What is Precision Medicine?

precision medicine you've probably heard the words on the news or even at your doctor's office but how does it affect your life right now precision medicine is basically a modern approach to understanding health take asthma asthma affects more than 25 million Americans nearly 1 in 12 they all have one thing in common a condition that makes breathing difficult in most clinics these patients are treated with an inhaler and same drug beuter all but are 25 million people all the same if you have asthma your condition depends on where you grew up how old you are and your ancestry it also depends on the air you breathe and if you have carpets or pets every patient is unique so one size fits all remedies don't always work it's not just asthma for diabetes cancer and most other diseases today's treatments are based on obvious symptoms standard tests and common drugs precision medicine however starts with creating a clearer picture of health by collecting connecting and analyzing many kinds of information this could be data you provide from your fitness tracker or it could be what scientists are learning in their labs right now about the underlying causes of disease genetics your health history and other details are added to the mix when we integrate such data from millions of people your clinician and researchers can understand your health risks how others like you responded to a disease or drug ways to prevent disease and what makes you unique so we can stop focusing on diseases and care for you as an individual the more information we collect and connect the better scientists will understand health and as that knowledge network grows we can ensure that every patient everywhere gets the right treatment in the right dose at the right time you


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