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intermittent fasting hey everyone I’m Tracy Lockwood Beckerman I’m a registered dietician in New York City and it’s my job to help you figure out what to eat and why today we’re talking about a topic getting a ton of attention recently intermittent fasting intermittent has a key I hear it but people don’t pronounce it is is getting a lot of hype but there are also legit concerns about how healthy it actually is I’ll help you set the record straight on this episode of you vs. food intermittent fasting is a diet in which people fast for a specific period of time at some point in their schedule it’s a cycle of fasting and then eating and does not concentrate on what you eat but rather when you eat to 16/8 method where you fast for 16 hours and eat for 8 hours the 5:2 method where you fast for 2 days of the week restricting your caloric intake to between five and six hundred calories for the day you eat only 500 calories that’s like that you’d stop eat method where you don’t eat for 24 hours for one or two days during the week eat stop eat during the fast you are allowed water coffee and non-caloric beverages but no solid food alternate day fasting where you fast every other day one day you don’t gather the other day eating 500 calories during the fasting days this is thought to be very extreme not for beginners and is not recommended for many people and finally the warrior diet when you fast during the day I need a big meal at night the warrior diet on the warrior diet you are allowed to consume raw fruits and veggies during the day and eat most of your food in a four-hour window at night I’m tiny tiny window it emphasizes food choices similar to the Paleo diet whole unprocessed foods that resemble what they look like in nature [Music] ayat has been touted for being able to help with brain and heart health reduce your risk of disease promote weight loss and manage insulin levels but most of these studies have been done on rats and the human studies were done on young healthy men and postmenopausal women a study on the 5:2 method that’s fasting two days a week helped participants lose weight and improve health markers it was compared against simply reducing overall calories by 20% and both approaches actually had similar results it’s also worth noting that when studies have shown weight loss as a result of intermittent fasting it’s because I have helped subjects reduce their overall food intake so that pretty much makes sense to lose weight a big drawback is that restricting your food intake this way can easily lead to disordered eating in some people especially for folks with a history of disordered eating this extreme eating plan can definitely inspire some obsessive thoughts about food there’s also some evidence that women might not benefit as much from is as men studies have found that some women’s menstrual periods stopped after starting if’ and that their cycles return to normal when they resumed a regular eating pattern first and foremost work with a doctor or a registered dietician if you’re interested in this diet a professional should be your number one resource here not Google not even this video everyone is different and pros can help you with an individualized plan other big pointers for intermittent fasting if’ is not technically an overall calorie reduction to your diet just different timing to the calories you do eat make sure to eat well balanced properly portioned and well time meals when you do eat think lean proteins healthy fats vegetables and starch and legumes to give your body slow-burning nutrition throughout your fast if you do want to do it I urge you to listen to your body and pay attention to how it if you’re feeling faint or dizzy when fasting or you no longer men straight after beginning in German fasting it’s probably not right for you I F should be fitting into your lifestyle and not the other way around customize your fasting and eating windows to weave into your day-to-day routine some studies on if’ are promising it may be effective as a way to be more mindful about your overall food consumption but will need a lot more long-term research on it especially on women before more conclusions can be made see you next time for another episode of you vs. food coming this fall in term in Fast and the Furious [Laughter]


  1. I've been wanting to try this Fasting but I'm concerned about how healthy it is due to me being so Gassy. 🙈 Thanks for this Great information as always. 💜

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