1. I am from Indian .I want to do doc clinical psychology from London .do nhs fund my doctoral program.

  2. Hi, I live in the United States, am a Nigerian and also a Psychology Undergrad. Learned a great deal from your video.
    Do you have any other social media account?

  3. As a 2nd year trainee clinical psychologist my main challenges are dealing with imposter syndrome especially in first year, patients look to you as an expert 😳 !! You will also need to deal with a lot of learning in a very short time…a lot! Youll constantly be managing competing demands. As for seeing patients with conditions you haven't had a lecture on, research it and get a problem specific book… you tend to be a chapter a head for each session. This is a really good way to learn. Everyone is different so take time developing the relationship through assessment and working on a collaborative formulation. Focusing on an individual's strengths especially when working with children and adolescents is a good approach. Clinical Supervision and reflecting on practice and your own journey is essential to surviving an extremely intense course. Also don't give up it took me 3 attempts to get a place. Best of luck ppl. Prepare to feel like you're bursting into flames at times with the stress, it's important to look after yourself self care is key! As for a plan b I'm on the course and in order to manage the stress I have a plan b which helps me! Be prepared to be constantly assessed, observed and you'll do loads of role play (Oh joy)! As for interviews be yourself, prepare well and admit if you are unsure of a question! 😊

  4. Thank you for this info, I have been searching for more info about clinical psychologist and your video is very helpful. I'm also in my first year lol😂😂.. I bet we need to know what we are getting into.

  5. Really enjoyed this chatty video! Really informative and you seem like such a lovely gal! I’m also in second year of psyc at uni and aiming for this doctorate, I totally feel the same way on the ‘why would I have a plan B’ attitude :’) good luck in your studies!

  6. I can not express how needed this is!!! I am currently a masters student at KCL – also an aspiring clinical psychologist and I have to be honest I was getting close to putting this kind of information online because you're right!!!! There is hardly any clear information out there about the career progression into clinical psych and given the widening interest in mental health and the increasing competitiveness for this job, I am surprised there aren't that many videos out here. So well done and thank you! All the very best of luck on your undergrad – you're such a bright soul and I wish you happiness and success xx p.s. love your accents haha

  7. Well done on this informative video. If you know for sure clinpsy is what you want, don't let any one put you off (they will try) ….
    Keep your head down, work hard, persevere, have a plan b (on the back burner…mine was ed psych or teaching), be the best (or amongst them), be prepared to be humble, if I can get there, you will get there. Color is not as big an issue as it was in the profession years ago….but some older narrow-minded people are still in the workforce. Use your color. Be exceptional, shock them into submission :-). If you are excellent AND bring something different, courses will grab you. Nowadays, they are looking for exceptional people from underrepresented groups.
    PS. I'm pleased you went to a good undergrad uni also. Red brick, Russell Group Uni. It may Factor in if you have traditionalists on your future interview panels.

  8. Hey!! Thanks so much for the video I found it really useful. But the only reason I’m hesitant to be a clin psychologist is cos of the gender imbalance:. I mean I wouldn’t really mind having girls as friends but I need some mates too!! Thanks anyway

  9. in the process of applying and this video was so helpful!i even changed one of my choices to king's because of it. you had me crackin up, your personality and sense of is bomb! "uncle why?!" i can so related as a fellow igbo girl lmao

  10. Thank you so much im in collage studying psychology and sociology and want to go into the clinical psychology degree and have been looking for this kind of video.

  11. Hi! I'd be happy to give you more info if you would like- I am now on my 3rd year in DClinPsy. So good to see other people's peespectives on the matter. It seems that training courses are different so I would advise anyone applying to get to know the philosophy of the course they are applying to! Good luck!

  12. Haha love your sense of humour, this video was great and it's given me a better insight already. Keep it up!

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