What is Narcissistic Personality Disorder? Kati Morton on NPD treatment, therapy & emotional abuse


  1. Can young people get it? Like 13 year olds.

    Also, what do people do if we can't get help?

    What's the opposite of a Narcissist?

  2. Your so nice and lovely and it really shines through in every video I don’t think I’m a sociopath😂 nor am I interested in any of this but I still loved and watched this video♥️

  3. I have a 'friend' who has always been very manipulative and self centred, and whenever anyone has called her out on anything or made a joke at her expensive, she's completely altered her personality and become very heartless and ruthless. I've tried to be there for her as I'm pretty certain she has this disorder and it may have been born out of trauma, she doesn't deserve to be punished for being burdened with NPD, but I'm struggling. As an empath, I am very easily manipulated and being around her has negatively affected my mental health in MULTIPLE different ways. 🙁

  4. If someone with this disorder was to be seen and tested by a forensic Psycologist could they completely fool them and maybe even convince them that someone else has a mental health issue for their own personal gain ?

  5. The problem with this video is narcissism can’t be fixed because narcissists don’t know if they have a problem and if they do they don’t want to admit that they are the problem. So they project it on to others

  6. So I believe my mom is a narcissist, she had some severe childhood traumas. She lacks empathy for everyone, including her employees and family members. Every time I try to tell her she was in the wrong for something, I’m instantly yelled at and made to think she’s the victim. I’ve just grown to live with it, but I was wondering how to tell her to go to a therapist. With out her getting very defensive.
    Thanks for any help!

  7. How would someone get diagnosed with this if they're already manipulative and see everyone else as the problem? Wouldn't they manipulate their therapists into thinking that they're the victim, when in reality they're manipulative?

    My coworker knows lots about mental health and yet I feel like that is her power in regards to her manipulative ways… wouldn't say she's a sociopath based on what you said in Shane's video, but narcissist definitely sounds right…

  8. My younger brother is a narcissist.
    it's been a rough 25 years.
    he also has aspergers so he feels entitled to not work and live off others. he puts his efforts into using swords and his body, martial arts and he always wanted my approval of everything while putting me down, lol.

  9. The irony about narcissists is that they tend to be very insecure about themselves. Think about it, if they really thought they were as great as they say they are why would they need to put down others and drag people down to their level? Plus, all names and insults they call you are just what they really are, no seriously there has been books on human psychology that show people who accuse you of outrageous claims are almost always just projecting their own fucked up emotions or selfish desires on to you, again it's human psychology 101. In short, after I learned this I have to say it's actually pretty sad…..

  10. A friend of mine was diagnosed with this disorder but has refused any treatment for it. My question is what will happen to him if he continues to refuse treatment?

  11. Found you thanks to Shane's video. I'm not a professional, I would never claim to be one, but from the psychological abuse I've received and from my own anxiety, depression and possible PTSD I've taken an interest in arming myself with information on psychology. It helps me to understand myself, my abusers (which gives me closure in a way) and understand people in my life who may be struggling and know how I can help (and when it's appropriate to help or not help). Anyway, my point is, I've long suspected that my mother has NPD… And it's a nightmare. I know this is an older video but if you could maybe do a longer, more in-depth video on NPD I know a lot of people would really appreciate it… Myself included. Thank you for doing what you do <3

  12. trump is misunderstood, it's hard to stop sexually abusing women. I believe any and all who hurt other humans need to be comforted by the victims (if they're still alive and abled). We all need to show some tolerance for what they're experiencing. If lives are lost then so be it, we all know that it's the narcissists life that matters.

  13. If you really want to understand this, listen to all of their victims. A lot of them are driven to suicide. Narcs DONT GET BETTER. Best advice….run like hell. Peace.

  14. Well I don't know what my boyfriend has but it seems like to me narcissistic or bipolar he gets mad real quick his Madness goes to anger he'll get mad if I don't buy him cigars if he doesn't have money he'll get angry and abusive he told me it's because he got a bad habit because he needs his cigars and he does think he's the best he's also competitive I got my kitchen all dressed out in red my front room is all decked out in red and my bedroom is was grey and black I changed it to gray and white because I go in his house his apartment he got a red front room set it's not like mines but it's red he has his leather and mine's is Michael ain't got a red kitchen everything in his kitchen is red in red and black like mines then he talked behind my back I had record him and when I go over there I listen to the recording and he's talking behind my back to his family what's a sweater he's on the phone with cuz his family adores me I lost a lot of weight he makes fun of me and tells me I'm still fat and then say people are laughing at me I think I got friends even my own kids laughing at me this is what he's telling me I don't know why he's like that with me he don't like to kiss me he really likes to make love to me so I say well what are we doing in a relationship why don't you just go your way and I go my way because I give him 100% of my love and he doesn't give me nothing but 10% out of the love I give him so I changed everything around and stop being so lovable to him until he appreciates me

  15. My dad is always able to manipulate his therapist. He just goes to have little pity parties for himself and have the therapist tell him how amazing he is and how he’s done so much for everyone and his family (lol he hasn’t done crap but mess with my head)
    The therapist just gives him more excuses to only focus on himself.

  16. I konda want you to make more videos about this. Like if you have a friend you don't wanna lose but know is a narcissist how do u deql with it? How do u get them to open up and feel safe?

  17. I have respect for any professional who dedicates their working life to their work, but I'm not in agreement that only a trained psychologist or psychiatrist can diagnose NPD. It's the same as saying only a medical Doctor can pronounce death despite the fact a person is clearly dead because of decomposition or massive trauma etc. People are not lame brains and those of us with an ability to view people without filters can see a person for whom they are. And all it takes is a little research. I knew someone who was so obviously a narrcisist it didn't take a shrink to see it. He definitley had at least 5 of the 9 traits and exhibited them perpetually over a number of years. I'd like any psychologist with experience in this field to challenge me on it. Lol I sound like a narc myself, I'm not but I know the difference between an inflated ego and a Narc and I'd like to know your thoughts.

  18. So they feel they are on top of the world and there in controle and there better then everyone and they feel they always need to be right ???????????????
    Please i need to know

  19. I think my mother has this. I had to move out because she was so emotionally abusive.
    She thinks everyone is crazy except for her, and that she’s so great. She has a super high self esteem.
    She cannot handle criticism and takes it as if she’s being attacked and then will explode into a big emotional mess.
    She refuses to get help or even believe she needs help.

  20. I know a lot of people who has NPD and when they mix with people with other mental health issue its a bad combo trust me And I'ma person who suffer with chronic depression and I have friends with bipolar/borderline personality dissorder and ADHD and they annoy us easily.. and degrade us badly..

  21. You are always one of my go to mental health experts. You put the topics in such an easy to understand way that it's simple to learn about mental health issues. Love you!

  22. I think part of the issue with people "demonizing" NPD's is that NPD's destroy lives and actively try to destroy specific targets in their lives with unto complete desolation. NPD is NOT just like any other mental illness.

  23. If the offends you my apologies but the norcsisist are the scum of the earth my daughter tried to kill herself because of her mother putting her down and metaly abusing her so are they scum you bet your life they are

  24. To anyone who has time to read and reply to this:

    I have recently seen a psychologhist because I believed I have Asperger (there are some Asperger tendencies in my family) and at the end the results showed that I wasn't Asperger (according to this psychologist it's not an spectrum and hearing this made me insecure about her). She applied the MMPI-II and she wrote "Even though she has a little bit of empathy, her narcissistic tendencies make her very selfish about interpersonal relantionships, she will pay attention to people as long as they satisfy her necessities for attention". Does that mean she actually diagnosed me with NPD?

    I feel like the person she described in the results is totally different from me. I live in Costa Rica and I talked about being a professional ballerina because I have been dancing for 17 years now (it's my current goal) and about that she wrote "She has very unreally high goals and does nothing to achieve them" and that really offended me because first, if she wrote specifically about my goal of being a ballerina, why does she think that? Did she really personally wrote I can't be a professional ballerina because that goal is unrreal? That doesn't seem right to me.

    I have a lot of thoughts about those results but I would like to have a second opinion about this.
    Thanks in advance!

  25. I almost dated a narcissist. Almost. Luckily I noticed all the little telltales and I'm so happy I'm out of this situation, but it was pretty painful for me because at the moment I genuinely believed that he was my soulmate

  26. My old manager was a covert narcissist. Everyone new he was a narcissist but I didn't know how many types there were. He made me out to be a bad person for having a disability after a bad workplace accident then fired me for it. He has not seen the last of me yet though.

  27. My mom has this. She buy me a new ring I telled her I don't like It but I'll wear It anyway. She got mad because I didn't like It and called me depressed and autistic. I tried to tell her that everyone was difrente and not everyone needs to like the same things. She continue… I left the room. She got mad because I ignored her and start saying that I am antisocial -_-

  28. To have compassion is understandable. You can not judge one who suffers from a disease, but at the same time it is impossible for a man to fail to realize when he is wrong, unless he has a very serious mental illness. But NPD is not the same category. Those who suffer from this think they are superiors and that is all. They do not care what you really think because they're imposing on themselves not to do it. Everyone compares NPD with depression but it's not like that. A depressed man tries to struggle to get out of depression, and he imposes himself that life is not as miserable as it sounds. But a narcissist does not, he will do exactly the opposite, just to show he's always right. I had to deal with such a man. I tried to be friends with him. But when I started to refuse some of his points, and try to show him that he is simply wrong sometimes, he started to react violently. And when I told him that I just wanted not to deal with him anymore, he just came up with two other people over me and one of my friends I was visiting , and he beat me and him, just for the fact that neither I nor my friend just not wanted to talk to him anymore. I called the police and was a total circus. In conclusion, it is worthwhile only helping those who realize they suffer, at least a bit of this disease. Otherwise, you just have to run away from them.

  29. Babes you are not clear about the concept of NPD
    giving speech with unnecessary gestures after reading from net doesn't make you efficient about this particular complex phenomenon

  30. People have always been a bit narcissistic and insecure but these days with all the technology they are more narcissistic and lack empathy.

  31. I think I'm a covert narcissist im very introverted But I also have social anxiety is that possible?

  32. I have this illness, its not fun! It causes turmoil in relationships but we can't see this as our ego is main priority, we can be sadistic emotionally and have zero regard for feelings, we usually feel proud of our toxic behaviors and see any change as a threat. My whole life consists of not conforming and being as toxic as possible to people who hurt me or slight me. We need to protect our mask of "I am beautiful, amazing, magnificent, God amazingly gifted". If that's injured we will react in rage

  33. I appreciate the different perspective. Still it's difficult to feel sympathy for a person whose only goal seems to destroy other people, especially the ones who loves them most.

  34. But that's everybody nobody likes to be told criticized in reality its usually somebody tryimg to put you down most of the time an work is fullbof those people back stabbing others I see it everyday somebody will be your freind to your face then turn around and talk about them when they leave lol

  35. And I guess nobody is aloud to admit that they are good at something or they can't can't be defense of somebody criticizism even if their criticism is wrong lol

  36. How do i know that i have CPTSD or a I’m just a NPD i sometimes don’t want to be alone i feel like I want people to care about me cuz if I left alone I start to thing in a negative way about myself shame feelings is so fuckin dangerous i always tell my family I don’t want to set alone i feel bad also when i get depressed i go to my mom room and start crying and she try to say beautiful things to me then i get better? What the fuck is this mean? I’m NPD ?? Right??

  37. While I appreciate the non-judgemental approach I wonder if its really helpful with someone who has NPD when you say "it's okay if it's something you struggle with" because that statement itself threatens their grandiose self image. NPDs in general as you said feel very good about themselves and seeking treatment inherently means they need to question their self image and even undermine it which causes tremendous anguish for them. I hate to see things this way but for some people who are wired to be Narcissists their happiness and satisfaction may be dependent on achieving the necessary validation to continue upholding this inflated sense of self and avoid it being threatened at any costs. I know it's inappropriate for a therapist to express this but I wonder whether you really make an NPD individual more likely to get help if straight of the bat therapy is suggested because they are "struggling" or so

  38. Bullshit .. they snow the therapist too !! Are you for real .. 2 our of a million will admit to needing help .. I was abused by one for 23 years .. I have all the traits due to abuse but I’m not one .. that’s the difference now I need therapy from these monsters ..

  39. You tube is filled with this bullshit cuz bad comments are deleted cuz you can’t stand to hear negative .. so bullshit to that too

  40. Selfish. Get some humility. No one is perfect. And you can still be humble, imperfect, kind, and great at the same time, i think.

  41. I don't know if you really know what a narcissistic personality disorder is. Narcissists rarely seek treatment or even think something wrong with them. A Narcissist say I Am embarrassed? LOL…

  42. My best friend( like we’re really close we treat each other like sisters) her dad harasses and abuses her mom and I’m like “ uhhhhhhhhhhh…. ATLEAST I’m here for her( just sayin that I’m a very good friend and will support her no matter what) she told me that her dad almost choked her mom to death. So I’m always feeling bad for her.

    1 like= 15 prayers each night for my best friend and her mom

  43. If you are a narc you don deserve relationship,fools,loosers n the way they think they are special while not, they bcom cartoons, sorry for the harsh truth, hahah, God heals

  44. You totally sugar coated narcissism. Narcissists can and will devastate lives with their manipulations and unacceptable conduct, cheating, lying, etc. they ALL do it. They are total path of destruction. And only God can heal them. You are very nice and smart, but only touched on the surface of narcissism.

  45. X and I went to a therapist for a few sessions, X turned the sessions into a disaster, I walked out. He painted himself as the so-called "golden boy" who could do no wrong.

  46. Do narcissists still have insecurities? it sounds unlikely but at the same time maybe they just don't realize they're there…

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