What is a Physician Associate?

when we started there was just so many questions what’s a PA what like who don’t get it why who basically is what was going on but now I introduced myself as like on one of the piers of like oh cool then you can come do this yes oh that’s great yeah it’s someone with a generalist medical education and we’re trained to see patients and diagnose and treat so we work within the team so and rubicund of the doctor we make such a big difference it’s definitely to supplement the team and to give people like nurses or other allied health professionals that if they need to ask questions or if they need blood taking or the bits and pieces telling us more stuff available with the skill to do the placements being in different areas is really good I thought I found personally because you get to experience completely different sorts of patients different sorts of diseases illnesses more deprived areas less deprived areas I based on the oncology ward over at Castle Hill at the moment so that’s the full day on a Wednesday and in the morning that involves having teaching with my supervisor who gets us go onto the walls with her or have sort of theoretical teaching just varies really depending on what our learning needs are and what we’re doing at the moment then I’ll curriculum currently I’m doing my elective and it’s within their see HCP which is a primary care provider and one of the main reasons why I went with the HCP is I got the opportunity to do different things so if I want to do I could do a couple of days in sexual health and palliative care so an urgent care as well dharma my elective knows well and antonym pediatrics so and the majority of my day is spent on the general ward so and that’s a whole Royal so my day-to-day tasks include doing the ward rounds yeah involved in the handover afterwards any jobs that I can do and in the afternoon there’s the pediatric assessment unit and I go and see children there that I referred from either GP or emergency departments primary care I tend to see the same day acute patients so people that phone at the surgery in the morning with a problem that needs to be sorted I see them by myself initially and then I go and see my GP for that my supervisor and we discuss a management plan and it’s a great way of learning because you see the case in front of you and oh you can best formulate a diagnosis I think you really build a good relationship like I’ve built a really good relationship with my supervisor and it’s very trusting it’s it’s also quite friendly as well you know she’s there for pastoral support as well Holyoke is wonderful middle schools to stop placement really really early compared to a lot of other schools you just start from day one really you start in knowing how to talk to patients you learn the consultation style and then by the time you know you get your second year you have your own consultation style they focus a lot on communication skills here so we have simulated patients so actors that comment take a case and we do a consultation with them we have a video link and then you get feedback from everybody in the group the reason that I was attracted to the course at Holyoke was due to the learning for the problem-based learning that we do so that’s why I think we were groups of about ten and then we would get like some virtual patients in the form of an iBook on our iPads and we would discuss the case there’ll be a person leading up and we would be supervised by a doctor and so we had a GP and supervising us every placement not to go on I seem to enjoy it and regardless as I’ve come on the course I think as you see the different specialities it really opens your mind or at what is available out there what you’re particularly interested in and just I think building on just so many skills that are applicable to just life in general like team working also leadership within your own right I think maintaining trust building trust with the people you work with with the patients with your peers if you really want to be in the medical environment if you’ve got that drive to be that and if you’re incredibly hard-working I think the PA course is just it’s no effect for that kind of mindset yeah if you enjoy you know making a difference to where you are working I think it’s the perfect role team [Music] you


  1. If they have the ability to prescribe, would they technically be like a doctor? I know, they wouldn’t be titled as doctors officially but if they can one day prescribe then aren’t they extremely similarly?

  2. Which undergraduate course would you say is best for preparing you for post grad physician associate course ?

  3. Hi my name is mohanaraghavi I am now internship student under mgr university in India ,tamilnadu .after 6month i will complete my internship .after that I am planning to get job in us, uk Arabia, what all process are there to come from india to get job in other country

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