What Is NAD+ Therapy? Can It Help Me?

There were so many symptoms it was so hard
to keep up. I was in my own prison of pain that people
couldn’t…they really didn’t understand. I was in so much pain that I started taking
pain medication to alleviate myself. One day, I lost my best friend to drug addiction
and then I lost about half my family in a car accident. They all died instantly in a head on collision. I wasn’t able to mourn their death, because
I was in so much pain. The symptoms were really bad. At that point I decided, “you know what, I’m
going to get better…I’m going to find a way to health.” When I found NAD, there was a breaking through. My pain went away. My dad found this place and he was like, “I
want you to think about something. I know you’ve been to like 10 treatment centers,
this is completely different.” It ended up being the most amazing 10 days
of my life. And it was amazing because I think it was
the third or fourth day my dad came in and I mean, it was just like…he had tears in
his eyes and he was like, “The light in your eyes and the color of your skin and just…you’re
vibrant. We have our daughter back.” He’s like, “I haven’t seen this since you
were, you know, in 9th grade.” The treatment even alleviated the worrying
from me. My anxiety was removed, my depression was
just gone. It was just the most amazing thing I’d ever
felt in life. People always talk about the inner child…I
had this kid in me that just wanted to play. And after my 10 days of treatment, I was free. I could run around and just be me. NAD is nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide,
it’s a coenzyme of niacin. NAD has purportedly 50 different functions,
doesn’t just help with renovating opiate receptors, it helps with DNA repair by an enzyme called
PARP: P-A-R-P. For years, I was skeptical, but I kept seeing
patients go through the treatment and keep reporting these amazing results that you don’t
see anywhere else. We definitely see craving go away. If they have cravings, we haven’t done our
job. It wasn’t an easy process going through the
IV treatment for me, but it was like a fog had lifted, like the sun started to shine. I could hear music differently. How I experienced the world changed…it was
so beautiful. I watched this individual who could barely
make it up the steps, who couldn’t walk or talk within two days be able to tell me his
occupation, he was able to tell me about a book he was writing, he was able to cook himself
breakfast in the kitchen that we have here. And it was just…I was sold, just by watching
that. It’s the norm around here. “Ooohs”, “aaaahs” “amazing”, “wonderful” are
the…that’s our vocabulary. I’ve been practicing addiction medicine since
1990, and I have been medical director of several detox places, I’ve performed 100s
of detoxes. When I saw NAD work, I was just amazed. It’s a miracle. People go through detox with much less need
for drugs for withdrawal symptoms and they actually go..their brain undergoes a process
where it changes. I’ve seen addicts describe it as almost like
the cravings have been lifted. They feel like their brain is a new brain;
they never experienced the drug in the first place. It’s amazing. I think NAD is the greatest contribution to
medicine since Fleming invented penicillin. So, as soon as I experienced that I said,
“You know what? I’m going to dedicate my life to getting NAD
into people.” Located in sunny San Diego, it’s minutes from
the airport, it’s a great place to go through treatment and to get better. It’s usually around 10 days and that’s what
you want to plan for. Sometimes it’s more, sometimes it’s less. Post treatment-a number of different counseling
and therapy services to really make sure that you’re a long-term success. Take an assessment and see if NAD therapy
is right for you.


  1. kenstarrmd.com . We are the oldest and most established resource on the West Coast for Brain Restoration Therapy using IV NAD+

  2. Please help me……I suffer with Anxiety I'm on 20mls of methadone down from 50mls but as soon as i start coming down more my anxiety increases to an uncontrollable amount and i don't know how I'm ever going to be able to come off of this drug…..my wife also has cancer and we have two children together…..when she dies i know i will lose my children and I LOVE them so much…..how can i get this treatment and will it be suitable for me given my mental health problems? Thanks and GOD bless you

  3. The location this video was made at is Springfield Wellness Center in Springfield, Louisiana. The other location is NAD Treatment Center on the West Coast in San Diego, California. If you or someone you know if struggling with addiction or even chronic fatigue, please consider a few days of IV NAD+ therapy. It works beautifully to restoring the brain, curving cravings, and giving vitality/energy. No side effects.

  4. I Need HELP. I feel I can Not go ON. I don't feel and see my future at ALL. I do wish I never did any type of drugs. I hate myself 🤪🤯
    I hate myself. I REALLY HATE
    MYSELF. I can't listen to people because I can't Focus. Sit down or curled up in a ball can't move. I am stuck in this nightmare and can't see the light at the end of a tunnel.
    How did I get HERE. CRYING!😢😵

  5. You will read a lot of fact concepts on this treatment “fetching kafon press” (Google it) which is also easy to understand. After the healing process, I made the decision to volunteer at a shelter and I couldn’t be more happy than helping others. I really didn`t have directions in life before I read this particular book. I never wished to go out and talk to people for years and been consuming antidepressants to heal depression..

  6. Seems like a con .IF it was real we would hear of it big time.never heard a word.not FDA approved.its FAKE.

  7. Being a young MD and healthy, I was skeptical I would derive any benefits from IV NAD therapy. But after only 2 days of therapy (did it just to try it out), my energy levels are mindblowing, my mood is definitely improved and I have been sleeping much better. IV NAD is truly wonderful and I hope everyone is able to have access to it.

  8. I did NAD IV at my naturopaths office… I also happen to be anemic and was taking iron daily for about four days just before and I am recovering from gallstone attacks and have had general fatigue for a year like never before in my life… had done a b12 gen vitamin IV for two days before the NAD … I quit smoking a week ago, and I think the NAD has energized me, I’m feeling pretty good today, but it did not help me with addiction craving for cigarettes… maybe I need to do some more rounds… or maybe it’s not all that effective at helping with that type of addiction on a biological level… but maybe my strong belief that it takes a strong desire and willpower to quit something like that is overpowering the biological effects… of course I do also believe in doing things to help biologically, but in the end, it takes a person who really wants to quit, to quit. If you cant afford this, try getting a couple of juices at a juice place every day, like one day do something with beets, then something with a lot of greens… although I’m into beets right now… a good blend is beets, lemon and apple… I’ve had others with cucumber and ginger which are great, but if you are new to juicing and want something enjoyable flavor wise, you might like a juice with just beets, lemon and apple. Then if you are low on iron, try taking bloodbuilder iron with b12 … and take vitamin c with every meal… and stop eating all junk and minimize coffee even if you drink it black… to simplify… have one fruit meal, one big green salad for a meal and one sautéed vege meal or soup per day … if you eat meat and cannot cut out dairy, limit those to three times per week each to start and choose healthier ones… like make tzaziki with plain yogurt and go with Gouda cheese … and have a steak rather than hamburger… you can get a steak at Denny’s for the same price as hamburger and I usually get a double broccoli… I usually eat a steak when I am particularly low on iron… but, most people have a hard time giving up meat… I think there are benefits to eating meat and dairy in moderation… but, if you really want to fix your biology and you don’t have money to do these IV treatments… eat A LOT of fresh fruit and veg. With that said, there are claims that by eating only fresh pressed juices for three or four days can literally reverse addictions of all kinds… but, again there is a financial challenge there… juicers are expensive or if you get them at juice restaurants that can be pretty pricey too. But, you should be aware of options. You could probably do a good four or five day juice fast if you are so inclined, where you get one or two large juices to sip throughout the day so you are getting some nutrition, hydration and calories, but your body is getting a break from dealing with digestion and will begin to heal other things in the body. It helps if you do tesrarch on these things so you understand how they can be beneficial… but, it all takes willpower on some level. All I know is that when I am eating a lot of fresh fruit and veg and throw in some juices, And no junk, i feel the best, but my addiction to cigarettes seems to always linger… I am going to probably do another NAD and will do a one week juice only once I get a juicer. I just wish I did not want cigarettes. I want to quit, but I still want to smoke. That’s addiction for ya!

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