What Is The Most Dangerous Drug In The World? ft. In A Nutshell (Kurzgesagt)


  1. You’re cherry-picking data like nobody will catch you. The most dangerous is alcohol, proven in studies done by David Nutt. Please do your research, I’m unsubscribing, thanks.

  2. I get the fact we’re weed smokers and we’re within our rights to be but we shouldn’t go out there and influence kids to smoke weed because of our agenda. Educate them, yes. But don’t influence them to get hooked on it.

  3. Most dangerous drug is alcohol? I wish my brother in law was still alive, addicted to alcohol rather than addicted to Spice drug and heroin. Only 4 years of consuming them killed him. Alcoholics have a higher life rate compared to Spice drug users/heroin users. That’s my way of seeing things

  4. My 3rd ex-wife drank a two liter bottle of cheap wine every night before going to bed and in the 11th year of our 13 year marriage I found out why. She was a full blown meth addict and she was drinking the wine so she could go to sleep. Then I discovered all three of her adult kids were also meth addicts as were their teenage children.

  5. Bruh, have you ever seen Matthew santoro about the drugs you never knew exsisted

    Edit:this is a joke don’t flame me

  6. I think possession should be decriminalized. Why lock someone up for months who’s addicted to drugs? They’re just gonna get out and start using again. We need a system where people are forced to go into rehab or something.

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  8. 2 years ago i used 3 g of 3mmc 12 taps of LSD and alot of weed i was in a Magic trip for 24 days then i was in a coma for 7 months.

  9. People don't know how to interpret data. Alcohol is the worst because it's the most widely available, so the most 'vulnerable-to-addiction' people turn to alcohol. If things like cocaine and heroin were as available, they would be much, much worse statistically.

    This doesn't mean alcohol is worse than cocaine, heroin, fentanyl and anything else you can come up with. It means more people use alcohol than illegal opioids and stimulants. Correlation does not = causality. Don't believe me? Get reasonably drunk and then a week later, inject yourself with a standard dose of heroin. You should be able to tell me which one is considerably worse/more addictive. A friend who is now in prison for drug-related offences once took heroin by accident. He'd never had it in his life before, and he was already feeling cravings for it. That's how addictive heroin is.

  10. Flocka is a drug that’s basically Cocaine and Heroin mixed together on steroids since it’ll make u angry and resistant to damage there’s even a case when a dude ate a homeless man alive

  11. Shrooms are classed as the least dangerous . It's literally just mushrooms , yet it's still illegal , even though it grows naturally literally everywhere

  12. When i was like 4 years old i ate something with alcohol in it accidentally
    My parents said i ran around and did weird things

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  14. If alcohol is the most dangerous drug, does that mean that everytime im about to drink alcohol i could just take heroin instead? And it will be less dangerous for me?

  15. H2O known as simple water – is the world's most addictive substance ever! did not expect that ha?

  16. the most dangerous drug is alcohol. my favorite drug is crystal meth. man that stuff is like blast off! never got addicted to it, it was just a phase lol didn't do it everyday.

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