What is a Defibrillator? | First Aid

So, this is a defibrillator. They come in all sorts
of shapes and sizes, but they all work pretty
much the same way. Why they are important? Because they can shock your heart back into it’s normal rhythm. So, if you have a cardiac
arrest in the community, your chances of survival
are only about 6%. If you can get a
defibrillator on the chest, along with quality CPR,
within three minutes of that person being
unconscious and not breathing, the odds jump from 6% to 74%. That’s huge. So, that’s why these are
out in the community. They are for you to use. You will see the lightning
flash across a heart. So, it’s a green heart with
a lightning flash across it. And you will see these, probably in a box. And they are for you to
grab and take if you know that somebody is unconscious
and not breathing. Or if you suspect that they
are having a heart attack. So, the quicker you can deploy these, the better for that person. So, what happens is,
these don’t jump start, like jump starting a car. They reboot, like rebooting a computer. So, what they are doing
is stopping the heart, so that you hearts back up
system can knock the heart back into the correct sinus rhythm. That’s why speed is of the essence. You want to get these on the heart whilst you’ve still got the
maximum electrical activity within the heart. If the heart’s got to the
point where it’s not beating and doing anything properly
anymore, and if it’s, certainly, if it’s gotten to (beeping),
it’s too late in the community. That’s why, get these quickly. They are very simple to
use and they speak to you. They speak to you and tell you what to do. – [Defibrillator] Call for help. Remove pads from package in back of unit. Apply pads to patients
bare chest as shown. – Okay. We won’t go any further
because this is a real one. Once I’ve ripped these
pads open and applied them to the casualties chest as shown. So, one here and one
here to give the shock across the chest. It will say, analysing heart rhythm. And then it will say, shock
advised or no shock advised. If it says shock advised, it will say, press the orange button now. Stand clear. So, what you would then do is
check no one’s touching them. Shout, stand clear. Press the orange button
and then resume your CPR. It’s essential that you
are using a defibrillator alongside quality CPR. Because the CPR,
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, pushing on the chest, breathing into them is what is keeping the heart and the brain full of oxygenated blood. When you’re pushing on the
chest, you’re being the heart. And when you’re breathing into
them, you’re being the lungs. You’re being a heart and lung machine. And combine that with a
defibrillator and you are giving somebody the very
best chance of survival.

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