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what is combo Bannerman’s is having a tradition in different tribes where it’s been used as a medicine and but as well as remedies for cleansing energy yeah so I think combo can do you can like you know there’s a lot of people in city lights that are disconnected from spirit and you can see you know it weighs them down so many people have anxiety and depression just this cloud around them which the indigenous people will call that Ponemah I got to know calm the first time in 2011 and that was nemesis community fear interval without me two different things one of the things where the combo helped me was curing malaria for me there’s some risk and there’s some contraindications but if you do it in the right way in the safe way [Music] after my first session it was the most whole and integrated in my life and my adult life that I’ve ever felt and it to me was miraculous I couldn’t believe that I could feel this good from this we are treating people and all diseases so the everything see but the person is having but the whole whole history not just like the disease or the symptom and for that reason I believe it’s even irresponsible to say convoy’s curing this or that and it’s a medicine as we know it from the pharmacy it’s likely the odd car you go to the survey that leads one here to check the oil signatures and the combo is the same people use it differently and one way how to use the combo is maintain the body and to speak to clean up the things you don’t need anymore and to have the space for the new things to do more create you more productive we put layers on and sometimes it’s trauma sometimes it’s anger sometimes depression and anxiety all these layers keep going going going one of the main things combo does is clear up that ‘pn endless and if we can help detox and help them purge help them realign themselves with their intention in their goals and they’re able to be lifted from that and start to outreach and be more connected with spirit again and their intention and you know and grow from there you all feel the benefits right away and that’s why it’s creating out so quick and so fast what we’re doing here is like we really teach people how to use this machine in the safest way and how to get the more benefits of it for for the people who need it process itself it can be really demanding there is a lot of things can be emotional definitely there is a lot of suffering and with every conversation what is important is integration so what I personal life is to combine with music to music therapy and special ability that can hold the space for you so you have time to realize what just happened to you and to get all the information [Music]


  1. I dont like how you treat the poor frog!!! You must stop tying the legs of the frog in the air… it is so uncomfort and stressful for the animal!! At least you can put the frog in the floor and tie the legs.. is not so uncofort if you put the animal hanging in the air!! it ll cut the circulation and frog feel pain in the articulations in the legs and feel so scare!!!

  2. I’m vegan. If frog have to be treated like that I don’t won’t it. I fast sametime I’m row vegan I’m clean… this is evol

  3. Hey guys! I am on my journey to become a kambo facilitator in Italy for the moment. And yeah. It’s very powerful medicine and I feel moral obligation to share it with people. I really hope the future of this frog is in the good hands. Pashamama🙏🏻🕉❤️🐸

  4. Mother fucker, sons of bitches, ya'll stupid bitches. Why does the frog has to be tied ?. These are fake chamans. Shame on u as paying this ceremony with a frog getting stretched. U and all that crooked cunts mimicking chamans should get fucked by the butthole with those rough sticks. By the way stop advertising, nobody is going to pay a shit to these dumbass. I hope ya'll got worst.

  5. That's the wrong way to extract the poison from the frog. I was in a ceremony where the frog itself offers the medicine.

  6. Phyllomedusa Bicolor, Giant Monkey Frog, Giant Leaf Frog, Kambo. 

    Phyllomedusa bicolor is a nocturnal tree dweller.  They live in the tropical canopy rarely venturing below 10-20 metres above ground level. They never encounter humans other than to be captured for ceremonial and medicinal uses. All Phyllomedusa Bicolor involved in these practices are prisoners awaiting torture. They are being tortured on your behalf, and, in addition, the 'medicine' extracted from Phyllomedusa Bicolor is a narcotic. It causes liver failure, depression of senses often confused as a calmness, it's highly addictive, 4000 times stronger than medical morphine (Heroin). There are 193 different compounds within the serum, each has a very specific impact on the human biome and vital organs. If you smoke tobacco or use alcohol on a regular basis you should avoid Kambo's serum, it will suppress the respiratory system and it will have serious negative impacts on your body.

    Please ask your ceremonial guide to tell you what these compounds are and how dangerous they can be. Please ask the native populations how many of their brothers and sisters die from liver failure and associated chronic symptoms.

    One experience Phyllomedusa bicolor would never naturally endure is being staked out, tied in an ritualistic X pattern then having it's protective serum removed. It is interesting when we consider up to 80% of a any frog's sensory experiences are endermic, felt through the skin, we can absolutely decide that for all Phyllomedusa Bicolor forced to endure this ceremony there is severe pain. If we consider the musculoskeletal configuration of Kambo, we can also accept that both posterior abductor muscles are torn in this ceremony, along with the sartorius and both major and minor gracilis muscles, this is essential, the pain encourages Phyllomedusa to produce peptides and opioids, it is attempting to protect itself.

    So, if the frog is trying to protect itself, and this is beyond question, why are you subjecting a wonderful animal to such immense pain, repeatedly. Why is it that you do not mention the violence inflicted upon this creature.

    Can you also describe the free  life of Phyllomedusa Bicolor, what do they eat, where do they mate, how are their young protected from predation, what is the normal life span, are they endangered, do they appear on the IUCN red list, being 100% nocturnal, can you tell me how they identify each other.

    I will share this with you, a female deicides on her partner, this will be the male with the strongest call. Together they descend from the high jungle canopy to a place they have chosen together, where they then build a nest. The nest is always located above water, a pool normally.

    The nest comprises of carefully folded interlocking leaves, they form a protective sphere for the eggs, both parents, by vigorously rubbing their hind legs together produce a foam, the eggs are deposited in the foam and within 8-12 days develop into tadpoles. Mum and Dad have built an escape hatch for their children, and the children know where it is. Eventually they exit the birth sphere and drop into the pool beneath the nest where they continue development until metamorphosis.

    Please live your life gently, with thought and care for all living things and a full appreciation of what you may leave behind for our future children, remember we do not have dominion……..peace and joy  <3

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