What Is Lyme Disease

according to many infectious disease doctors Lyme disease is an infection caused by a spiral-shaped bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi a very common tick is believed to be the primary carrier of this bug and you can be infected if a tick burrows into your skin while attempting to feed on your blood when the tick feeds it injects Lyme disease bacteria into your skin and blood from there the bacteria drill deeper into tissues attached to the linings of several organ systems and may establish permanent colonies called biofilms your immune system tries to fight off the bacteria those tissues become inflamed and an uneasy truce develops between you and the bacteria that may ultimately become a persisting infection causing chronic disease diagnosis of Lyme disease is a difficult process because the available blood tests are reliably inaccurate the algorithm that doctors rely on for making the diagnosis is convoluted and applicable to only about half of the Lyme disease cases in the country the standard treatment for Lyme disease is a few weeks of antibiotics most often oral doxycycline although many doctors believe that this approach kills the bacteria and cures the infection new research reveals that the bacteria can survive antibiotics and continue to cause disease symptoms long after the antibiotic treatment ends the symptoms may become progressively more debilitating and may be life-threatening unfortunately this may be the disease course for as many as half of everyone who develops Lyme disease in addition to Borrelia ticks harbours other disease-causing microorganisms that can add to the severity of the disease such as the bacteria or Licio and a plasma and bartonella and a malaria like protozoa Babesia and possibly others ticks are also known to carry and transmit at least two viruses that can cause encephalitis a type of brain inflammation it's very unfortunate for Lyme disease patients that the practice of medicine has not kept pace with what we know from published research studies on the nature of the microorganisms responsible for Lyme disease symptoms for example research shows that transmission of disease microbes from tick to humans can happen quickly but many medical and public health professionals insist there's nothing to worry about unless the tick is attached for 36 hours many health professionals insist that people with Lyme disease almost always develop a bullseye rash but in reality only about 1 in 10 victims get it the current medical approach to treatment of Lyme disease assumes that the disease is caused by a single type of bacteria that the infection is short-lived an acute infection and that antibiotics will effectively treat the infection 95% of the time while this is true for about half of those afflicted the reality is that for the other half Lyme disease can become a chronic disabling progressively worsening disease unlike the better known frontal pathogens tick borne bacteria are truly stealth pathogens with remarkable capabilities to invade their hosts evade the immune system survive antibiotics and live on reluctance on the part of many doctors to acknowledge that Lyme disease is much more than a simple infection caused by one bacterium has created an adversarial relationship between people with Lyme disease their positions and the Centers for Disease Control and other public health agencies this is permitted lyme disease to grow to epidemic proportions in New York in the United States and around the globe Lyme disease has truly become a public health crisis one that we at the Lyme Action Network are working to alleviate you


  1. My daughter, now age 23, came home one day at age 4 or 5 with a "black thing" on her chest. As I prepared for her nightly bath I saw it, not knowing I pulled tweezers & removed it. Never thinking bout it again. Well… as time passed, I started noticing "mental disorders" but she was always an outstanding student, the schools said I was "crazy"… the anxiety & panic attacks progressed uncontrollably only at home… school she was still excelling. She had a concussion at age 14, falling from a horse but STILL excelled in school. As a mother I saw signs that preoccupied me but No one seemed to care as she was "perfect" at all she did (dance, cheerleader, mun, asb, yearbook, journalism, honor classes etc. etc.). Then pregnant right after high school graduation (age 18) she was told she suffered from OCD & ACUTE PANIC DISORDER. She lives on her own, with her son ( watch him from 6am to 4pm everyday) she works full time. Now, she has been diagnosed with depression & they think she also has diabetes because she is overweight & her legs swell up, she has extreme sleep disorder, rituals, short term memory loss, mood swings & fears. Could this all be caused by that tick ? Thank you

  2. Very helpful video. I'm wondering, what do you about the possible transmission of this disease through sexual contact?

  3. You guys left out the part detailing its germ warefare origins at Plum Island. Jesse Ventura and the NY Times have covered it.

  4. I have had Chronic Lyme Disease for 20 years now. I do not get a bulls eye rash. I have a standing blood work order because that's the only way I know if I have Lyme Disease. Under our Skin was a very good video. I also have a number of books that I have read. One is called "Why Can't I get Better" written by  Richard Horowitz, MD. This is a very good book, worth every penny!! There are no LLMD in my little state of Rhode Island. I had Lyme the first time for 10 years. in the last 10 years, I have had it 7 times and have gone as long as 3 years without knowing I had it. I suffer from a number of problems, fog brain, swollen legs adema, extreme pain in lower joints some days bad some days not so bad. I had a successful carpentry business and had to shut it down, I am a copy of Under Our Skin, I spent my life savings trying to get better, not much information in 1995, thought I was going out of my mind!! Sorry this is so long but, it struck a nerve when I started reading the posts. No doctors will touch me for fear of them losing their license to practice medicine!!

  5. Wrote a Lyme disease brochure with the help of two Lyme specialists. Will email a copy to anyone interested. God bless, Elaine

  6. NICE! Thanks for the material, although – there's A LOT of people sick, and not knowing english language. Is there a chance that you could add subs? In Poland – it is spreading very fast.

  7. Don't be fooled people – Those on here who discredit this video are no doubt stooges for the CDC- and you can save your breath- I am living proof the blood smear saved my life-

  8. I am a Lyme Advocate/inspirational speaker and this is the best informative video for Lyme Disease I have ever seen – keep up the great work

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