What Is CoQ10? | Health Supplements

So, what do you need to know about CoQ10? First of all CoQ10 is an anti-oxidant. It’s a great anti-oxidant. It’s been shown to be cardioprotective, so
it’s good for your heart. The thing is, a lot of people, nowadays, are
taking things to lower cholesterol. And when you take a Statin drug, like a Lipitor,
or what have you, or any of the other Statin drugs to lower cholesterol, when you’re doing‚Ķ
when you’re taking a product like that, you’re trying to lower the cholesterol to protect
your heart, so you don’t, God forbid, have a heart attack. The thing is, a Statin drug lowers your natural
production of CoQ10. So, that’s a cardioprotective antioxidant
that is being decreased because you’re taking a product to lower cholesterol, to protect
your heart. So, my point is this: take a CoQ10 supplement
definitely, if you’re going to be taking a Statin drug to lower cholesterol. Because I think that you want to make sure
your CoQ10 levels are as high as you can, to be as more cardioprotected as possible.


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