What is Family ? Community Medicine

hi welcome to AVM review today’s topic is family this video is based on the medicine and social sciences chapter on the past textbook of community medicine we all know what family is but how can i define it family is a group of individuals related by birth marriage or adoption living together under the same roof and eating from the same kitchen what is family cycle it is the cycle of changes that occur in the lifetime of a family it comes as of six stages formation extension complete extension contraction complete contraction and dissolution the formation stage starts at marriage and ends with the birth of the first set the extension says such iran and ends with the birth of the last child next comes the complete extinction series it first starts with the birth of the last child and ends with the L when the eldest child leaves home next is the contraction stage it begins here on and ends when the last child leaves home then comes the complete contraction stage which ends with the death of either one of the couple finally there is the dissolution seeds with ends with the death of the other partner next we come to the types of families first is the nuclear family it is also known as elementary family it consists of a married couple and their dependent children the husband here plays the dominant role in the household the husband wife relation is more intimate in the nuclear families than the joint family next is the three generation family it consists of a household where relatives of three generations recite the rhythm it is common in Western cultures and usually occurs when young couples are unable to find separate housing accommodation and continue to live with their parents and have their own children finally there is the joint or extended family it comes with it’s common in India Middle East and Far East mainly in agricultural area the Orthodox Hindu family is a joint family all the men are related by birth by blood the woman in the household are their wives daughters on widows all Socrates is held in common the whole income goes to the common family path a dominant lineal male is considered the head of the family and familial relations are given priority above my ideal relations finally we come to some lesser known types of families communal family is one way all numbers play a minor role in the management of the family and there is no senior dominance meaning a Brock broken family is one where both parents have separated or death has occurred to one or both the parents children were victims of broken families have shown signs of psychopathic behavior immature personality and even retarded growth finally there is the problem family it consists of those families which lag behind the rest of the community here the standards of life are far below the accepted minimum and parents are unable to meet the physical and emotional needs of the children this brings us to the end of this video you can also watch the other videos in this channel the link is available right here guys thank you for watching this video please be sure to like share and subscribe if you like our work you can also suggest us topics to do videos on by commenting on the section below bye bye and happy learning you [Music]


  1. Very nice information sir.thank you. Is the definition from Park and please tell me the exact difference between joint family and three generation family. Thnx

  2. Please make a video on history taking in community medicine and environment lecture. The best thing about your videos are that they are small concise animated and really effective. Thnx

  3. Please make a video on history taking in community medicine and environment lecture. The best thing about your videos are that they are small concise animated and really effective. Thnx

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