What is Medication Spellbinding? Simple Truths in Psychiatry Video #3

hi I'm Pete our braggin MD and I am a psychiatrist and the subject today is medication spellbinding its presentation number three in my series about simple truths about psychiatry now the first presentation I made was about biochemical imbalances debunking this idea that people have biochemical imbalances in their brains when they go to see a physician when they have anxiety depression or even bipolar disorder or schizophrenia there's just no evidence for that but ironically and this is one of the great ironies of modern life you're guaranteed to get a biochemical imbalance with a psychiatric drug because if it's working it's disrupting your biochemistry it's the only way the drugs can work and my second presentation was more about how the drugs work how they disabled the brain how they cause apathy and indifference which feels like an emotional anesthesia or how they cause sedation which slows you down and reduces all your higher functions including things like anxiety or how more dangerously even they can cause you for you're making you feel better than ever when in fact you may be doing worse than ever that brings me into the subject of medication spellbinding I've written scientific papers about this and you'll find a chapter about it in my new book psychiatric drug withdrawal medication spellbinding is an important concept that I'm hoping that more and more professionals and just ordinary folks are going to begin to grasp this because it's been a age-old question why do people take substances that are obviously harming them and indeed not doing them any good in the process I was giving a lecture to law school one day down in Washington DC and I was talking about how drugs work by harming the brain and when I finished up a young man came charging down the aisle I mean he was coming down so fast I thought you know he might get very very aggressive with me and he stopped at the podium and he stared at me and he said you were so wrong about drugs I couldn't have gotten through law school without cocaine and he turned around left well people do feel they can't get through life without alcohol without marijuana without cocaine and without prozac and without effexor and without abilify and without lithium they're all psychoactive substances is no magic and the fact you got it from a prescription they have the characteristics of psychoactive substances and we know for sure that people will take psychoactive substances while the quality of their lives deteriorates all the while feeling they need more then it's not just cigarettes and it's not just alcohol alone is not just marijuana it's all the psychiatric drugs one of the saddest things I have to deal with is getting a talk or giving a class and some really sweet human being comes up to me and tells me how much they need to a psychiatric drug and they look so sad and they look lifeless they would be injured and yet they're feeling that somehow they're better because of their psychiatric drug sometimes this is made really graphic you'll you'll see a video of a child aged five or six before they put on Ritalin and then on some other psychiatric drugs and then you see the later video and you see a vacancy in the eyes or you see the smiles not there for the parents if you interview and we'll finally realize that when he was five he was like the sparkplug of the family now he's sitting there like a fire hydrant it's really sad it's really sad well the first principle of medication spellbinding is that all psychoactive substances tend to prevent an individual from realizing their harmful effects the psychoactive substance is by diminishing our capacity by impairing our frontal lobes prevent us from appreciating their harmful effects that's why somebody can feel like they can drive better than ever and you know if they get in the car they're likely to kill themselves or someone else psychoactive substances impair our judgement about their effects on us that's one of the major reasons that the drug companies and the medical profession get away with flooding our country with these medical psychoactive substances because when you're on them you don't appreciate their harmful effects another characteristic of the drugs is that if you do begin to become upset or disturbed on a drug let's say you're taking xanax or you're taking an antidepressant you start get irritable and angry and you yell at your family you're not likely to think it's the drug you're likely to think it's my wife or my husband or the kids or the boss or the job you won't get straight that you've been changed by the drug now think of it a simple comparison there are people who drink alcohol and come home and are certain but their wives and kids need to be beaten up certain they're the cause of all their angst but that same person goes to a a is clean and sober and may go 20 years without ever being like that again now that's a combination of not being on the drug and learning new principles of living but absent the drug the individual isn't doing these things so first we don't recognize the adverse effects and if we get a distressed effect we tend to blame it on something else very often with patients do because they've been taught this by the medical profession is they blame it on their mental illness so you're taking your antidepressant and it makes you more depressed you are not aware there's a big warning and every label for antidepressants every official FDA approved statement about the drug which is you may think of as a package inserts called the label that everyone warned several places about worsening of condition on antidepressants you don't know that you have been told that probably by a dog so your condition starts to worsen on the drug and you are very unlikely to attribute it to the drug and you're going to accept your doctor's opinion that you just need to stay on it as they can affect your just feeling worse because of your biochemical imbalance when the only biochemical imbalance you've got is the one he gave you another characteristic of medication spellbinding and this applies to all psychoactive substances is that you might think you're feeling better than ever when you're doing worse than ever and this is common this is really common it's related somewhat to the feeling of euphoria which is one gets from cocaine or amphetamine and can't often also get from the antidepressants and the stimulants routinely used in treating children sometimes adults and that sense of feeling better than ever is as I mentioned in one of my earlier reports one of the most dangerous places you can get in my forensic work my medical go work I have patients who have been high on NID presence for a year during which time they've been bezel dand stolen and put the money in their own bank account one person I'm thinking I put in his own joint bank account with his wife told people he'd inherited money told the person responsible for doing the annual audit of his company that he'd gotten rich and then put online the very data that when he taught the rest of the stay of how to use the data immediately showed he'd be stealing writing checks no so this person thought he was doing better than ever incidentally it's interesting some of his friends thought is he on cocaine well he was on psychiatric cocaine he was high on an antidepressant another story and I tell these stories in my book medication madness another story is of a physician who started to think it would be fun to play with machinery I mean what guy does want to play with machinery one day his wife looked out the window at 2:00 in the morning and there was an oil truck sitting in his driveway eventually he had his house surrounded out in the country but in plain view with the tow trucks and huge trailers and all kinds of equipment that he was gathering and never did anything with and never tried to sell and he was finally caught when he was using his sports car to pull a multiple ton a piece of equipment through his little town and it all fell over this is medication spellbinding in the form of mania induced in this man's case by stimulant drugs including strattera which is supposed to be the non-stimulant stimulant used to treat ADHD well a fourth characteristic of medication spellbinding is that in rare cases and I've just been describing one unusual cases known as a rare but unusual people will do things that their ethics and morality would never have allowed them to do I've been in cases where people commit violent murders out of the blue without provocation against innocent people because they've been driven out of their minds by an interaction caused by packs over Zoloft where they've been disinhibited by taking xanax the benzo which loosens your inhibitions so this is medication spellbinding this is nothing that would help us more understand what's going on in our country than to know that the fact that people take psychiatric drugs means know more about the usefulness than the fact people are smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol in excess all psychoactive substances impair our ability to understand the dysfunctions produced by the drugs and there are better ways I talk about the better ways in some of my books and as we move along in these simple truths about psychiatry I'll be talking directly to you about the better ways you


  1. OMG, yes. They all made me feel guilty for not wanting my 3 year old on Ritalin. 🙁 What a terrible thing to put on a mother. I home schooled instead. My child is grown now and doing fine.

  2. Side effect is almost all of them….CONFUSION! CONFUSION! How do you know if you are in touch with your limitations on them if one of the side effects is CONFUSION?! HELLO! And that the drugs confuse us is how pharma and the prescribers keep themselves off the hook, okay? Dr. Hicks told us there is no such thing as side effects, and he said its just liability insurance attorneys have it written that way so we don't receive full disclosure. Dr. Hicks said we feel the effects right away, or in time, but those ARE EFFECTS, not maybe or side. I cannot believe this psychiatrist is telling these truths! Wow! Wow! Wow!

  3. The dystopian societies of the future spoken of by authors writing in the Golden Age of Science Fiction is now more of a reality than one might think it to be. The use of antibiotics and growth hormones in the business, health management, manufacturing and processing of animal and plant-based food supplies is also of growing concern to the health and well being of humans. It is not uncommon to hear about the repetitive passing of chemical and pharmaceutical substances into the water supply through sewer systems, waste water treatment plants, and environmental landfills.

  4. I am an avid #MentalHealthAwareness advocate and performer, and I love this so much. I travel the country trying to bring that awareness on stages, in classrooms, hospitals, and on my YouTube channel, so I get excited when I see other advocates. 💙❤

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  6. my name is daniel i am on these psych drugs i have been on them for years and they dont do any good i never had these problems before i started taking them they dont anything but cause noting but make me worse i wish i can find a way to get better with the was a way to get off of them

  7. If you suddenly stop taking a psychiatric drug, be very careful. You need to taper off slowly or you may end up causing a variety of unwanted side effects [Note. I am not a psychiatrist].

  8. I was pretty much raised in psychiatric wards. I've lost count of the psychiatrists I've seen. You're the first one who makes sense. I stopped my meds after a near fatal overdose. I can feel so much more pain, yes. However, I can laugh now. I can laugh again.

  9. Thank you so very much Dr Breggen. You have made me realise what I have done to my brain with cannabis and the gallons of strong coffee that I drink. Thank you for saving me from mood stabilizing drugs. I was just recently diagnosed Bipolar with Social Anxiety Disorder.
    Thankfully my GP did not push these drugs on me before diagnosis. However when the "mental health team" called and after only a few routine questions, they advised me to go seek anti depressants from my GP !! No offer of cognitive therapy.
    I was disappointed and felt that there was no help for me.
    Then I found your videos. From your stand point of Love and kindness you immediately earned my respect.
    You have shown me that I have damaged my brain functions by my self medicating use of cannabis and my reliance on coffee. Depression was there first so life experiences caused that. But my continual use of cannabis and coffee have made me worse.
    I now need but more importantly WANT to stop these bad habits.
    The World needs more people with Love and Compassion such as yourself Peter. Once again thank you so much from England ❤️

  10. Of course drugs are spellbinding. The Greek word for witchcraft is pharmakia, the word from which our words pharmacy and pharmacist derive. Great video, Dr. Peter.

  11. Doctor your doing a great service to mankind. I was on benzos for well over 15 years and they have nothing but ruined my brain chemistry. Off all medications now. Dealing with the withdrawal but determined to let my condition heal naturally. God Bless you

  12. as a nurse in psychiatric unite I can't agree more. but when I try to discuss this with colleagues then I become the stranger who came from from am eastern country who doesn't understand a shit

  13. Having been on anti-depressants on and off for 36 years, along with anti-psychotics on and off throughout that time, and a further variety of brain-changing anti-anxiety pharmaceutical drugs. The moment I began to read "Your drug may be your problem" by Peter Breggin – I realised Breggin was absolutely correct in his claims that they do far more harm than good. I found the exact explanations for the 'shocks' I frequently felt go through my body and explode in my head..not something I even wanted to try and explain..because I couldn't. Breggin is so bang on with his knowledge of these Psychotropic drugs.. I'm so thankful that I stumbled across him – believe me, he is accurate…

  14. Dr breggin thankyou for this excellent insight l can clearly see you are a man of the people telling the truth about these horrid drugs if they are so distructive to us why are you alone in your truthful opinions why on earth are your counterparts still writing scripts it is totally bizzare by now that you have evolved into the position of realizing how damaging these drugs are why are your counterparts not singing on the same page as you

  15. USA government is doing nothing to address this chrsis thousands of people are suffering seriously it is without doubt its a crime against humanity the drug companies should be held to account . This will end up as a huge scandal in the usa this situation is no less than hidious it is resposeible for mass shootings crime. Assaults, robberies etc sending good people to a early death WHY because of fucking greed for money but let me say life is short for all of us and these drug companies people who care nothing for people only care about profits will feel in HE'LL the pain of every poor soul they have effected and beleive me they won,t be smiling there

  16. I just want to say that you’re my hero. I’m getting pretty emotional watching your videos, I have been on antidepressants since I was 12. I’ve had problems with addiction to illegal drugs also. I have been put on more medications than I can count, many that you mentioned and many you haven’t. The worst part of this is that the main reason I was on most of these drugs was the rehab I went to put me on them. I was newly sober and didn’t know how I was supposed to feel and I just assumed this is how I am sober. I had a seizure and nearly died after a reaction from wellbutrin and cymbalta about six months ago. The doctor at the hospital was actually pretty smart and insisted I get off of these medications. I haven’t taken most of them since. I now take gabapentin and suboxone, but I want to get off of them. I’m just afraid. The withdrawal from both is horrifying. I’m scared of what will happen to me, of if I’ll make it through. I’m worried about my brain being damaged. I was addicted to Xanax for some time and know it’s done a number on my memory and cognitive function. I am still struggling with effects from antidepressant withdrawal – it’s over but I feel like a different person, and not in a good way. I am going to get your book tomorrow. I need to be proactive and right the wrongs that have been prescribed to me. I want to bring this knowledge to the rehabs I attended. I know the owners of one, there’s no way they’d ever let this happen to their clients if they knew these things could happen. They give us these drugs to ease withdrawal symptoms, which is alright I guess in the short term, but they leave us on them. Give us a script when we leave. They’re not helping addicts, they’re making us worse. It makes me want to cry. It’s evil.

  17. i consumed doctor precribed DRUGS..for 8 years..
    it literally ruined my life..
    please NEVER consume drugs..

  18. I have been put on anti depressants and anti psychotics for the past 16 years, I very much regret this, but there is nothing I can do about it with my stubborn family, society and doc who think these meds are doing good and I cannot live without them. I have two kids who need my care and very much worried about my future.

  19. Psychiatrists gave my partner Lithium for years and never monitored the damage it was doing to her kidneys.

  20. brilliant.thank you I am completely sober off drugs.I work with rescueing horses now. I'm out of jail and prison. thank goodness their are people who do good work like you do. don't drink the govt kool aid.

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