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hello friends today I am going to answer the question what is an MRI and it's applications in the next slide you can see the image of an MRI machine first what is an MRI MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging it's a common procedure it is practiced all across the world MRI uses a strong magnetic field and radio waves to create detailed images of the organs and tissues within the body since its invention doctors and researchers continue to refine MRI techniques to assist in medical procedures and research the development of MRI revolutionised machine medicine MRI scanning is a non-invasive and painless procedure what is an MRI scan an MRI scan uses a large magnet radio waves and a computer to create a detailed cross-sectional image of internal organs and structures an MRI scan differs from CT scans and x-rays as it does not use potentially harmful ionizing radiation next is preparation for an MRI scan on arrival doctor asks the patient to wear a gun patients are advised to remove any metal on ornaments before MRI a person will probably be unable to have an MRI if they have any metal objects inside their body this can also include medical devices such as or cochlear implants aneurysms clips and pacemakers patients where sometimes receive an injection of intravenous IV contrast hatred to improve the visibility of a particular tissue that is relevant to the skin once the patient has entered into the scanning room the doctor will help them to lie down on the scanner table they're coming to the during the MRI scan what happens once in the scanner the MRI technician will communicate with the patient via the intercom to make the patient comfortable during the scan it is vital to stay still any movement will disrupt the images such as camera loud clanging noises will come from the scanner now after an MRI scan after the scan the radiologist will examine the images to check whether any more are required the radiologist will prepare a report for the requesting doctor now how does a MRI scanner function an MRI scanner contains two powerful magnets these are the most important parts of the equipment the human body is largely made of water molecules which are composed of hydrogen and oxygen atoms at the center of each atom lies an even smaller particle called a proton which serves as a magnet and a sensitive to any magnetic field normally the water molecules in the body are randomly arranged but entering an MRI scanner the first magnet can cause causes the water might use to align in one direction either north or shut a second magnetic field is then turned on or off in a series of quick impulses causing each hydrogen atom to change its alignment when switched on then quickly switch back to its original relaxed state when switched off pass electricity through gradient coils which also causes the coils to vibrate creates the magnetic field causing the knocking sound inside the scanner although the patient cannot feel this changes a scanner can detect them and in conjunction with a computer can create a detailed cross-sectional image for the radiologist now coming to applications the development of MRI scan represents a huge milestone for the medical world the following are the examples in which an MRI scanner would be used first anomalies of the brain and spinal cord dumas cysts and other anomalies in the various parts of the body breast cancer screening from women who face a high risk of breast cancer injuries or abnormalities of joints such as the back and any certain types of heart problems diseases of the liver and other abdominal changes the evolution of pelvic pain in the woman which calls including fibroids and endometriosis suspected you treat abnormalities in women undergoing evaluation for infertility that's the end of the question thank you if you have any doubts and queries you can comment on the video mention comment box and I resolve your queries in my next videos thanks a lot and if you liked this video can you like and subscribe to this channel have a nice day guys bye

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