What is Addiction?

the one thing that I want to emphasize is that when we're talking about addiction we're talking about a behavioral disorder so the main core feature of this is behavior around the substance so it's not just the use of the substance is how someone's using it and what impacts the use and how they're using it has on their lives so what is addiction or what do we mean when we say addiction and substance use disorders what we mean basically is that the words are synonymous as we think about them now so substance use disorder is considered the same as addiction when we're talking about this we're talking about a chronic progressive behavioral disorder whose central feature is compulsive drug use despite concept despite adverse consequences so the the pathophysiology of addiction is fundamentally rooted in the brain's reward system and alterations that in these systems caused by chronic drug use as I mentioned addiction is synonymous with substance use disorder and this has evolved these definitions have evolved so it's good to kind of explain what we're talking about because you may hear people use older terms to represent this and you may hear people using terms interchangeably

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