What is Occupational Therapy (OT)? How will Occupational therapist help my child? | Reena Singh

Hi Friends, I wanted to talk about Occupational Therapy I am an Occupational Therapist and the question that most people ask me is “What is an Occupational Therapist and what do we do?” As Occupational Therapist, our role is to put a person back into occupation, it could be any role. If I am talking about an adult and the adult is a person who’s got hemiplegia, who’s working The role of a Occupational Therapist would be to ensure that this person gets back to his job. I work mainly with kids. and you must be wondering…What is it? What is the Occupation of a child? There are many things that a child does. One is the occupation of a student. So if we find that the child is not able to you know fit into that role of being a student because of poor handwriting, poor fine motor skills, reading issues, writing issues, sitting issues we work on getting them back, to check where is that the delay has happened. So one is about the role of a Student and other is Self-Help skills Self-care. Eating on his own, Dressing, Grooming (you know) Rinsing mouth, Washing hands, so many things that a child is supposed to do for his age. These are some of the things if the child is stuck at. We get them back so that he can do those things independently. “Independence” is the major word that was emphasized when we learnt about Occupational Therapy. Getting them back to their occupation and making them “Functionally Independent” What are the other rules or the occupations of a child? The role of a child would be to become a Student to be able to make Friends, to be able to perform the self care, the self help skills and to be able to participate in social and community outings. To have the skills that are needed to do that and the last and the and the other skills that’s needed is to be able to play. It sounds so weird What is it about playing? But play is very important from being able to do just this sensory motor thing, mouthing throwing, banging, to be able to do a functional play, cooking (you know) talking on the phone to pretend play, so that’s a, it’s a level by level kind of a development that a child evolves in. If the child is stuck there that’s where the Occupational Therapist comes to help him so that we can push him and take him to the next level of development. This is what I feel, what Occupational Therapy is about. It will not limit Occupational Therapy to just what I have said. My friends who are fellow Occupational Therapist, I would love your feedback on what we do as Pediatric OT’s Thank you so much for listening to this !! Follow and Subscribe on my channel to know more about my experiences tips and tricks which can help you in your interactions with your kids. Thank you for watching this !!


  1. I m going to start my journey as occupational therapist so after saw this vedio I thought it is not bad .

  2. Hi ma'am, just saw your video. You explained about OT very well. I wanted to know about your qualifications and degrees that you had. Thank you

  3. Hello mam I would like to scope for an occupational therapists abroad. And criteria to go there in countries like Australia

  4. Still I’m not getting u ma’am. Ot is to bring someone into occupation but how ? Iam a occupation therapy student and yet I’m thinking to drop it . Need some motivation

  5. hello mam ..i want to know that is there any license course for practicising physiotherapy also …..and I mam I want to know more about OT bcz I'm taking addmsn in OT..will u plz tell me scope and salary of OT in India.

  6. Mam….is santosh medical college which is demmed university ugc approval ..is this good for BOT course for membersHIP IN future

  7. Hello ma'am I was your videos on autism…I want to meet you personally.can you give me your address or any phone number.

  8. Maam i m occupatinal therapist ..done from gvt medical clg..maam i m getting frustrated..no any job in patna..😣😣😣nd as worker give me salery only 5k full time job..😢😢😢

  9. Hello ma'am..
    What are the qualifications need to become an complete occupational therapist pls relpy mam…cozz am gonna to do my ug occupational therapy

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