What Is First Aid Treatment for an Eye Injury? – Natalie Shum, MD – Emergency Medicine

– There’s a lot of eye
injuries over the summer, whether that’s, usually
it’s a contact injury like a chemical conjunctivitis, which for the layperson means there’s some kind of chemical irritant that’s entered into the eye, and it’s causing a lot of pain and redness in the conjunctive, or the
white, part of the eye. Most commonly is sunscreen
going into your children’s eyes. So in the event that that occurs, the most important thing is
copious irrigation of the eye. So that means getting that child and flushing the eye, even
with tap water is fine. If the child can’t tolerate
the feeling of the water you may need to come to the emergency room so that we can do a topical
anesthetic to numb the eye, and we’ll continuously irrigate the eye until all of the chemical is out. What’s even better about
coming to the emergency room is we can look, essentially
with a microscope, and make sure there’s no corneal injury, no retained foreign body. Make sure the vision is still intact, and there’s no problem, no
further damage to the eye beyond just the topical irritation.

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