You might as well get on the train of manifestation
mindfulness and meditation. I’m telling you, it works. Peace, beautiful beings. Welcome back to another
video. I have grown to love this beautiful spot outside on my patio, so, hopefully, the
birds and the cicadas and crickets and all of the other outdoor friends will not upstage
my presence in this video today. It just feels really nice to be outdoors right now. So,
today we’re going to be talking about something very special to me, which is manifestation.
I have had many requests to do a video about manifestation for a while now, and I thought
today would be a nice day to sit down, pop the turban on, and get ready to share some
very valuable information to my internet family. Before we jump into the video, a quick shout
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site. I have been using it for a couple of months now. Anytime I feel like I want an
outside opinion, it’s really great that I can just go online and find someone immediately
that I feel I gravitate towards. Especially now that we’ve moved out here, there aren’t
that many psychics and seers that are making themselves known. So, it’s wonderful that
this is there and it can be of service to you, because keen is offering everyone at
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code, that it’s right here, you will get that discount, exclusive to all of my Earth Mama
Medicine family members. So, thank you, again, keen.com, and let’s jump in. All right. So, what is manifestation? The
basic description or definition of manifestation really is bringing about that which is in
here, attracting something into your life, consciously creating something. It is a word
of creation, fundamentally. Consciously creating a life that you desire. And I’m not going
to dive deep into the law of attraction today, because I think the law of attraction is something
that is slightly different than manifestation. Many of you are probably familiar with the
very popular Rhonda Byrne Book called The Secret, and that book is mostly teaching law
of attraction. To me, law of attraction says, I will attract what I want, when manifestation
says, I will attract what I am. The world works in energy, it works in vibration.
Everything that you see is vibrating. I’m vibrating, you’re vibrating, my camera that
I’m using to talk to you with my computer. Everything is vibrating, it’s moving. Nothing
is still. So, let’s think of life as a radio station. If I’m looking for a rock station,
I’m going to go to the rock station, and in return, I will be given rock music. So, if
I want to go to the place in life, if I want to go to the place in the universe where I
have everything that I could ever want and I am living a life of peace and joy and filled
with all of my desires, I must tune in to the station where that is already happening. Sometimes, when I teach about manifestation,
I use the popular Netflix show, Stranger Things as an example. The character, Will Byers,
goes into that alternate dimension that’s just right there beneath that wall in his
house. And that’s it, not show, which is a show of fantasy, but this is actually something
that’s real. We have alternate dimensions, and everything is stacked on top of each other.
So, there is somewhere in the universe, in the multiverse, where, Veladya is living her
best life. I have everything I want, with people, with relationships, with materialistic
things, energy, health, wellbeing. It’s all already perfect. So, to get that life, I’m
going to tune into that station, so that I’m aligned with it. If the radio analogy doesn’t work for you,
let me offer a different way of seeing it. We all have grown up with a relationship or
a lack of relationship with God. God, all knowing spirit, source, whatever word feels
comfortable for you to use. I think, when you’re learning manifestation, it is helpful
for you to recognize that there is some sort of all knowing source. You don’t have to personify
it as a man or a woman or anything like that, with a gender, which I think is ridiculous,
anyway. I think it’s just a force. It is, is, it just, is. And it is all of this. It’s
you, it’s me, it’s the tree, it’s the animals, it’s the wood I’m sitting on, that’s what
it is. It’s God. God is everywhere, it’s within me, I am God. So, if you’re able to resonate with that,
then you can see manifestation as being in alignment with God, being in alignment with
source. So, now, your radio station is tuned in to source. Because source is all. So, when
I am tuned into the magnificent unlimited power of source, I become that. And now, I
am attracting that which I desire. So, when we come to this understanding, we now learn
that every single one of us is capable of attracting that which source can attract,
because we are source. So, going back to vibration and frequency, since the universe works on
energy, vibration and frequency, everything that we think, that we say, that we write,
that we bring into existence, will be. So, when I say, I am poor, or I am broke,
or I am without money, I am putting that into vibration by saying that out loud. And I am
now transmitting that energy out into the universe, and the universe is now going to
cycle that around and bring me back energy of being broke, energy of being poor, energy
of lack. And I will receive more lack because I’m speaking that out into existence. I am
now on that vibration. I’m now tuned into the radio station of lack. Welcome to 105.7,
where we don’t have anything. So, when we remember that we are source, source is not
a force of lack, source is a force of abundance. Source is all, which means that I am all,
which means that I can have all that I desire. By using affirmations, which I talk a lot
about. Affirmations are on all three of my books, which is, one about money, one about
health, and one about love. Because, affirmations are something that I use to bring about manifestation.
Because, I think it can be a little bit daunting or intimidating to think, “Okay, so, in order
to manifest that BMW, I have to be in alignment with God and source at all times.” It doesn’t
have to sound that big. Okay? It can just be embodying what source is, and affirmations
can help that. So, it can be, I am deserving, I deserve to have the money that I want. I’m
a good person, and when I get this money, I’m going to do this, this and that. I’m going
to help this person, I’m going to buy this for my father. I’m going to do this for my
children, because I deserve it. I am healthy, I feel well, I feel strong. These things can help us get a little bit
closer to resonating with the source. And I’ve had many questions from people I’ve worked
with, that have said, “Well, it feels like I’m just blurting out a lie when I’m feeling
really depressed and sad, and I just have to say, I’m happy, I’m happy, I’m happy.”
And that’s only one way of looking at it. We can look at it as a lie, or we can look
at it as choosing a different thought. You’re now choosing a different way to look at your
situation. You are proclaiming that your joy is right around the corner. I am well, I am
uplifted, I am on an upward spiral. Affirmations like that, that will help you begin to build
yourself up. And as you’re speaking it out into vibration,
it is. It is now becoming. So, you are going to start feeling better, even if it feels
super whack at the time. You are creating this vibration. You’re now turning the dial,
looking for the happiness station, even though you’re in the depressed station, you are now
getting that dial moving, by affirming that you deserve to feel better. If the affirmations
aren’t something that you resonate with, then we can go back to God and source energy. Embodying
the energy of God. Embodying the energy of source is a great way to bring about manifestation
in your life. When I say embodying the energy of source, I really mean reflecting the energy
of source, reflecting the character of source, the character of God. And actually, in an ancient Chinese text called
the Tao Te Ching, written by Lao Tzu, it says that our original nature is reflecting God.
And the traits of our original nature are, reverence for all life, gentleness, kindness,
and service to others. That’s it. Reverence for all life, gentleness, kindness, and service
to others. That is our original nature. And as we progress through life, we stray along
the tree branches to other different natures and other characteristics that we adapt. And
that’s okay, it’s all a journey. But our original nature are these four things, gentleness,
kindness, service to others and reverence for all kinds. So, when we can shed away some
of our other learned traits, return back to our original nature, we are now effortlessly
in alignment with source, effortlessly in alignment with God. We are now being Godlike,
source like beings. And when we act this way, there is no doubt that what we desire will
come to us. So, let’s say, you have mastered the art of
a being, God like. You are living in your original nature, all day, every day. You are
in your vortex, as Abraham Hicks says. And now, you’re ready for your manifestations.
We can use different tools other than affirmations, to bring about our manifestations while we
are in our original nature. So, one thing that I love to use is vision boards. I talked
about this in our video about buying our new home. Matt and I made vision boards at the
beginning of this year, and we try to do it every year, in the beginning of the year.
Just basically, sitting down and really putting photos on a board of the things that we want
to manifest for this year. And it doesn’t always have to be materialistic things. Like,
I put a picture of a woman meditating, and underneath it, I just put words like mindfulness
and stuff like that. Meaning, I want to reach a new level of being centered, this year,
in 2019. And then, there are things like plane tickets
on there, I wanted to travel. And then, my house, which we ended up manifesting. Which,
please watch the house video if you want a lesson in manifestation, because that was
freaky. The way that we manifested the exact type of home that we wanted, three houses
down, from the home that I grew up in. It’s unreal, it is real. Watch that video. But,
yeah, manifestation works well when we are imagining our dreams as reality. So, the board
can help because you cut out pictures in magazines of things that you want or you print them
out, which is what I like to do, because I want to get really, really specific. The universe
likes specificity. So, it’s best not to say, “I want to be happy this year.” No. What are the things that you think will make
you happy? Get down to the specifics. “I want to travel to Barbados in December.” Boom,
it’s there. That’s how specific you need to get. “I want a house with three bedrooms and
two bathrooms.” Boom. “I want this certain car that’s going to help me take my children
to school.” Boom. Instead of happiness, now we have specific things that we need. And
vision boards can help us get really specific. And now, you’re passing by it every time you
on your way to the kitchen or you’re going somewhere, wherever you put your board. I
recommend putting it in a place that you see a lot, so that you are constantly reminded
of these specific things. And while you’re acting in your original nature, you have these
specific things in your mind. Something that Emily Fletcher says, who is
the creator of the Ziva method, a really great meditation technique. She says that, “When
you are manifesting, you are placing a cosmic order to the cosmic waitress.” And I really
like looking at it that way. And that’s the way that she teaches about specificity, if
you went to the restaurant and you said that, “I’m really hungry, could you please bring
us some food?” The waiter will ask, “What food would you like?” So, you can’t just say,
“Universe, I need happiness.” Because, it’s a little bit too vague. We need to get specific
on things. So, when you go to the restaurant, you say, “I want the spaghetti with eggplant.”
You don’t just say, “I want food.” And lastly, what I think the most important
part of manifestation is, is meditation. Developing irregular meditation schedule will expedite
anything that you are trying to manifest. And the reason why is, we can say that we
are living in our original nature, we are in alignment with God, we are in alignment
with source. We are tuned in, tapped in and turned on. We are on our radio frequency.
But, those subconscious thoughts that are in the back of your mind, saying, “This stuff
sounds ridiculous, this is all hippy-dippy, this isn’t real, this isn’t going to work,
I don’t deserve this,” blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Those thoughts are strong, they are
loud. And that’s why some people do really well
by naming their subconscious mind. A client of mind said she calls it her lizard brain.
So, she calls it Liz. So, whenever she has those thoughts that are saying, “You don’t
deserve this.” She’s like, “Liz, I need you to be quiet.” It’s nice to separate it from
yourself. But anyway, Liz is strong. So, Liz gets in the way of manifestation. Liz is back
there saying, “You don’t deserve this. This is not even going to work. This is all that
woo-woo, hippy-dippy stuff that you heard Earth Mama Medicine say and it’s not real.
You need to go to work, and you need to get a job, and you need to make that money, and
that’s how you’re going to buy the things that you want to get.” Liz is wrong. Because,
you never ever can expect where abundance is going to come from. The second you expect, is the second that
source surprises you with something completely left field. So, meditation is a way to tell
Liz that she can take a seat in the back. It’s a way for you to calm your nervous system,
for you to lower your cortisol, which is your stress hormone, and for you to start to listen
and be able to control those limiting thoughts. The thoughts that get in the way of you living
the life that you desire. So, when we can develop a practice of mindfulness through
manifestation, and top it off with meditation, you are on track, baby. You are on fire, on
your way to your dreams. I promise you, I have used manifestation for the past four
or five years now, I have manifested amazing things for myself. Disclaimer, this is not
me bragging, this is me trying to inspire you. We left New York City two years ago, we had
no money. We worked our butts off, we sold everything that we owned. We bought a van,
we moved into that van. We traveled around the United States with barely any money, getting
little odd jobs here and there, house sitting, doing whatever we could, living in that van.
We started the YouTube channel. The YouTube channel started to blow up, which created
a stream of revenue. Earth Mama Medicine began to expand, with these manifestation practices.
Now we have a YouTube channel with over 100,000 subscribers. This YouTube channel pays for
our house that we just manifested, which looks exactly like the house we had been dreaming
of, for so long. Before I met my partner, Matt, I was in an abusive relationship that
I felt trapped in. I then became homeless and was living with a crack addict in Harlem,
in a very dangerous and abusive environment. Through my manifestation techniques that are
actually taught in my Affirmations for Manifesting Love book that I will link below, I manifested
the partner of my wildest dreams. The twin flame that I never imagined I could even have
in this lifetime. These techniques work everyone. And I’m telling you right now, doubting yourself
and doubting what I’m saying, could make you feel better, it could make your ego feel better
right now, to make fun of it and to not really embrace it, but it isn’t going to serve you.
You might as well get on the train of manifestation mindfulness and meditation. I’m telling you,
it works. All right, you know that I love that the comment sections of my videos turn
into a little forum where we all help each other and we grow and we share things. Everyone who’s watching that has used manifestation
and it’s worked for you, comment below what you got, comment below how you made it happen,
so that we can help these people who are doubting it, really embrace it. The more people that
know about this, the more our earth will expand with loving and healing energy. So, in the
comments section, please share how you have used manifestation in your life. All right,
everyone, my time is up. And as always, if you resonated with this video, share it with
someone you love, share it with your mother, your father, your aunt and uncle, cousins,
friends, share it on your social media pages. It would mean a lot to me, and I think it
would serve everyone that you know, to share with them tools that could make their lives
a little bit more harmonious. If you learned something from this video, or maybe it just
made you feel good, please hit that Like button down there, it does help my videos get a little
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want to join the Earth Mama Medicine family, we would love to have you, hit that red Subscribe
button down there. Again, thank you to our sponsors, at keen.com. Hey, if you’re starting
your meditation journey off, you might as well kickstart it with a psychic reading,
10 minutes for 1.99, why not? The link is below, use that link so that you can get that
deal. You won’t regret it. Either way, you’re going to get some nice insight into your life.
Thank you again keen, and thank you for being here today. I love you, happy manifesting.


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  31. In the Summer of 2017 (which in my opinion was the best summer for me) During that summer I was taking 6 courses for school (3 for one term, three for another). One thing I journaled about was making straight A's. I've always been a good student but I had yet to get all A's in one college term. I wrote about it and I envisioned being on the dean's list. By the end of the semester I received all A's and got a letter in the mail stating I made it on the dean's list for the Summer term. I also manifested being able to finish college a year early at 20 years old. Manifestation has taught me that your thoughts and actions have to be connected, you can believe and affirm in your mind but you also need to put in the work and show spirit the work you are willing to put in. ❤️

  32. Master manifestation story :
    I had planned a trip to Maui in April & I wanted to go to this certain Luau but I called and they said we are booked for 6 months ahead of time but we will put your name on the list. I told my mom how I was going to manifest our name on the list to be there Saturday June 2nd at the 6:00pm show. She told me okay & that I should book another one. When I got to work the next morning at 8:00am I wrote down on a peice of paper “today Lahaina luau will call me & we will book 3 tickets for Saturday June 2rd at 6:00” that was it. I went on with my day I looked at the paper a couple times (not in a worry or stress just reminder) & at 2:55pm Hawaii called me. The Lahaina luau had someone cancel for SATURDAY JUNE 2nd & I could have the spots !!! We were in the BEST seats in the house & even my mom tells people “ she manifested that “. I haven’t been able to intentionally manifest like that again but a week ago I said I wanted a nice palm tree photo above my bed ( but I never told anyone I just thought it and then that was it) & then a person at work 5 days later gave me a palm tree photo and it’s huge & beautiful. So it works !!!!!!!

  33. I am healthier, happier, have the career of my dreams, and a great relationship with my children. I am working on getting out of debt and my dream home

  34. I made a vision board manifesting a car but part of me (Liz believed I couldn’t do it) but in May i bought my first car all on my own and it feels great!! Ready to manifest a better job ☺️☺️

  35. I manifested two very specific jobs. I had moved from fl back to nyc and would tell people I worked those 2 jobs while I was unemployed and sure enough within a few months I had my dream jobs

  36. I just ran across your channel, you have great content. I’m working on getting back to meditating and manifesting the life I deserve.

  37. Using this technique I have manifested the 2 acres of land at a low price I asked & paid it off. I was working at a restaurant & didn't get paid much. Of course I had naysayers but I knew what I wanted & knew it would come to me. I found the land can call mine & build a home. Words cant express how thankful for being aligned with this opportunity.

  38. I'm begging you all for sake of your soul & eternity seek Jesus. I know most of you don't believe in Him nor even think there is God but it's because you haven't seeked Him. I was one of new agers, spiritualist and unbeliever in God, i thought if was fairytale until God opened my eyes to see spiritual reality which they are two sides-devil and demons on other side Jesus and angels. It's real you all but i know that it's difficult to believe if you haven't experienced and you won't unless you seek truth=Jesus. Seek and you'll find, He will answer but you have to make first step.. It's the most important thing you can do, sake of where your soul will spend eternity. I don't want none of you to perish so please at least give it a try 🙁 God bless you all

  39. We can manifest good thoughts or bad thoughts that can manifest our own feelings.
    However our feelings are not always reality so we need to be careful what we allow to manifest.
    The invite the Holy Spirit to dictate my manifestations.

  40. Being specific is hard when you dont know exactly what you want but you just know you want things to be whatever would be best for you. Help lol.

  41. I manifested more money by asking the universe that I want to earn more money, however, I am earning more by covering my colleagues shifts as he has kidney stones, ouch! Be careful what you wish for and be specific! Thanks EarthMama xx

  42. Can someone help me on meditation? I can't sit still and I don't have time with a demanding toddler. I need a guided meditation that's 5 min long but very powerful. Tall order I know but I'm a busy working mom

  43. I manifested the son growing inside me. seems simple or obvious. but that's what manifestation is. love. simplicity.

  44. New to your channel. I'm so excited you were in my suggestions! I've been binge watching your channel. I really need to get up and get something done but it's so good lol. Thank you for being you!!! 🙂

  45. I was laid off summer 2018 and told my self daily that I would be employed by January 2019. The universe worked its magic because I found a job the first week of December and started in January 🤗

  46. Definitely plan on using these techniques to manifest financial freedom. Currently going through my doula certification & I wanna be able to do this full time.

  47. I was just told that I have the ability to manifest and that I should work on my ability any thoughts or recommendations to this ?

  48. Thank you very much for this video. It was what I needed in this current moment and season of my life. I will take the gems you have spoken, I felt the vibrational force reach me and penetrate into my soul. I couldn’t help but laugh because I felt so overwhelmed with hope that I will have everything I desire. So, again I thank you and I thank God for the purpose He has assigned you.

  49. Thank you. Been a subscriber for a while like back when you were working on the van have followed you guys . I am from Queens and live in GA. I knew you guys we’re blessed from day 1. Keep doing what you do I love you both and enjoy watching. The necklace.. where can I acquire one? Or was it thrifted? Could you guys lead a live weekly meditation?

  50. Wow sis…you do not know what you just did for my energy today!!!! I feel so blessed that you just popped up on my feed. Subscribed!!! I will be manifesting vibrant health, family harmony, emotional healing, growth in my business and financial abundance. Thank you for sharing your story, I am beyond moved. We can do this!!! Stay blessed and happy manifesting everyone❤

  51. I manifest that by June 2020 i will have my car all paid off. I claim this. It will become it will happen it will be real.

  52. My bankaccount was closed for insufficient funds and I manifested $150. to cover the amount Ineeded and plus $20.00 over thanks Universe and God !!!!.

  53. I have manifested my Jeep, my home with a yard that allows pets, as well as true love I receive from my children and my partner of 17 yrs and I am ONLY 33 yrs old…. Manifestation works!

  54. Hey Earth Mama Medicine!! I manifested my Husband along with my two month old Sun ❤ at age 30 I sat down and I wrote what I wanted out of my life, at that time I felt lonely, unhappy, I didnt think I would have any more kids. I specified that I wanted a Man that would not only love me but, love my Sun, I wanted him to be open to marriage and to have a baby with me. I wanted all of this by the age 32. I folded the paper and I decided to trust God so I hid the paper to solidify my faith that I didnt need to keep looking at it as it would be done. I am 32, I'm married to an amazing Man and we have a 2 month old together. He loves my first born and calls him HIS sun. I wish I could find my paper.. but I cant remember where I put it. I'm thinking I'll find it once everything I have on there is my reality. The mediation is the most important part. It calms me, makes me more patient and kind. Its refreshing and it changes the dynamic of my life. Life hits different with meditation for sure.

  55. Thank you for this video!! I made a vision board in the beginning on the year… half a year later I realized half the things I had on there had happened and manifested! I leave it where I can see it and It really does work!

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