What is Public Health??

hello and welcome to this video where we're going to talk about public health public health has made a significant impact on the health of populations making people healthy and saving lives for example in the United States between 1900 to 1999 people's life expectancy has increased by over 30 years did you know that 25 of these extra years gained are due to public health interventions so in this video we're going to take a look at what public health is how it's different to clinical medicine who's responsible for doing it and how it's done first of all let's have a look at what health is the World Health Organization defines health as a state of complete physical mental and social well-being rather than a mere absence of disease or infirmity this is a pretty bold and ambitious definition that prompts people to look beyond diseases and focus not only on the physical aspect of health but also on the mental and social aspects as well and public health well public health is the science and art of preventing disease prolonging life and promoting health through the organized efforts of society ok so how is it different to clinical medicine let's take a look at an example let's say someone has an accident and has a broken leg a clinicians main focus is the immediate health problem fixing the fractured leg clinicians focus on the individual the public health approach would be holistic and would focus on figuring out how and why this person had an accident so that actions can be taken to prevent it from happening again for example why did he have the accident was there a problem with his vision was it poor knowledge of driving skills or bad attitudes towards driving was he under the influence of alcohol or drugs when he was driving are there laws against this and resources to enforce it what are the community expectations or attitudes towards driving does he have a good social support network that will help in his recovery or prevent this from happening again what the road he was driving on safe was he driving a safe car that was well-maintained if not why not could he not afford it if not why could he not afford it does he have a job that doesn't pay well why is that is it because he did not have access to good education was there good access to health services which would determine his treatment and recovery as you can see from this example health is determined by a complex interaction between many different factors or determinants of health these include individual characteristics lifestyle and behaviors and also the physical social and economic environments the social determinants of health in order to make a difference in health there's action needed across all the different determinants public health focuses on these upstream factors to make changes that can benefit the health of the population as a whole this seems like a very broad and complex task doesn't it so who's responsible for Public Health ultimately the responsibility of creating a healthy community rests with all sectors of society health departments do have a central role in public health however improving the health of a population requires the coordinated efforts of a broad range of stakeholders this includes other areas of government the private sector nongovernmental organizations international organizations and communities to name a few all United with a shared goal of improving the health of the public now let's have a look at how public health works the World Federation of Public Health Association's has developed a useful framework to understand how public health is delivered there are three core service areas of Public Health and a group of enablers that ensure that these services can occur effectively and efficiently the three core areas of Public Health are protection promotion and prevention protection is about protecting the health of the population this includes the control of infectious diseases managing environmental hazards ensuring a healthy workplace and managing health emergencies promotion is about improving the health of the population it covers a broad range of activities that not only focuses on the individual like promoting health behaviors over life course it also focuses on improving the social determinants of health prevention is about preventing health issues before they occur it includes activities such as vaccination and screening to enable these core areas to function there needs to be good governance advocacy to influence and obtain support and commitment for actions that support a health goal capacity having an adequate well-trained and supported public health workforce and having accurate timely information to support health actions such as relevant research surveillance monitoring and evaluation so that's a quick introduction to the fascinating field of public health we've had a look at what it is how it's different to clinical medicine who's responsible for doing it and how it's done you


  1. I think you just helped decide on my Major.. thank you so much for this video. I write that with the deepest sincerity

  2. This is a biggest bunch of BS I've ever seen people need to stay the hell out of other people's lives especially the industries that has experimented underhandedly on people . Help has absolutely nothing to do with social factors Health has absolutely nothing to do with determining if a guy who broke his leg or injured his leg has a safe car mandatory testing from figuring out why and what we could do to help him not do that again that's why social workers are ingrained in every level of hospitals now and in order to even be able to get access to your own records the doctor has to go through a social worker in any places This is BS this is not medicine and all this is going to do is keep people from going to the doctor because it's going to be an experience that you would rather avoid and take care of it home by yourself especially with the proliferation of medical knowledge in this generation

  3. To anyone who learns, works, or teaches public health..
    Why do you work on it? What are your significant result to change the community's health? If you could have changed your degree (master/doctoral) to other degree, would you like to change it or stay on public health – and what's the reason?

    I did my research, and I concluded that many worldwide organization promoting people to study on public health. I'm a physician, and I'm hesitate on further education on public health MSc or specialty.

  4. can someone help me distinguish between first, second and third public health era
    and also the difference between primary Healthcare and Primary prevention, secondary health care and secondary prevention, and tertiary health care services and Tertiary prevention

  5. Wow wow wow! U just made fall in love with this course and I am going for it , thank you very much, the best intro I have ever seen thank you once again

  6. Thank you Dr, How broadly explain Puplic health, im Student Studying puplic Health, From Somalia, East africa.

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