What is pharmaceutical misuse?

(gentle music) Pharmaceutical drugs
prescribed by a doctor provide many benefits. Most of us use these drugs appropriately. However, the misuse of
pharmaceuticals is increasing from 7.4% in 2010 to 11.4% in 2013. Misusing pharmaceutical medications can include taking more
medication than prescribed, taking medication differently
to what’s recommended, combining it with other
drugs, including alcohol, undertaking activities
that medication affects like driving, working or
looking after children, or sharing prescription medication with friends, family or colleagues. Medications used to treat
stress, anxiety and insomnia generally shouldn’t be
used for very long, either. This is because they can cause dependence, reduce sex drive and fertility,
can affect your mood, and can become less effective over time. We need to look at safe and effective ways to manage health issues. Reduce the risks. Talk to your health professional about your medications regularly. Take medicines according
to the instructions. Be aware of potential interactions. Do not share medicines. And be aware of the
effects on driving ability. (gentle music)

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