese waived by 60 70 pounds he’s on two medications for his blood pressure thoroughly diabetic on two medications for diabetes plus injectable insulin his lipids were out of sight out of control as cholesterol LDL and his arteries were so clogged up that he hadn’t been able to sustain an erection for years again and for the past 45 years I’ve been struggling with Ken and his ilk you may know a Ken in your life you may be a Ken and struggling with these issues and I knew as soon as I called Ken’s name in his in the waiting room and I took a look at him I knew what his arteries looked like I knew what was going on in the walls those arteries when he was a young man they started out clear and pristine as well aware of the Afro sclerotic plaques that were building up in his arteries his erectile disfunction told me that his chest pain when he walked a couple of blocks told me that and I knew that he was a heart attack or stroke waiting to happen and I knew a lot about these diseases I knew I was told I read it in Robins pathology and in my internal medicine text at afterload sclerosis disease is a relentlessly progressive disease nothing stops it nothing can turn it around but we don’t know really what causes it etiology unknown but man you sure don’t want to get it it looks like really bad and looks like an unstoppable freight train high blood pressure oh I knew that mantra you put them on medications they will take these pills the rest of their lives no one gets off antihypertensive medication diabetes oh quick response once on insulin always on insulin nobody gets off insulin you’re diabetic you God take insulin rest your life autoimmune diseases rule dubis rheumatoid arthritis who diseases of unknown origin who the body is attacking itself we don’t know why it just seems to happen and all you can do is give them the whopping dose of prednisone and send them off to the rheumatologist who can’t do much more for them either and nutrition if you spoke in the operating room or the emergency room about nutrition where the real doctors were doing real medicine like fixing broken arms and delivering babies nutrition boring stuff send them down to the dietician so give them a 2,000 calorie diet don’t bother me I’m up doing real medicine up and blood and guts lil up here I knew all of these things to be true when I graduated after 45 years of primary care medicine and finally understanding something about nutrition now what I know is all of these statements are not true every single one of them that Dogma that I learned all these are reversible diseases and they all have a common cause having to do with what ken has been eating day after day and after 40 years I found my way to true north health center in Santa Rosa California we’re about an hour north of San Francisco 15 minutes or third building Gate Bridge it’s a converted apartment complex we have 22 apartments we have room for 44 inpatients people come with every disease known to man clogged arteries high blood pressure diabetes arthritis various forms of cancers though we don’t hold ourselves out as Lords Cathedral but even that can be helped and I practice the most satisfying medicine of my career my patients get healthier right before my eyes we put them on a whole food plant-based diet routine oatmeal for breakfast or just tea for breakfast or water lunches and dinners are big glorious salads hearty vegetable soups big plates of steamed green and yellow vegetables lentil stews quinoa dishes and we let them eat all they want no portion control and this food works its magic because ken was making himself obese and clogged up and diabetic and hypertensive from his diet of cheeseburgers and pizzas and fried chicken and salmon and fast foods this is the cause of his problem and this is the cure and our patients get healthy and people stay anywhere from overnight to two years we’ve had people lived at the clinic till they finally got control of their health problems and as I says most satisfying type of medicine I ever thought I would practice and people get healthier including my patient Ken he came in stayed with us 12 weeks after 12 weeks he was 25 pounds lighter off his blood-pressure medications off his insulin no longer diabetic and came up to me one day with a big grin on his face said doc guess what I was able to raise the flag last night for the first time in years to which his life I was doubly happy so this is what we see on a regular basis and if you have any of these issues or know someone who does I urge you realize that the problems been what they’ve been eating well along and the answer is a whole food plant-based diet people come to plant-based diets for one of three reasons they’re concerned about their health for good reason they don’t want to be letting their dollars pay for the horrors of the slaughterhouse in the factory farm once you know what goes on there and really you become complicit in a violent act every time you take your wallet out and pay for a flesh based meal and as we become more and more aware of what an animal-based meal does to this planet it’s the major driving this ecological destructive force we have to face for all these reasons the awareness of evolving our diet to plan based exclusively hopefully is dawning on people around the world so to state the obvious where the folks who are just a little tentative about this I’ll just point out that the biggest strongest most powerful animals on the planet do not eat meat elephants Buffalo’s giraffes gorillas grow thousands of pounds of mammalian muscle without ever eating a cheeseburger or pepperoni beetle you do not have to eat a bull to be as strong as one all the Magnificent muscle on this creature came from the amino acids that grow out of the ground and the grasses in the loud legumes that’s what this animal thrives on and and they turned in from muscle even if you eat this animal it’s still the amino acids came from the plants it’s second hand protein that you’re eating well he’s a bull they’re supposed to get that bit now what about us humans if you have concerns or reservations that a whole food plant-based diet is an appropriate fuel to make a magnificent body do yourself a favor fire up your web browser and type in three words vegan body builders or plant-based athletes and hits images and see who fills up your screen I’ll ask you do any of these magnificent people look protein deficient to you now I know them all they’re all lovely people just want to point out here is Jim Morris at age 61 here’s Jim Morrison age 71 on rice and beans and greens okay all the nutrients that we need grow out of the ground and if you’re willing to put the sweat in in the gym you can turn those rice and beans and greens into a body that looks like this but no need you want to be able to get up and walk every day without paying enough energy to get up the stairs and hold your grandkids and a plant-based diet will certainly do that for you so a couple of tips about optimizing nutrition on a plant-based diet first of all you got eat the food it’s got to be whole it’s got to be vital it’s got to be real food it looks like this you got to really eat the salads folks you got to really eat the steamed greens and the yellow vegetables and the fruits you can’t do this on energy drinks and granola bars seriously of one when I have folks come up to me if I’m not feeling so great on its own I say let it take me through your eating day what do you really eat and they start off in the morning with some big fruit smoothie and I throw some protein powder in there and the rest of the day is comes out of packages and boxes there’s nothing live or vital in their diet and no wonder they don’t have much in the way of energy this is not whole food this is not vital food as delicious as it may be in your mouth in fact when you walk into the grocery store this may call your name as you walk by there often there’s very good pronunciation whoo come over here we’re crunchy and salty and sweet you’ll like us pick one up when you see this this is not hopeful this will not lead you to where you want to your help to go this is not food this is as Michael Pollan says edible food-like substances are by the color packages and boxes you do not want to eat edible food-like substances out of brightly colored packages and boxes you want to eat real food when you see this and it calls your name and you are tempted what do you do I suggest you pull out your three word magic wand pointed directly at the display and say that’s not fruit it’s not okay and go to the produce department and buy a mango or two hmm what this is an example of is the pleasure trap these are foods that have been calculated to bring a chemical jolt up to your brain where the pleasure centers stimulate the release of dopamine and other field would come that’s what these substances do they are not real food and you keep going back to these and you find yourself stuck in the pleasure trap and there’s an excellent book by that name by dr. Goldhamer and dr. Lyle talking about how to get out of the pleasure trap as dr. Hans Diehl says you want to eat food as grown as is growing in the field like potatoes great eat potatoes it’s not potato chips like corn on the cob great eat corn not corn chips mm-hmm real food okay like was growing in the field as dr. Fuhrman says the cell it is the main dish man you want there’s anything you can do for yourself have a big fresh salad at least once a day of not twice a day really really important okay that’s where the vital nutrients are so that’s where it starts you got to eat the fruit really now yet absorb the nutrients what does that mean you know everybody’s heard that phrase you are what you eat well actually it’s wrong you are what you absorb if those nutrients don’t make it from the food across your intestinal membrane and into your bloodstream and be liver be delivered to your tissue this years you may well with Mount of Eden it passes out in the toilet now there’s a big difference between animal foods and plant foods and you can see it when you look under the microscope they’re very different animal cells like muscle cells which is what you’re eating when you eat a steak or a lamb chop or a pork chop you’re eating the muscle of that animal it’s got all the nutrients that these foods supply in a very soft easy to break membrane in here is the protein and the vitamins and minerals it’s a very sloppy soft squishy membrane that surrounds it called the cell membrane but you put a piece of kale under the microscope you put a piece of carrot or lettuce you can tell immediately it’s from the plant kingdom because plants have something animals don’t and that is this wall of cellulose cell walls are what make plants plants now this cellulose stuff is tough stuff it’s a carbohydrates of sugar and the plants use it for their structural materials they make their leaves and roots and stems out of these amount of these cellulose cells trees make a lot of cellulose so we cut them down and turn them into paper and two-by-fours the cellulose well we do not have enzymes to break down cellulose bacteria do we don’t and all the nutritional goodies that we want out of that kale or that carrot or their potato is wrapped up in this wall of cellulose and we have to break that wall down to get the nutrients out we’ve got to break down the cell walls the question is how to redo that well fortunately mother nature came to our rescue gave us 32 of the best juicers on the planet 16 in our upper jaw and 16 in our lower jaw and the invitation is to use them the most important thing you can do to increase the absorption of your nutrients is put a fork full of cell in your mouth put the bloody fork down and make salad puree in your mouth before you swallow it you don’t have to do it a hundred to a hundred times like Fletcher said but take an extra 10 seconds with every mouthful break you’e to a cream before you swallow it first of all you’ll enjoy it more that’s when you taste things but also you are liquefying it so your digestive material your digestive machinery can absorb those nutrients into your bloodstream now some people don’t have good teeth and that’s an issue if you’re eating a high-fiber diet so at our clinic we don’t hesitate and have the clients ladle out a big bowl of soup or a plate a big plate of salad and we take it into the kitchen and we put it in the Vitamix and we’ll blend it for them we do lots of blended soups and blended salads perfectly legitimate thing to do if you can’t do it yourself and it’s important to be fully present we tell the folks eating is a sacred act a lot of people went to a lot of trouble to grow that tomato to harvest it to get it to market to get it to your table honor the woman honor the man who grew it turn off the television be fully present as you eat each one of these wonderful dishes that are set before you we take them for granted people in Syria tonight would love to have what we eat on a daily basis now so queuing is most important thing you can do to absorb your nutrients but there’s a couple of other things as I mentioned iron and zinc and magnesium can be little challenging so it’s always a good idea if you’re going to be making beans to soak them overnight or for a day or two let them begin to sprout and let the enzymes and the beans and the peas start digesting the sugars and proteins for you it makes it much easier to absorb should so sure legumes beans peas chickpeas lentils and nuts almonds soak them overnight before cooking increases the assimilation as I said you can sprout the beans and grains kind of pre digest them and when you make a soup earth stew it’s the hot water ruptures a lot of the cell walls and the broth in the soup is really rich in minerals and we can talk about the raw food cook food issue but one advantage that are cooked with water a dish has whether it’s a super stew is it makes the minerals much more bioavailable and so the hearty vegetable soups and stews should be a regular visitor to your table as well now iron can be a tough mineral to absorb you only absorb about 1% of the iron that at the best and if you are a growing person or you are a woman of reproductive age and you are losing iron every month in the menstrual flow it’s really important that you keep up with your iron stores so you do not develop an anemia well it turns out that you can increase the absorption of iron by a factor of six times with the presence of vitamin C I mean I think a vitamin C tablet with your salad no but if you’ve got a big plate of broccoli or kale in front of you squeeze some lemon juice on it if you’re making spinach salad throw some mandarin orange slices in there get that citrus and greens combination going as often as you can and you’ll increase the absorption of iron as well as magnesium if you’re or if you’re a guy have been a red meteor all your life you don’t need to do this we have enough iron on board we can’t get rid of it now another way to increase the absorption of zinc is to take advantage of some of the essential oils in garlic and onions when you saute them in a broth before you put in your greens or your beans to make your superior saute you’ll increase the absorption of zinc by the presence of the garlic and onions as well everyone should have a big plate of something dark and green every day whether it’s kale chard broccoli brussel sprouts asparagus you don’t go to bed at night so you can look back over your eating day it’s all yeah a big helping of kale at lunch or oh I had a big helping of broccoli at dinner you want a big plate of it so much good things in there from magnesium and calcium to omega-3 fatty acids in the cell walls but it turns out that cruciferous vegetables whom those are in the cabbage family broccoli Brussels sprouts it turns out as as you’re preparing them if you cut the and let them sit on the cutting board for five or ten minutes the air will activate enzymes that help enzymes in your body increase the amount of nitric oxide in your artery walls it’s really healthy for your arteries to cut up these vegetables and before you put them right into the hot water or the soup that’s to to let them sit out in the air for five or ten minutes and you’ll develop more of the nitric oxide enhancing properties of the substance okay those are general techniques about what you want to eat and how you might want to prepare them and particular combinations that increase the absorption of the food of the nutrients but again it starts with slowing down we’re in such a hurry man we’re well I got a plane to catch got a meeting to make and we’re shoving that moved in to choose both down it goes and no wonder people get all gasp he and bloated and don’t feel good they swallowed a bunch of air and fiber and didn’t get the nutrients out of it that they needed now a couple of particular nutrients that are concern to me and I really want to share with you tonight and one of them is iodine iodine is an earth element it’s in the soils it’s in the ocean our body needs the base of our neck we have this land called our thyroid gland it puts out a hormone called thyroxine that regulates how quickly our cells burn energy you want to have just the right amount of thyroxine in your blood and for the thyroid gland to make thyroxine here is the molecule of thyroxine and these for purple Globes these are atoms of iodine you need four atoms of iodine to assemble every molecule of thyroxine and if your diet is short of iodine you’re going to be short on thyroid hormone and I think a significant amount of vegans who have come to me over the years to document I felt great when I first been on this way to eat but then through year now and then I don’t have the energy I’m dragging it man and what’s turning out when you go over there diet there’s been very little iodine in their diet and what they’re looking at is subclinical hypothyroidism these folks have low thyroid function from iodine deficiency and I think it’s one of the really common causes of vegans failing to thrive so I want to share with you if you’re doing this for real make sure you’ve got an iodine source in your diet now what does that look like well if you want to do it just with food there certainly are some foods that this planet provides that are rich in iodine number of them are found in the ocean there are sea vegetables folks familiar with Japanese cuisine here will recognize welcome any and you get it after Japanese restaurants with your salad and it comes from dried packages and the best thing to do is put in to beyond bigging finger big table that put in water let it soak for a couple of hours and then throw that soap gob of it into your soup your salad yeah three times a week and that will meet your iodine needs quite handily there is a nother sea vegetable called RNA and this is what it looks like you’ve probably seen this as well and again some good gob of it in some water for a couple hours and throw it into your soup your salad three times a week and you will meet your iodine needs and finally there is dulse also a very rich source of iodine and again soak it and throw a tablespoon of it into your super cell three times a week so these are good standbys they’re delicious and add a very interesting crispy of the flavors of your soups and salads and highly recommended now kelp is a seaweed that is very high in iodine and if you take too much iodine you know a little is good more must be better not so with iodine you take too much iodine you will flood your thyroid with I died and will actually depress your thyroid function you’ll create the very thyroid deficiency you’re trying to cure with all this iodine so you don’t be taking kelp tablets way too much iodine if you do use kelp get it in a shaker and just a couple of sprinkles on your salad a couple times a week is all you need don’t go overboard with the kelp and when you don’t want to take it all is hijiki this is the sue say it’s an innocent plant but it has a real avid uptake of arsenic and and the numbers that they’ve been getting on mahadji cute and very shockingly high with arsenic so you don’t want to use hijiki in your soups or salads now another source of iodine if you don’t want to get into the sea vegetable thing is a pinch of iodine salt on your vegetables oh no dr. Klapper save you salt on your fruit at TrueNorth we’ve have a salt oil and sugar free cuisine this is added salt because there’s sodium in the vegetables you don’t really need to eat at eat add any but that said there are people who do need a little extra sodium and if the amount is really tiny we’re talking as you’re see we’re talking about a pinch literally a pinch on this vegetables because it’s on the surface of the vegetable the salt crystals hit your tongue right away you get a big salty hit for very little actual sodium as opposed to going to the Italian restaurant where the spaghetti sauce is full of salt and you can’t do anything about it it’s already in there you can’t even taste it but you’re eating all the soul in all the processed foods and the packaged fruits so if you’re making the vegetables yourself don’t cook with it but add a little bit at the table and you can use a little pinch of salt and it’s ironic people are their own salts a big enemy now oh we took the salt shakers off our table actually yes to one place you do laughs that’s the one place you’ve got control over the salt and you can add a little bit so that’s okay now people say well I use sea salt I use pink Himalayan sea salt and it came for see so it’s got lots of iodine I got that one covered doc actually you don’t why not see salt does not have iodine I mean sea salt on iodine now it doesn’t folks a low high school chemistry reminder remember this wonderful ninja brings back lots of memories from high school chemistry this is the periodic table of elements of course this column here these are called the halogens fluorine chlorine bromine iodine and astatine they have some common characteristics and the one that’s familiar to you is when you go to the swimming pool and you got your nose just above the surface of the water what do you smell coming off there chlorine absolutely because chlorine is volatile it evaporates all the halogens are volatile gases they all evaporate well here’s chlorine and right below bromine is iodine and it is a volatile halogen as well so how you make sea salt you take seawater and you put it out in the shallow trays in the half Sun and you let that hot Sun evaporate off the water which you does and it leaves sodium chloride behind but guess what else evaporates in that hot Sun the iodine and for that reason sea salt classic sea salt does not have enough iodine for you to rely on for your thyroid you can however get I’d I sea salt and feel free to do that where the iodine has been added back in and so if you’re going to be using sea salt make sure it’s iodine salt okay okay all of us Nutrition dots have gotten really humbled by multiple multivitamin issue when I grew up man take your multivitamin take your one a day take a jury tall high potency multivitamin is good for you makes up for those too miss Patricia no deficiencies you may be having as you’re not aware of and it seemed like a good idea at the time how many have we gotten ourselves in trouble Adela seemed a good idea at the time well it turns out that we were way wrong on that one your Rose got vitamin A beta carotene 30,000 units wonderful must be good for me that’s theory science says what really happens to people who take these high dose vitamin well it turns out that you can’t get rid of 30,000 units of vitamin of beta carotene every day and it starts building up into high levels in your body and starts making your cell membranes unstable and if you have a little lung cancer growing like the smokers in Scandinavia did beta carotene makes your cancer grow faster too much vitamin A creates hip fractures let me make this clear when you eat a carrot we a cure it’s wonderful what makes a care yellow there’s a whole family of flavonoids called carotenes alpha carotene beta carotene gamma carotene epsilon carotene delta carotene is a whole bunch of them they’re stabilizing molecules that keep the integrity of the carrot root and they’re present in very modest amounts and they all work together in a symphony to stabilize the tissue of the carrot but the vitamin manufactures take one of those characters they’ll take beta carotene and they’ll concentrated up to twenty thirty thousand units at that point you’ve created a drug and it’s got pharmaceutical effects not all of which are good high dose folic acid gives women breast cancer it gives guys prostate cancer for new Thorg acid not folate in green vegetables yay folate but this is full negation in the synthetic form that they put in the multivitamins that’s the same thing no it’s not and high dose folic acid causes all sorts of problems too much iron cross the phone’s writes copper caused problems so we’ve all role we back off the multivitamins will be 12 which we’ll talk about nine little vitamin D if you need it fine maybe a little omega-3 fats and that’s yet so do I take a multivitamin I do but the only one that I use is one where the maker is tuned into oldest and daewoo they finally came up with a decent mold of vitamin they took out there is no beta-carotene there is no vitamin A there is no folic acid and everything else has been toned down to very very modest amounts hundred milligrams of vitamin C maybe that’s what’s in an orange so why do I bother taking it because it’s got three nutrients that I know I would want to make sure is adequate mm of Dien which is a standard dose that everybody will benefit from and so that eliminates the need to take extra vitamin D here is 200 my grams of b12 got that one covered so I don’t have to take additional vitamin b12 and here is 150 micrograms of iodine that covers my thyroid needs another 115 is zinc which can be tough for vegans to go so have a look at your multivitamin label unless it’s anything like this don’t if you’re you see beta-carotene you see folic acid on there don’t be taking it find one that’s toned down in this very very appropriate and modest amounts of these nutrients but make sure that it certainly covers your b12 and an iodine needs for sure now speaking of vitamin b12 this is a real issue especially if you’re a long-term plant only person this is vitamin b12 molecule beautiful molecules got this symmetrical lattice nucleus here in this little tail that comes down wonderful vitamin and it’s absolutely essential to keep your brain functioning keep your spinal cord function do not mess with a b12 deficiency it will cause dementia it will damage your spinal cord it will kill you it goes uncorrect it there’s a serious business now why do vegans have to take b12 this is a natural diet for humans why do we have to take a b12 supplement what’s up with that well the answer to that is where vitamin b12 comes from it’s made by microbes that live in the soil cows don’t make it pigs don’t make it chickens don’t make it no animal makes vitamin b12 the meteor arte keep my meat to get my b12 cows don’t make it the grazing animals have vitamin b12 in their muscles because they’re eaten grass all day yes even geeks are grazing animals and they’re pulling up clumps of grass that have soil particles clinging to the roots and in these soil particles are the microbes that make vitamin b12 the animal swallows the microbes they produced a b12 the animal absorbs it into its muscles yes you can shoot the cow and strip the flesh off its bones and eat it and get b12 that way but it was bacterial b12 all along touted maken it’s even in the waters of the natural world every time the rains come soil washes into the rivers and streams so the streams in natural settings have vitamin b12 and the animals consume it there as well well guess what sheep and cows and geese are not the only foraging animals that ingest vitamin b12 with their food we used to drink from streams too we used to drink from rivers and we didn’t we don’t eat grass and pull up the roots but the majority of our days back in the Paleolithic times were spent foraging and the women spent all day roots and tubers and wild grasses and they weren’t washed in chlorinated drinking water like we do today and so there would be vitamin b12 coming into our ba into our daily die just like the animals have and in the Paleolithic time you did to go to the fossil record there you don’t find any old vitamin b12 supplement bottles at all they didn’t need them because they got b12 off their food well welcome to the 21st century nobody is drinking out of water out of streams anymore nobody’s eating unwashed vegetables anymore and due to modern sanitation due to modern sanitation the natural plant-based sources of vitamin b12 have dropped out of the modern vegans life it’s okay with me I don’t want to be treating cases of cholera and typhoid fever from people drinking contaminated stream water that’s okay but still you need to get that b12 and it’s for that reason throughout modern sin it’s the bargain we’ve made from natural sin from for Community sanitary water that the b12 has disappeared from our diet and for that reason it is modern vegans today have to assure themselves a active vitamin b12 source the form that I like is called methyl cobalamin and you get at any health food store get it online five hundred to a thousand micrograms once a week twice a week it’s stored in your liver you don’t need to take it every day but one or two once or twice a week helps something with b12 in it it’s in soy milk it’s and some veggie burgers but get an official supplement and take it and don’t even run the risk of this okay and when they ask you well if it’s natural ID and diet why do you have to take b12 supplement because of modern sanitation and the need for a healthy water supply now that said now that we covered the b12 issue and this is the b12 molecule turns out that a lot of organisms in the plant world make or try to make vitamin b12 for their own needs they come close but no cigar this is a fairly close approximation but to you chemistry geeks out there you’ll notice that this cantos with the two nitrogens that’s now been broken open here the the phosphorus here that had a hydroxyl group now has a double bonded oxygen to it and and this and this pentose ring has now been broken open as well so it’s not the same molecule and it doesn’t do what b12 does it will not keep your brain healthy will now keep your spinal cord healthy but what it will do is occupy the receptor sites on your nerve cells so real b12 can’t get in you don’t want to be taken these b12 analogs well it turns out that some sea vegetables make these b12 analogs and for that reason as I said to get your iodine if you use the sea vegetables do them a couple times a week but don’t take it on the day that you’re also taking your b12 supplement yeah phaedra b12 supplement on a Sunday start adding the sea vegetables to your salad on Wednesday or Thursday but to space out a little bit don’t flood your body with these b12 analogs when you’re trying to get real b12 into your tissues okay okay now speaking of b12 analogs surprise surprise there’s a couple of health supplements generally recognized as good for you that are spirulina and blue-green algae anybody’s taking them I’d suggest you reconsider that strategy because they are loaded with b12 analogs they analyze spirulina tablets and 83% of the the molecules that look like b12 were actually b12 analogues and the same thing with blue-green algae same thing they the these b12 analogues pseudo b12 turns out to be the predominant substance and it is definitely not suitable for vegans and it will block your real b12 from getting in there so you don’t need these green powders you need green food you need green vegetables eat them but if you’re taking spirulina or blue-green algae think you’re doing something good for yourself you’re not reconsider that the last nutrient that I want to talk about these long-chain fatty acids that we need our skin oils are made of them our brain is wrapped in them our hormones are made of them you need fats fats are not evil if we need them to live got to be the right kind of fats in the right amounts but you need to found everything and the most important fats to get are these they’re long chains of carbon atoms like strands string of pearls here and and I want to make this a chemistry class but note that there’s a single electron bond between all these carbons but at number three here you run into this double bond and the chemists think that’s important and so if you run into the first double bond at carbon atom number 1 2 3 then you are looking at an omega-3 fatty acid this one that’s 18 carbon atoms long is called linolenic acid and it is what is found in flax seeds and walnuts and hemp seeds and dark green leafy vegetables you need this stuff that’s why you want a big plate of greens every day you want a handful of walnuts you want a tablespoon of ground flax or hemp seeds on your oatmeal this is important stuff to get we can’t make this stuff so you need to eat it but it’s not what your body really requires to make your hormones and your nerve tissue it needs a longer chain this is only 18 carbon atoms long so your body clever chemists that it is when you eat the flax seeds the walnuts and the dark leafy greens and this linolenic acid stuff comes into your body your enzymes in your cells and two more carbon atoms onto the chain and now they’ve created eighteen plus two is twenty not only got 120 I mean 20 carbon atoms long at KCl pentanoic acid and it’s initials our EPA very important your body can do good things with EPA but it’s not really the final destination what your body really needs is even longer it’s two more carbons long this is 20 you need to add another two carbon fragment and make one twenty two carbon atoms long and that’s called DHA so I’ll write it down and share maybe LFO this is DHA this is what your body really needs to make your nerve to make your hormones make your skin oils etc so you eat the hemp seeds the flax seeds the dark leafy greens but two enzyme steps are required to turn it into that DHA that we need why is this why am I telling you this because this reaction and a good day is only ten percent efficient only 10% of the linolenic acid that you take in and the walnuts in the fleiss’s actually turns in to DHA mmm that’s a little dicey that puts you right on the edge of getting enough now we got another issue here because clinical studies suggest the tissue levels of long-chain omega-3 fatty acid are depressed and vegetarians particularly in vegans seems we have a tough time getting enough of this stuff why because we’re living in modern life we’re not spending all day foraging for wild greens turns out these two enzymes steps that lengthen this chain from eighteen to twenty to twenty-two these enzymes that a good day is only ten percent efficient they’re inhibited by the junky omega-6 oils that are in safflower oil sunflower con seed oil peanut oil the junky industrial oils that the chips are fried in and their ships and the restaurant food and the French fries and those snack foods and we eat that stuff and those omega-6 fats they steal the enzymes for their own needs and they turn this ten percent efficiency into two percent efficiency so another reason you don’t want to eat those brightly colored packaging boxes stuff because they’re full of omega-6 fats that will cheat you out of the Omega threes that you need but even so studies show that there’s another stunning long low levels of omega-3 fats in there to torian’s and the vegans so much so that the researchers concluded that to ensure physical mental neurologic health vegetarians have to reduce those omega-6 but also if you’re smart you’ll also add some DHA directly so what should the smart plant eater do absolutely have a big or goes into helping of something dark and green every day it’s serious business folks because if the dark greens had some of this omega-3 linolenic acid so for all sorts of good reasons calcium magnesium omega-3 have eat your greens your mother was right each greens you want a tablespoon or two of ground flax or hemp on a handful of walnuts daily you really want to avoid that process junkie the omega-6 oils and animal fats but I would consider and I take some added a stonking other cause of the long term vegan doc I’m just don’t not feeling as good as I did I suspect they may have an omega-3 deficiency as well so what do you do well increase your wellness I guess but omega-3 fats this DHA stuff EPA you’ve probably heard of it because it’s what’s in fish oil that’s all has some fish oil no let’s not why not a couple of reasons one most important fish don’t make it let me say it again in the same way that cows and pigs don’t make vitamin b12 they get it out of the microbes fish don’t make the AJ either it’s made by plants in this case the plants are algae cells that float in the ocean there may take the sunlight and they make this VHA stuff the fish swim in the ocean with their mouths open swallowing algae all day and it’s the LG DHA that winds up in the fish’s flesh and yes you can kill the fish and grind them up and squeeze out the fish oil to get the DHA but it was from the algae all along just like the b12 was from the microbes the DHA it’s really from the algae well now they are growing the algae directly in big vats of pure seawater and they’re harvesting the algae and they’re extracting the DHA right out of the algae time to leave the fish off the hook and we are running out of fish and there’s no reason to eat fish oil for DHA get it from the algae I’ll show you what the products look like if you’re concerned you can get your DHA levels checked there are labs that will do it your naturopathic chiropractor from Genova can order a blood spot so it’s all done through the mail and you get this little card with little stylet to put the finger and you fill up the forward little circles of blood and don’t know you get a readout of what your omega-3 and omega-6 in your DHA and all that is life extension lab also you can order it right off the internet there Omega check panel it tells you the same thing I have no connection of any of these labs but this is how it’s done if you want to or you just take some and I do the dosage is between 150 to 300 a day either pop one veggie cap but the important thing it says from LG LG derived 100% vegan it’s from LG you’ll see it there okay so I don’t care which one you use but if I were you the only other because we’re not spending all day foraging for the grasses and for the and for the nuts etc and seeing what the studies show now if you I think the smart supplements would be definitely some certainly some b12 and and certainly some some vegan DHA and that’s basically all you really need another reason that people may not have the energy they want is because they’re not moving their body we are animals man you got to move it’s part of having an animal body part of the plants get to do it in one place yeah but we gotta move and it’s garden the bargain get out and walk taking a little 3 pound hand weights han and go for a 40-minute walk you it’ll tone up your upper body and get your bones stronger it reverses osteoporosis become a walker and put some put either a light weighted vest or you can carry some hand weights or both and tone up your body and become a healthy animal again do you need tests not really but if you want here they are and once a year I have folks get a blood count a metabolic profile for liver and kidney function check their thyroid make sure they’re getting enough iodine check their b12 level and if and if they don’t have enough than the extinct old MMA and homocysteine goes up check their vitamin D and if their people are just not thriving after a year I’ll send off a fatty acid profile maybe a mineral profile and an amino acid profile because I get the folks who are doing well doc I think I need more protein and the my friends are all telling me I’m not getting enough protein no wonder I feel that there is so much pushing in a whole food plant-based diet the beans and peas and chickpeas and lentils and seeds and nuts and quinoa we have protein out the wazoo I’ve never really seen a protein deficient vegan say but if you want to find out I think I need some meat then you can find out maintain a completely squeaky-clean plant-based diet for at least three months six months is even better and then have your chiropractor naturopath order an amino acid profile see what your amino acids are after six three to six months on a completely plant-based diet and then if you’re inclined go have a devant eat eat eat some animal flesh for five days running seven days running and then repeat the same amino acid profile and see if anything’s changed if there has been a big increase in a particular amino acid see if you can get maybe get their plants that have that maybe you just need to eat more lentils or something like that but if you want to find out is it protein deficient you can find out but it’s seldom protein as an issue as I said it’s usually iodine it’s usually omega-3 fatty acid is usually b12 but here we are talking about protein deficiency and that gets us around to this guy I tried to eat a vegan diet one stock didn’t work for me my body needs animal protein so let’s talk about this whole philosophy of the Paleo diet who believes that every caveman every Neanderthal had a mastodon in the freezer and spent all day eating mammoths me I’m a caveman I eat mammoth me that’s what I do every meal have flesh meat that’s what we eat so it’s available and whatever greens are growing around don’t need those carbs they make that and if you eat no carbohydrates and run your body on fats the breakdown product of those fats are called ketones and your blood will be filled with them so you are in a state of ketosis and the Paleo folks say that’s a good thing you want to keep yourself in Kiyo genic diet you want to keep yourself ketosis a ketone state that makes you trim and healthy as a physician who did study biochemistry and physiology unlike most of these folks I take great issue with the idea of keeping yourself in ketosis month after month after month let’s get flesh-eating into some perspective here they said they’d paleo folks eat flesh every meal basically most Westerners eat animal flesh three times a day the middle of every meal bacon eggs for breakfast and for breakfast cheeseburger for lunch chicken for dinner salmon for dinner deals not complete without a piece animal muscle in the middle of the play a where’s my protein and no protein this meal people not even mountain lions eat flesh three times a day think about it the Tigers in the rainforests official carnivores don’t eat flesh three times a day once a week if they can get it most days they fast only anything no primate eats flesh at all the a gorilla of chimpanzees now and one percent of their diet kill I ate some flesh but by and large no primate eats animal flesh we didn’t use to either three times a day all through the history of our country 1670 hundred eighteen hundred 1900s the first part of the 20th century man you you have pot roast on Sunday you had fish on Friday now is it or you ate out of your garden the rest of the week you had potato soups and cabbage stews you didn’t go killing your chickens every night for buffalo wings that’s for sure you run out of chickens pretty quickly doing that we only started eating flesh with every meal since World War two since we got rich enough to do it and the government spends subsidizing the corn and soybean farmers so they can shovel all this subsidized grain down the gullets of all these billions of cows and pigs and chickens and sell burgers for a buck and a half each that’s all tax subsidized if these burgers sold for what they really cost to produce if they had to pay for the water they had to pay for the soil erosion they had to pay for the moon for the global warming that is creating these burgers would cost $80 apiece but that’s not the situation we’re in but just to point it out to you this three times a day animal flesh who’s telling us to do that you can tell who’s telling us if you look down in the bottom right hand corner of the nutrition poster you’ll see four letters USDA it’s the Agriculture Department makes up the food guidelines for this country we’re the only nation in the world where the Agriculture Department is making up the nutrition guidelines for human games what in the world is the Department of Agriculture doing making up the nutrition guidelines should be from the Institute of Medicine NIH but because of the power of the meat and dairy lobbies that’s who’s telling us eat flesh three times a day I’m here to assert no matter what the Paleo poster talents we have not become carnivorous eggs Simeon’s our ancestors that gave rise to our cousin’s chimpanzees gorillas lemurs and tarsiers also they’ve been on this plan 150 million years and even eaten leaves and berries and plants all along and they developed a digestive system to digest plants for a hundred and fifty million years suddenly 2 million years ago in the Paleolithic we didn’t suddenly change our anatomy and physiology to become flesh eaters our saliva still contains start suggesting enzymes not flesh digesting enzymes like the cats have our preferred metabolic fuel is glucose where our sugar burning organ is not fat burning organisms on mitochondria looking for glucose in our intestines are long like herbivores now like the carnivores want to get that rotting meat out really quickly if you have any questions about is man an herbivore or an omnivore I urge you to get on youtube and see the superb presentation by dr. Milton Mills with the title as man Nerva boar omnivore does not remember worker omnivore and he will convince you without question we have a plant eating body here now the Paleo folks a well about these we got canine teeth what we read in these k94 if we are not supposed to be eating meat haha to that I say go in the bathroom stand from the mirror open your mouth and smile what you’re going to notice is that your canine teeth are shorter than your central incisors here’s an x-ray a dental pan tomograph of the entire human mouth look how even the teeth are all their long anybody see any big flesh tearing fangs sticking down here I don’t canine teeth huh want to see what canine teeth really allows you some real canines never housecat open the mouth if your canines look like this absolutely no argument go to the butcher shop get a big slab a porterhouse go out on the curb sit down now don’t bother to cook it man just have at it hmm make your mouth water and think of that hmm stop with the canine teeth nonsense look at these teeth they’re flat grinding molars in the back and our jaw is a rotary jaw joint that allows us to chew from side to side true carnivores have a hinge jaw goes up and down only they couldn’t shoot from side to side if they wanted to we’ve got these small teeth with a flat grinding services not made for digesting flesh what are they made for to digest the starchy roots and tubers and grasses and berries nuts that the women spent a whole day gathering where the guys out in their hunting trips nine out of ten times the guys came back empty-handed most hunts are unsuccessful if they did bag a carcass it rotted within days became dangerous eat it this idea that every meal and flash nonsense in fact if you take the time to go to Africa like anthropologist men from the Fanueil Domini from Dartmouth did and you examine the skulls of the cro-magnon and the Neanderthal folks under the microscope what you see in between the teeth are starch grains because that’s the majority of calories that were brought in to the Paleolithic camp we’re gathered by the women once again the women got us heard by hard times death supply the bulk of the calories when they examine the fossilized fecal droppings of the Neanderthals 150 grams of fiber and a they each ate it was a whole food plant-based diet so the historical basis for it is a myth didn’t happen is this big caveman chomping on the dinosaur leg or the mammoth leg it’s fantasy but from a physician’s point of view I got some real problems with eating flesh on this level on a daily basis yes you’ll keep yourself in chronic ketosis you’ll deplete the glycogen on your muscles and you will run on fats this state of ketosis remarkable stage when because back in ancient times and these Paleolithic times it might be days before you found the next berry bush with fruit on it or the next zebra carcass rotting in the Sun you may have to fast by six days like it or not and during this time you indeed run off the fat in your muscles running the fat in your tissues and you go into this ketosis state and it’s you’re not hungry and you’re in an action kind of state and it’s great for a few days week two and in our clinic we do water fasting will people do long fasts we’ll do 30 days up to 40 day fast and these folks are in ketosis we watch them like a hawk we’re checking them twice a day we’re drawing blood you don’t do this on your own but un Medical supervise fasting we take advantage of this ketotic state there’s a power in it but it’s a stress these folks turn into dishrags after a while and my viewing of ketosis is that it’s yes body can do it it’s useful for a while but the analogy that I use is an automotive one when you’re driving down the h1 and you’re behind a slow truck what do you do you pull out into the passing lane you hit the accelerator and your engine finds passing gear and that surge of power comes from the engine room and use blow past the trucks and you see them stayed in the rear view mirror and then you pull back into the lane yay passing you’re wonderful great but if you’re in San Francisco you don’t want to drive to Seattle in passing gear you will burn out your bearings you will destroy your engine and the katatak state is the metabolic equivalent of passing it’s a special state you can stay in it for a while but in my judgment you don’t want to stay in it month after month what these ketones are asked we’re talking about acetone beta-hydroxybutyrate acid these are acidic molecules you’re giving your body a constant acid load free fatty acids our blood is filled with fatty acids this is a state of acidosis this is not an easy state for your body 10 with month after month all this acid is hard on your bones and tends to make you lose calcium out to the urine magnesium goes out as well and you’re eating animal flesh all that DNA and then animals muscle turns into stuff called uric acid man your kidneys have to deal with it and if they don’t deal with it efficient you’re going to get your gas at kidney stones you’re going to have these uric acid crystals settle out in your joints and give you gallon it’s a dirty fuel when you eat sugars when you eat carbohydrates turns into carbon dioxide you to breathe off and water that you pee out those are the only waste products of sugars but you’re running on fats you are generating fatty acids and ketones and uric acid this is a dirty fuel and your body’s got to deal with these waste products then well shown and dr. Michael Greger has some good pieces on his nutritionfacts.org website high-protein diets hurt the kidneys we were never meant to deal with these high protein loads meal after meal after meal it’s one of the major reasons kidney failure is so prevalent in this country and a good nephrologist whoo he’s got a patient going into kidney failure first thing he does put them on a low protein diet they know how toxic protein is the Paleo folks are saying more protein more protein more protein these folks are writing themselves a ticket to the dialysis machine if you are eating animal flesh you’re eating a molecule called carnitine as part of every animal muscle here this the food we eat determines the bacteria that live in our gut our microbiome these trillions of microbes that live in our intestinal tract is determined by the food we eat you eat a bunch of sugars you’re going to summon up sugar eating bacteria you eat a bunch of meat and eggs every day you’re eating a tremendous amount of carnitine and choline in the eggs well natural law you’re going to summon up bacteria that eat carnitine and going they have names cross video up to cryptic oxide they don’t care about you they can’t wait for that make chicken breast without the skin to come down or their next salmon steak to come down because they will take this carnitine and choline and turn it into stuff called trimethylamine who cares well you should because your liver will take that trimethylamine and turn it into trimethylamine oxide this is a molecule from hell this drives cholesterol in to the artery walls and these paleo guys at the gym working out in their buff bodies these are the ones who drop dead on the treadmill at 49 and they do the autopsy and he’s all clogged up well he looks so healthy his cholesterol went down where did the cholesterol go into his artery wolves among other places we are not your cat a mountain lion will never have this problem they’ve never developed atherosclerosis but we are herbivores an herbivore body we eat a diet of mountain lions weep a severe problem penalties for it and this is one another molecule that the paleo folks are eating everyday self called endotoxin where does it come from it comes from bacteria where the bacteria come from from the guts of the animal the slaughterhouses are reeking with the gut bacteria of the cows and pigs and chicken and sheeps that they Eve Visser ate all day every cutting surface in the slaughterhouse has a film of bacteria every piece of meat that the paleo folks buy organic or not is covered with gram-negative bacteria from the animals guts these bacteria die and when they die their cell walls break up and release this stuff called endotoxin this is a nasty molecule this sets off inflammatory reactions throughout the body raise your white blood cell count makes your gut leaky Oh show you that in a minute and just to point out endotoxin is heat stable when you cook the burger doesn’t get rid of the endotoxin when you deep-fry the chicken doesn’t get rid of the impacts and you’re still eating the stuff and one of the charming effects of endotoxin is on your intestinal wall here’s the wall of your intestine here’s food going by up on top here the job of the intestines absorb food molecules into your bloodstream and send them to the rest of your body but the intestinal tract has an important barrier function there’s a lot of stuff going by in the food stream you do not want your bloodstream undigested food proteins the breakdown product of bacterial cell walls yeast fragments you want that in your gut in your in your bloodstream and a healthy gut wall will not allow these molecules to get in your bloodstream but endotoxin damages the seal between these cells the tight Junction and as a result molecular spaces open up between the cells and big molecules that have no business getting into your bloodstream start flowing through your tissues they flow through your joint membranes set off inflammatory arthritis flow through your bronchial membranes set off asthma blow through your immune system sort of lupus various autoimmune diseases a gift of the endotoxin and other molecules that we ingest but our paleo folks are eating this stuff three times a day animal muscle has stuff in it called neu5gc only animals make this this is a very inflammatory molecule you can find this stuff in the joints of rheumatoid arthritis patients in the plaques of coronary artery patients and only meat has it and our paleo friends are eating it three times a day and if you do a search on neu5gc you’ll see the inflammatory reaction that it sets off and finally well not finally but if somebody asked me doctor I want to cause the colon cancer how do you think I should go about this it’s a simple take a cone full of meat three times a day but that’s it on your colon wall and rubbed those carcinogens that get created by cooking the meat leather they got a long time to rub against the colon wall here it’s no accident that most cancer start in the descending in sigmoid colon that’s where the exposure time is a long if that’s where the fecal mass remains the longest and rubs on the colon wool the links between flesh-eating and colon cancer are beyond dispute at this point and finally fats clog up your insulin receptors all these folks are insulin resistant this is why they say stay away from carbs because when they’ve been eating this kind of diet the fat and it’s a high-fat diet infiltrates into their muscles and this stuff called intra mayo cellular lipid it’s fat in the muscle cell starts building up clods their insulin receptors from the inside and they go diabetic so when they eat sugar their blood sugar spikes up because the sugar can’t get into the cells because the insulin receptors are all blocked out so that’s why they say stay away from those carbs but us plant eaters there’s no reason to stay away from carbohydrates our insulin receptors are open you eat rice or quinoa carrots bless your goomar go pump lay down the belly of folks create this problem for themselves with this hike they had died and then they blame those carbs when the carbohydrates are innocent we are carbohydrate burning organisms it’s all this fat that’s causing the problems so I don’t care how fit and buff these folks look on the outside on the inside as a physician my fear is these nice folks are setting themselves up for an epidemic colon cancer heart attacks strokes autoimmune diseases diabetes flam Ettore bowel disease Crohn’s disease colitis this is a diet of death it’s mostly young people that are into this and when you’re 25 you can eat linoleum glue and get away with it now but don’t think they’re getting away with anything they’re creating old man’s diseases and old woman’s diseases and their arteries and in their lymph nodes and in their breasts and their prostate gland and their immune system this is a diet this is not a healthy diet this transgresses natural laws from our Anatomy to our behavior and our very nature and in my opinion this whole philosophy is totally beyond outrageous no this century this plan is going to have 8 billion human beings on it are these paleo folks with a straight face proposing a paleo diet sedessa everybody ought to be in belly oh are you talking really about a meat meal 3 times a day for 8 billion people you would need 3 planet Earth’s to create that much animal flesh this is a totally arrogant elitist unsustainable food program that’s being promoted and it’s beyond irresponsible when we realize that every single environmental threat that we face today deforestation soil erosion water pollution water depletion pesticide use species extinction climate change from global warming every one of these is driven by the large-scale industrial production of animal flesh that’s why the forests are being cut down that’s where the soil is being eroded off corn and soybean fields in the Midwest growing cheap animal fodder for cheeseburgers water the police in the majority of water in this country goes to irrigate alfalfa corn and soybeans water pollution a feedlot with a hundred thousand animals not very many I’m sorry with 20,000 animals produces the same amount of sewage as the city of Cincinnati every day and these cows do not pay taxes for sewage treatment plants and winds up in the water most pesticides and herbicides are sprayed on corn and soybean fields the forests and prairies are being cleared costing these animals their habitat to make grazing land for cattle or grow their crops and the majority of greenhouse gas carbon dioxide methane nitrous oxide are coming from sixty billion animals on planet that are raised every year the all breathing out carbon dioxide they’re all belting out methane they are eating grains that have been grown on fields where ammonia containing fertilizers have been sprayed so the anigh trous oxide goes up in the air animal flesh is driving a global warming for the taste of flesh we have no need for it metabolically I would like that taste of flesh in our mouths for the taste of flesh that is what why this world is heating up I want to ask how many folks have grandchildren here I suspect quite a few nieces nephews I’ve got a couple little kids the world we are leaving now may become unlivable by the middle of this century and it’s not for lack of electric cars it’s for this overwhelming and satiable appetite for animal flesh never before seen in human history that’s driving the climate change that we’re all theory these poor bears are on that iceberg because of our desire for cheap cheeseburgers and we are clear cutting the oceans we are strip mining with these miles long nets and scoop up everything and for that wild caught salmon on your plate what they don’t show you are the dozens of albatrosses and seagulls and sea turtles they have ensnared in the lines and the sharks and the whales and the Dolphins that are drown in the nets they don’t you don’t even think about them well we are going to leave our children an ocean full of jellyfish if we keep eating fish for our omega-3s which you don’t need you get it out of algae if you want to learn about the environmental effects of our diet start with John Robbins wonderful book diet in America you can read the United Nations report livestock’s long shadow they called it back in late 90s but the best book if you want to educate yourself about what the production of animal flesh is doing to this planet and our future I urge you go to the website of dr. Richard Islander called comfortably unaware and read his book by the same title the unaware which is exactly where the meat and dairy industries want you don’t think about where that burgers coming from but have no illusion every time we’re in the restaurant and you look at the waiter or the waitress and say I’ll have the beef I’ll have the chicken I’ll have the lamb I’ll have the veal your grandchildren’s world gets a little debtor gets a little hotter gets a little drier we can’t keep skidding ourselves at these these foods come from the farm somewhere they come from our kids future so where they’re coming from and we owe them we have I’m working for them I’m working for the kids and the animals and the planet from this point on and I owe because I owe them I plundered their planet on when I was growing up I didn’t think twice about the burgers I ink well I’m sure thinking about it now and I’ve got a lot to make up for so where does it all begin because when the people say to me doc I tried to be a vegan didn’t work for me I tried her a few weeks our soccer field and dad and I ate some meat I feel better is he kidding me is he lying no it’s on the truth what is happening what explains this phenomenon I feel like so many other problems that we face the problem begins in our earliest earliest years at age six months of age the baby is still nursing at the breast still sucking on the bottle and it’s six months of age with all the loving intent in the world that jar baby lamb baby chicken baby turkey is opened and spooned into that baby’s mouth and from that point on three times a day animal flesh is slathered on that child’s intestinal tract day after all through infancy by age two or three they’re in McDonald’s eating their happy meals they’ve adopted a flesh based diet all through their childhood their puberty their teen years their 20s their 30s their 40s three times a day you are slandering the animal flesh and your intestinal tract the body will adapt that guess that the intestine secrete will be the most efficient mucus forget extracting nutrients on that high fat high sugar high protein food stream the intestinal membrane enzymes will be the most efficient for absorbing nutrients out of that high fat high sugar high protein food stream your liver enzymes will set up to be the most efficient dealing with that high fat high sugar high protein low fiber food stream and very importantly because you’re eating the muscle of an animal molecules from that animal’s muscle carnitine creatine myoglobin things that your body makes are coming in three times a day preformed well as the years go by your body says hey man this carnitine in creatine is coming in three times a pre four I don’t have to make it and your jeans start to down-regulate you get a down regulation of your own ability to make carnitine creatine is still there but it’s down regulated well at that point you become dependent upon that animal flex coming in three times a day for thirty years forty years till finally you come to a lecture like this you read John Robbins both you see forks over knives you see even what the health suddenly the plant-based light goes on Oh My heavens I’m going to be a vegan wonderful your body’s probably happier the animals are happier the planets happier but what have you done at age forty or whenever it is you’ve done a hundred eighty degree turn on the food stream sort of high in fats low in fat instead of high instead of high in protein low in protein instead of lower high in simple sugars low in simple sugars set of low in fiber high in fiber and suddenly all those preformed animal nutrients the current degree gone now you gotta make your element now most folks can do it but some may take a while to gear up their enzymes to make these molecules and in the meantime they’re drawing down on their own supply of Guardian reagent cetera and as the months go by I’m not feeling so good doc and they served rhenium steaks and salmon and they start eatin flesh and those nutrients those animal visions floods are there tissues whoa feel great vegan shmegan man I’m a carnivore on paleo guy I need my meat and this is what we see but what are we watch really this isn’t this is not normal human physiology this is an acquired dependency created by feeding a human hominid child animal flesh three times a day from infancy you will create a dependency on animal flesh I’ve delivered over 400 babies in my career and I’ve lost about 25 to 25 tons in vegan kids and I watched them grow up I got enough gray hairs now watch them grow up marry other vegan children and have their own vegan kids who grows up becomes a strong healthy bright vegan kid it married another vegan Todd’s now seeing three generations of vegan children grow up big strong healthy smart guess what they don’t have meat cravings their mouths don’t water when they walk past a barbecue they are metabolically different creatures and they are not going to develop the breast lumps in the prostate cancer and the the clogged arteries and everything else that the standard diet creates but this is where I believe this craving for the flesh is coming from and why some folks don’t succeed on a vegan diet so what do i do what do I tell them there sip in my office saying doc I tried B this vegan thing and any work and I don’t feel that great because I know that long inhibited jeans have to be turned on the mucus quality and their intestines has to change the enzymes in their gut wall has to change the microbes in their gut helps to change their physiology and your liver has to change billions of chemicals have to change to adapt to this most folks can do it within a week but some people are going to take longer and that’s okay it’s okay some people may take months and months and months if they want to make this change it it’s okay everybody’s different and we got to allow for those early years and the imprinting that was done on their metabolism so what do I tell them there’s sitting across the office okay I know this place isn’t good for me but I feel better when I eat it I say okay here’s my search I say if you feel your body muscle I gotta ask ma’am for the only fair enough considered medicinal you’re not even as tough as you like that steak in your mouth taste you you have a dependency on this stuff you do I’d say consider animal flesh like a very expensive vitamin tablet that’s toxic in large amounts and don’t take handfuls of multivitamins don’t be big slabs of any kind of flesh I can find the smallest amount of the animal flesh you think your body problem it’s usually about three ounces the size of a deck of playing cards producing the least injurious way I don’t know what that means anymore probably not feedlot beef but grass-fed beef even worse for the planet and all of them are bad for the individual animal now they don’t care why you’re killing them but consume enough sell them as you can’t have a little piece on Monday coast on that for as long as you can do same Wednesday Thursday Friday till you feel that you got everyone more and have another little 3 ounce piece and coast on that for as long as you can with the goal of excluding it all together and that’s what happens if these folks really want to get off the meat here but they can i I’ve had folks Lee Turner doctor it doesn’t feel better on this plants up but I’m going to eat meat twice a week ok sure beats three times a day so everybody in America were ate flesh only twice a week I’d be a happy duck why there everything would be better for all of us ok twice a week but they come back the office three months later how you doing okay we only have meat once a week now and then we made it and then they come in the office three months later I’m so he’s doing that yeah I think we had it twice last month we don’t need very much anymore and then three months later you tell Abby stop buying the stuff you’re in and because their enzymes gear up and they tell me I don’t need and so if you want to get off it you can and I really urge people to do that if there underneath one sweet all right if you have got to be in a world where people heat flesh once a week would be a much much better world and I could probably hang on my stethoscope and go surfing so the truth is if someone eats animal flesh more than a few times a week and certainly more than a few times a day it’s not because their body needs some animal protein because they like to taste of flesh in their mouth and it’s expensive and dangerous habit that threatens their health and all of our futures we have to change from our current animal-based diet where there’s a piece of animal and center of every meal to plant-based side what are we on for dinner Alvin bean burritos tonight we haven’t lentil stew tonight have them tofu from stir fry tonight we’re having veggie burger night we got to make that change when one adopts a whole food plant-based diet that changes in your health are spectacular but this diet will also heal the planet as we adopt a plant-based diet everything gets better the forests come back the soil stabilizes the water runs pure again there’ll be enough water the global warming will stabilize we will save billions of dollars in surgery’s not done in work days not lost we will are going to spend trillions of dollars on climate change anyway we’re going to mitigate that it caused nothing everybody can adopt a plant-based diet hmm what about the farmers and ranchers are going to throw them off the land no help these people they’re growing our food help them transition to growing plants buy their food buy their seeds for and buy their tractors Sunday cultural school help these people send their kids to college we’ve seen big changes before Berlin Wall came down we can change our diet as well again if you want to know more about this again go to my website goes there’s plant-based diet how to thrive on and I’ve gotten in the answer section I’ve got one called an article my problems with the Paleo diet if you want to read that okay one of the long but I think I was important material to cover and I’ll be glad to take your questions thank you for your informative presentation good it’s a pre-med student with a background in toxicology and nutrition I looked at the American medical curriculum with horror at the high focus on pharmacology and non holistic treatments a completely disregards nutrition what would you advise an aspiring primary care physician MD just search for this professional matter or education how can I become knowledgeable and nutrition base physician and today’s American Medical Education ISM that is the key tasks that must be done Physicians Committee for Responsible medicine is sending me around to medical schools to talk to medical students and give them the lecture I wish someone had given me when I was a third-year med student and and we are starting to get this curriculum out into medical schools I was at University of Rochester two months ago I’ll be at University of Arkansas soon we’re starting to get this information out I would tell young doctors and old doctors learn the basic sciences learned about chemistry the nutrition the physiology but realize the majority of diseases you’re seeing in the emergency room and the operating room are from work your patients are eating and in the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king once you know that you can work with these find a plant-based diet ition refer these people to and get them healthy and that will treat your colleagues it’s a difficult time to work on this frontier but we have no choice we must change the medical education system in this country and I’m working to do that well the body turned carbohydrates into fat no it cannot do that with the exception of high fructose corn syrup the body can will not take that little glucose ring break it apart and construct as long-chain fatty acids it will not do that your body cannot turn carbohydrates into fat if you eat a high carbohydrate dinner you have a couple of potatoes and a plate of rice for dinner all those carbohydrates get in your blood you will replete the glycogen stores in your muscles and once they are filled you will burn that inter vet extra energy office heat you will you’ll get in bed and you’ll put your foot out on your from the covers you’ll throw the covers off and you will your body temperature will go up a quarter of a degree and you will disperse that carbohydrate energy off its heat to the air it cannot and will not turn into fats if you are eating a high-fat diet like a Paleo diet and eat carbohydrates the body will immediately start burning those carbohydrates and store the fat and the meat that’s why the paleo folks hate carbs make you fat no they don’t the carbohydrates make you store the fat in the meat that you’re eating that’s what makes you fat but if you eat the carbohydrates you’ll burn that off as heat it’s wonderful that you came I hope this has been informative for you keep supporting the BSA Mahalo to all of you for coming tonight have a safe return home tonight everyone [Music] you [Music] you [Music]


  1. I'm confused on where you draw the line in what you can and can't kill. I know killing animals is wrong, and I know that killing plants isn't considered wrong, but what about the microorganisms? So, we can switch out fish for algae but aren't algae every bit alive as fish? Only difference is that they are a lot smaller. I just don't know what is morally right or wrong anymore. What about all this evidence showing that plants are very much alive, just on a slightly different plane of existence to us. I mean, only because animals are more closely related to us than the other life forces I mentioned, means that they get to live and the others don't? Sounds so fucked up to me. Why should I even bother continuing to be a Vegan, I might as well just accept it that we are all killers -.-

  2. dear Doctor! Thank You for the enlightening thoughts! Still, Over here is Hungary doctors say You have to eat kolin via eggs to have intelligent babies along with omega 3, of Course. how would You adress these doctors?

  3. Our brain needs cholesterin , our veins need cholesterin….how about gelo,they say our veins need it,please answer

  4. Good morning Dr I put my husband on on the diet because he have prostate cancer stage for we have a big argument every day because he eat candy drink a coffee I'll relationship going down the drain please give me an advice what to do with him
    Thank you

  5. Speaking of energy drink he drink energy drink and then he work out and then he eat ice cream I don't know please help me he doesn't help me when he's diet what we supposed to do together

  6. So, Dr. Klapper we don't have to eat Raw food only? I am struggling with weight gain after 5 months vegan.
    Do you have a video of what we should be eating and how much? I am a 58 yr old female, I am starting to see thinner hair, was thin before, I think I'm still going through detox also.

  7. I think this iodine talk is a load of nonsense. There are long term tests that show that 1 to 3 mg Iodine a day would be optimal.
    I took, on more than one ocassion, by way of Lugol's Solution, up to 200 mg. AM I SUICIDAL or what. No, I did not die, just some headache that went away.
    Do not get scared of iodine, it is very necessary nowadays.

  8. Ketosis is not really an issue if you do a water fast (for a reasonable amount of time, even 40 days are not damaging from what I have gathered). But otherwise, fat gets burned even when you are not in ketosis, as your body tries to rid itself of excessive amounts. It's the ketogenic diat and ketosis in conjunction that are troubling.

  9. Carnivores eat once every few days, but they are on ketosis. Meaning: carnivores are in ketosis, we should not be, save from water fast related ketosis.

  10. Just a thought: if you eat overmuch carbohydrates, it is most likely that the kidneys will just excrete the glucose (I have no clue as to whether they can do said thing with fructose).

  11. Dr. Klaper, you are AMAZING!!! Thank you so much. You are inspiring, motivating and so right! Thanks 🙏🏼

  12. Dr you are a god send. Thank you for all of your positive healing and good health.
    God Bless you.🙏

  13. I wish I was younger but I have to start eating better at some point I’m in my 50s a big guy and way overweight like 5’8” and 259lbs I eat a lot of burgers and ice cream. My penis has issues re ED and heart problems as well as big trouble in my colon

  14. Lol, consulted with NASA about diets for colonists on the moon and Mars? When will NASA stop their nonsense?

  15. Even Dr. Kalper admits that during the Paleo period the humanoids ate meat when they could kill it. No one denies the need for fruits, nuts and lots of vegetables in one's diet. It is just the fact that some meat is also part of a healthy and natural diet. The absents of any one of these results in problems. The presents of all 4 makes for a robust, natural and healthy diet.

  16. Kale isn't healthy for the thyroid. Kale is rich in glucosinolates. Glucosinates form a substance called goitrin that can suppress the function of the thyroid gland by interfering with iodine uptake. Many people today are low key iodine deficient already.

  17. Love this presentation. I'm French and I wish I could add French subtitles to this video, so my friends can watch it too !

  18. My lung Cancer Metastasised and spread too other organs, thai peppers from local farmboy grocery store saved my life. I had too eat 6 a day and boy are they hot but in a single day of treatment you feal a noticeable difference in your over-all health and keep going with the spicy treatment. spicy Thai chilli peppers are allot more effective than any thing you hear about on youtube just look at how low cancer rates are in thai land. Dont trust the baking soda bullshit or mixing cottage cheese and flaxseed oil in a blender they dont work. B17 is not effective enough for cancer too trust your life too it i've tried. I even tried heated oil from indica plants and it didn't do a bit of good as far as i could tell. These small red Thai Peppers are the Cure too Cancer! Stay away from Dairy and Soda if you Have cancer currently! my lung cancer metastasised back in 2007 and i never went too hospital for treatment. I swear too you im telling the truth!!!!!!

  19. wish he would tell us the name of the vit tablet he recomends and not leave us knowing that is is good but go find it

  20. Coffee enemas are good thing to put in with the all vegan diet to get rid of toxic waste and to heal the body…

  21. I use low sodium iodined salt to get my iodine. Way less sodium, quite some potassium, enough iodine. The sea stuff isn't good available here and oftenyou don't know how much iodine you get from it. You could overdose per accident.

    I wonder how many people have an EPA/ DHA shortage, because I hardly ate fish before eating plantbased and certainly never ate flax seeds or something similar. I know so many people who are like that. Never eating fish or other omega 3 sources.

  22. Neanderthals are from the northern hemisphere not from Africa. Homo sapiens are from Africa. Please visit Africa before talking about anthropology. Neanderthals are not what we refer to as humans. They inter bred with homo sapiens in order to produce Caucasians. I just want to give acurate scientific information. Also lots of animals and humans have fat as their primary source of fuel. Bears, inuits etc. We are omnivores not herbivores. Yes some people do have longer canines. We are not even able to break down plant cellulose like cows and goats can..

  23. Meharry Medical College, class of 1991 : thanks for an actual integrated biochemistry of Nutrition course.

  24. It's funny that he says for the taste of flesh but we really dont know what it taste like because they are pumped with salt and condiments. I have now been trying to change my ways and its been 3 weeks that I stopped eating meat and processed food. Except cheese. Im struggling there. I will tell you though I feel so much better and have already dropped 7 lbs. I am also sleeping so much better. I hope to be able to continue. I can tell you about what he says about children is so true. I work with children they refuse fruits and veg. They'd rather starve. So sad.

  25. Dr. Klaper is the best speaker for Whole Food Plant Based Diets of anyone I've ever heard. I"ve worked in hospitals and clinics for almost 40 years. I have seen people get worse and worse following their doctor's prescriptions. Doctors to this day (2018) still never tell their patients about nutritional alternatives. More and more doctors themselves are turning to Whole Food Plant Based diets but not telling this to their patients. My son was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. His doctor told me that all of these patient's eventually get cancer of the colon and die. My son when Whole Food Plant Based with no oil, salt,sugar and they now took this diagnosis off his problem list because they could not find it on his colonoscopy any longer.

  26. Well, I pretty much know now how to master my vegan diet, and heal my thyroid. Michael is the best speaker yet! Thank you so much!

  27. Insane fuck, wants the whole world to follow his diet or he will judge everyone, tries to create connotations between eating meat and destroying the environment the "our children's future", so that later they can start enforcing draconian laws against meat eaters because they are "criminals".

    Look into the research on beta hydroxybutyrate, they are finding amazing this about it, it prolongs life as seen in rats, downregulates mTOR, IGF-1 etc etc… Ketogenic diet is High fat LOW PROTEIN because high protein is converted into glucose which kicks you out of keto. This guy is a fucking bigot and an idiot, too fanatical to be objective.

  28. DO NOT GET IODIZED SALT!!! That iodine is a industry waste product and is actually harmfull instead of good for your body. The same way fluorid is an industry waste. Go for some Kelp (tablets or powder) as it is a natural source of Iodine. For salt go with himalayan salt / stone salt from Pakistan, Salt Range etc. No table salt! No industry NaCl !

  29. I'm 47 and i haven't had ANY animal food in 40 years. I'm a bodybuilder here at Gold's Venice. I NEVER had any medical condition and have NEVER been sick of deficient of anything. Last time i had a cold was in 1997. Go Vegan Today!!! The clock is ticking.

  30. Elaine Amphlett I think this guy is one of the best speakers the vegan movement has, always interesting. Check more here: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/elaine-amphlett #ElaineAmphlett

  31. This is one of the most important lectures on the plant-based vs. the paleo diet, I've ever heard! For any family who has cancer in the family already, all paleo is doing is playing Russian Roulette and the chances of avoiding the bullet continuing to play the game. The same is true if it is diabetes, arthritis, leaky gut, heart disease, high blood pressure.

  32. Paleo is not a "meat" diet. It involves meat, yes but any serious minded practitioner of it knows it is a "fat" diet. That said, while my brain fog cleared the honeymoon hasn't been without its fights.

    I prefer plants. I've missed my beans actually. In my search I've come to realize a few things. Meat eating probably should be mostly separate from carbs. As this MD said it should probably be a special event and fasting and "Carb'ing" should have their time too.

    I refuse (at this moment in my search) to believe that we are herbivores though I agree with this guy that meats are not an everyday thing.

    Another trouble is that meat eaters generally don't respect the animal by eating the whole of it. Organs for instance are more nutritious than the muscle. People will roast a chicken but through out all that nutritious bones and skin and not make a bone broth. I wonder if adding a little but of that good glycerol to those bean soups would be a much more balanced thing.

    Everything this guy said is accurate but in "paleo" times we did in fact hunt. We fasted and we rummaged. So my wonder is how to combine all thought and seek the advantage of them all.

    Plus, maybe it is good to get slightly fat only to fast. Our GI tract needs its breaks. I've all but abandoned the 3 meal a day idea. I see my cats don't eat that way and it just doesn't make sense to me in terms of an animalistic idea.

    But I'm intrigued. I'd like to play around with beans, potatoes and grains again. I truly missed them and honestly, I'd like to enjoy them more than with the occasional binge where I eat way "unclean." But, alas, I'd like to understand more.

    For the last few days I've looked at the veggie crowd's arguments and I'm not bowled over except by the the no dairy arguments which I kinda already knew. I like that this doctor dabbled a little in science. We need more of that to compel me to believe in his path.

    Again, true paleo people are looking for foods which are "nutrient dense" like veggies. My last thought is that if a hunter gatherer bagged a kill, they would be keenly aware that it was time to make hay while sun shines. That means they probably would eat of it all day, gain fat, eat it before it rotted and in essence "celebrate."

    So I'd like to know more about vegetarianism. At this point, I'm not giving up my eggs and meats but I'm truly curious and I never thought I'd be.

    Hats off to the good doc. Thank God these doctors are starting to wake up. I'm so sick of needing to learn medicine because you all decided you were above understanding nutrition. I always said there is a reason they call it "your practice." It just sucks now at 44, I really could have used your help at 28 years old.

    So please, keep moving in this direction. Good stuff. And not just anecdotal – "these are not canine teeth" arguments please. Trust me. I can understand your mitochondria lectures. I truly want to understand so I can just focus on my job while you do yours. I never wanted to be aa doctor. All of your ineptitude forced me to learn and it sucks. Man up. I wasted 15 years.

  33. Thank you Dr. Klaper for putting together all the missing pieces to the puzzle for me about how our bodies become trained to eat meat from childhood. After your lecture it should become clear to anyone seeking to subsist on a plant based diet that they can do it and for some people, the transition may need to be done over tIme. As an allied medical professional, over the past five years, I gradually began cutting down on meat and fowl because I distrusted the safety of the foods and at the same time became more aware of the inhumanity the animals were subjected to. I also began to avoid fish and other products of the sea as I became aware of not only the toxins, but of the plastics they were ingesting, until I stopped eating seafood altogether. I am struggling with a few remnants of my past diet, namely, butter, eggs, and half and half for my coffee. I am not all plant based, yet but I the past 3 years my blood lab results are 95% improved. As my doctor said, you are the poster child patient , you are getting better. I keep listening to videos by the leaders in this movement like Drs. Kleper, T. Colin Campbell, Caldwell Esselstyn, J. McDougall, J. Fuhrman, Milton Mills, Pamela Popper, an authoritarians “like Brenda Davis…there are others, too.
    I don’t need to be convinced, I just need to commit a little more, I do not beat myself up. For 3 months I was able to give up those three items. I have eliminated other dairy products like cheese and oils. I am only human, and I see the dangers of dairy products, and of caffeine. I will release them from my palate when I am ready. In the meantime, I feed my mind regularly with the knowledge to keep this goal foremost in my mind, to grow totally committed to plant based nutrition. The film Knives Over Forks started me on this journey, and reading The China Study. The film lead me into a view multitude of other documentaries like Cowspiracy and most recently, What the Health, as well as every night I look up YouTube videos by the aforementioned people. But this lecture by Dr. Klaper tied up all the missing pieces for me and unified all those previous lectures an$ documentaries I have been studying. It is the most important work you are all doing to raise our awareness of this need to move to a plant based is what will save us but will save our planet, Gaia. Thank you.

  34. What makes a carrot YELLOW? 35:25 What's he talking about yellow? Where do you get yellow carrots? m'm something's wrong here?

  35. I do Whole Food plant-based but I definitely eat coconut oil organic olive oil Himalayan sea salt Celtic Sea salt and I'm not giving up well and salt I don't do refined sugar raw organic honey

  36. I'm sure the AMA and big Pharma do not like the fact that a whole food plant-based diet can cure all these diseases lifestyle diseases but they are counting on people not willing to change their lifestyle and they just prefer to eat the same crap and take medication it's very sad but they're addicted it's a meat and Dairy sugar addiction AKA food addiction

  37. The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off. I worry
    about when a population becomes distracted by trivia, people who put
    junk culture on a pedestal when its a tool to distract for the people.
    Meanwhile, the face of our planet, the biosphere, is being sharply
    changed by man, destroyed by "psychopaths" corporations, people die
    every day and the world goes on like nothing happened.

    The perfect dictatorship would have the appearance of democracy, a prison
    without walls in which the prisoners would not dream of escape. A system
    of slavery where, through consumption (Apple, Rolex, Nike, Johnnie
    Walker, Armani, Ferrari, Louis Vuitton…) and entertainment (Marvel,
    Disney, NFL, Star Wars, Adele, NBA, Pokemon GO, Game of Thrones,
    UEFA…), slaves would love their servitude (producing dictatorship
    without tears, a kind of painless concentration camp for entire
    societies). That system is our enemy. It is all around us. It is the
    world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth (a
    prison that you cannot taste or see or touch, a prison for your mind).

    This system organizes our economy, our politics, our habits, our lives, and
    even provides us with rates and credit cards and gives us the appearance
    of happiness. And this seems to be the final revolution. You've felt it
    your entire life, that there's something wrong with the world, but
    accepted as normal (wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it). Like
    everyone else you were born into bondage. It seems that we have been
    born only to consume and to consume, and when we can no longer consume,
    we have a feeling of frustration, and we suffer from poverty, and we are
    auto-marginalized. And many are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on
    the system, that they will fight to protect it.That's how it is with
    people – nobody cares how it works as long as it works. I only hope we
    understand that reason before it's too late. Fact is that when we are
    mesmerized by someone (corporations) we lose all sense of analysis and

  38. Nobody sees a problem with using science to disprove science? It is all probably wrong. Science is a mistake! Nature is the only healthy way to go.

  39. Been Vegan under a year (8 months?), loving it but still finding my way. Started The Starch Solution with Dr.Mcdougall…feels great ..But Dr.Klapper..WOW..this was so informative . Excellant. Love Both Doctors. This should be taught in schools very early. Thank you for this post, I learned a lot.

  40. I hear you Michael and now thrive on a Whole Food Plant based diet. I feel better, I did not get sick (not even a cold) have less time for meals to cook and I pay less for more foods and tastes. Thank you!

  41. I suffer with UC and I never thought I’d have such a keen interest with diet, I started a plant based diet yesterday. Cannot wait for results!

  42. What is the exact name/manufacturer of the vitamin you take without the dangerous compounds? Have been looking and can't find one anywhere. Please share!

  43. I love this presentation. It cuts to the chase. I learned a lot. Best of all it's information I can use. Thank you for sharing.

  44. https://youtu.be/IvlaQJImt9w?t=5723
    I'm confused. What happened to Lipogenesis? "Lipogenesis is the process by which acetyl-CoA is converted to triglycerides (i.e., fat).[1] Acetyl-CoA is an organic compound mainly used to transfer to other compounds the energy obtained by the breakdown of nutrients such as carbohydrates, fatty acids, and ethanol."(Wikipedia) So what does he mean by saying the body cannot convert glucose to fat? My understanding was that excess energy from glucose is stored as fat and used in a fasted state later. Can someone please explain? Thanks!

  45. Brilliant talk by a very open, nice guy. I wish someone had explained even half of this to me thirty years ago. My instincts have led me to avoid the very worst of what our society throws at us in terms of food. Now I know why my instincts were for the most part correct.

  46. For those of you wondering what the vitamins he recommends are, they're Dr. Fuhrman's, at this writing $48 for a two-month supply on amazon.

  47. For years I was asking my doctors about the best diet to help me have better numbers, but they probably didn't know about Plant Base Diet. I have been a Vegan for three month and now my numbers read NORMAL. Horay!!!!
    My task now is to let them know!

  48. I pretty much agree with Dr. Klaper except when he gets to the part that we are not designed to eat animal flesh. That's absolute nonsense. We don't have the intestines of pure plant eating Gorillas or Monkeys. We lost most of our large intestine therefore we can't hindgut ferment cellulose. We don't have the stomach structure of herbivores and therefore can't break down cellulose following that method. And let's see you find plant matter in the midwest or further north during six months of the year? You can't. During that period Paleo man ate meat. And during that six month period we sure did have a freezer to store meat between hunts. It's called the great cold outdoors. Our problem is we simply eat too much meat, fat, salt, sugar and oils. And one more thing. Where in the world does Dr. Klaper get the idea that Paleo is ketosis? That just isn't so, and he's showing ignorance of another way of eating. It's obvious he hasn't done his research and that will make Paleo people and others throw out all his good points when they hear such nonsense.

  49. We're getting all kinds of great results!
    We'd love to have you come along on the journey with us!


  50. This presentation is just as cherry picked and misleading as the presentations by the paleo followers. Like someone else said, this information is biased and incomplete. Our ancestors were not vegans. They ate less animal flesh then we do today but they did eat it. Small animals, bird eggs etc. The idea that choline is bad for you is nonsense. Choline is has been determined to be an essential nutrient. Most traditional diets make some use of small amounts of animal foods/products for very good reasons. As for B12, our ancestors DID in fact get their B12 from animal foods. They were NOT vegans. Total veganism is modern concept.

  51. In the very end ,he sayd the body cannot store excess carbohydrates into fats? Not following here? He must know about the convertion of glucose to triglycerides so what does he mean with this?

  52. This really was a very informative and enjoyable presentation. However, we need to help Dr Klaper better understand "global warming", which is another one of the great scams of the century. People need to look up from their phones are realise the big tic-tac-toe board above is blatant evidence of an extremely sinister programme: Stratospheric Aerosol Injection". This programme is in use worldwide to, among other things, blanket our planet with even more toxic substances to "cool the planet and prohibit global warming". Those chemtrails contain reflective particles that expand and spread out in order to deflect the sun's rays away from the Earth! Please do the research. No sunlight = plants don't grow, people feel gloomy, etc. etc. The substances they contain are also used in conjunction with electromagnetic radiation to manipulate the weather. Weather modification has been around for decades. (See my channel for a few vids). But worst of all, proponents and pushers of global warming, oh sorry, I mean "climate change", cooked the data to attempt to depict a warming planet. It's not warming. When people caught on and the docs were leaked, they changed the term to "climate change" which is crazy because the climate ALWAYS changes…..

    So many people have woken up to the big agri-business nutrition-deprived "food" scam. Let's also wake people up about the conscious destruction of our planet through this invention of "global warming".

  53. I do love Dr Klaper & his in depth advice, however he has contradicted himself in part of this video…So I'm hoping someone here will be able to help me out! He states not to use Kelp tablets as kelp has too much Iodine, however on his multivitamin list….its listed Iodine (Kelp)? Also he states not to take B12 the same day as Iodine (sea veg) as it has a structure similiar which will block the real B12 absorption, however both are listed on the multivitamin list? I'm trying to sort my vitamin tablets out to be balanced & am now confused! Help! 🤯

  54. what a freaking idiot. Vegetarianism is the biggest contributor to illness today. These atheist hippies are making money on all these supplements and crazy food requirements. Just eat meat to supply our crucial food requirements.
    Vegetables sit in the system for days, while meat speeds through in less than an hour because our bodies are made to digest meat, not plants.

  55. I would find it hard to eat the variety of fruit, veg and legumes to get all the nutrients i need. Does anybody have a simple one meal preparation that covers all the nutrients that I can start with to make the move to a plant based diet?

  56. Very good info. Thanks Dr. Keep up the good work and let these hardheaded meateaters know meat is dead and so r they when eaten. Plants r excellent and I love it. I am 73 yrs.and do everything now as I did when I was 25 yrs. Old. Thanks again.

  57. Why do some speakers want us to distrust the government and the food companies and big farm companies but they want us to trust the supplement companies?

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