What Is Therapeutic Touch?

My name is Jackie Kern. I’m a registered nurse and a
therapeutic touch practitioner. Therapeutic touch as a healing
modality developed in the 1970s by nurse researcher,
Dolores Krieger, and natural healer, Dora Kunz. It’s a contemporary
interpretation of ancient healing
practices in which the energy of a
healer’s hands is used to promote healing in another. Therapeutic touch is based
on several assumptions. First, that energy fields
surround all living things and that the human energy field
goes beyond skin boundaries. That the healthy
human energy field is naturally symmetrical
and balanced. And that unbalanced
energy fields are associated with illness
and illness symptoms. Therapeutic touch assumes
that human energy fields can be transformed. And that unbalanced energy
fields can be rebalanced and thus, health
can be promoted. This is done through
intentionally directed energy exchange between the healer’s
hands and the client’s energy field. It is not invasive. And no untoward effects
have been documented. Dear, I’m going to
start therapeutic touch, are you comfortable? To begin a therapeutic
touch treatment, I quiet my thoughts
and focus on my intent to support the client’s healing. I’m just going to run my hands
through your energy field. Holding my hands a few
inches away from the client, I move my hands
from head to feet in a smooth and
symmetrical manner. I assess the energy field
through an awareness of differences in sensory
cues on the palms of my hands. I may sense areas of
warmth or coolness, or heaviness or tingling,
or some other sensation. After an initial
assessment, I continue to move my hands from
the midline outwards in a rhythmical and symmetrical
manner, from head to feet. This clears and balances
her energy field. At the extremities, my
hands follow the long bones. In areas where I sense
energy disturbances, I intentionally direct
energy rebalancing. Actually feeling a little
bit of congested energy right at the top of your back. I may simply let my hands linger
a little longer over an area. Or I may identify a need
for more energy movement and sweep through the energy
field a few more times. It’s through sensory
and intuitive cues that I adjust my hand
movements and my intentions. A treatment can last
anywhere from two or three minutes to 10 or more. The client can be seated
in a chair or lying down. Toward the end of a treatment,
I re-evaluate the energy field with a final head
to feet assessment. Client feels very relaxed. She rests a few minutes,
acknowledging the energy changes before moving on
to her other activities. In multiple studies,
therapeutic touch has been documented to be
effective in reducing pain and anxiety and promoting
relaxation, all of which facilitate natural
healing processes.


  1. I'm pretty sure no untoward affects have ever been documented.
    My questions are:
    What "energy fields" is therapeutic touch supposed to affect?
    What tests have been made do show that therapeutic touchers are able to detect and manipulate those fields?
    What tests have been made to show any significant variation in healing, for people treated by certified therapeutic touchers, and by people who just have someone waving their hands around them for a while?

  2. 😂 lmao!! Anything to fool the simple minded idiots of this world!! Lady the only therapeutic touch you provide is when press on people's stomach and they shit! You'd have better luck scamming people if you tell them you are a psychic!!

  3. It is considered unethical to offer a treatment that has no evidence of efficacy. (Violation of the Nuremberg Codes on experimentation.) Therapeutic Touch practitioners have yet to demonstrate that they can actually feel the "human energy field."

  4. Such a waste of life, go and find job.. please, or just touch the air and imagine your shit… call "client" sounds just like a scam, especially when you are selling air touching stuff(which obviously there are just a few chosen ones who can see them, of course you are one of them) 😀 🙂

  5. This is lovely, thank you Jacqueline. I have done it on myself and it really works for a migraine and very calming. Love n light x

  6. I don't believe any of this is in the least bit scientific, but I know someone who has been trained extensively in this, so I've gotten a few free sessions. It's fun and relaxing. It's not medicine in the slightest, but it's entertaining.

  7. Therapeutic Touch was started by a nurse, Dolores Krieger. She learned it from Dolores Kunz, a Theosophist: "The persons most influential in developing the technique are the
    late Dora Kunz, a gifted clairvoyant and healer and past president of the Theosophical Society in America; and Dolores Krieger, Ph.D., R.N., professor emeritus at New York University Graduate School of Nursing." This is how it got into nursing and it comes straight from the occult Theosophical Society (Google it to see). I'd like to see the hospitals that allow TT to respond to that. They are responsible for bringing occult methods into hospitals and promoting what is essentially an occult spirituality. There is no scientific, medical, or biological basis for TT at all.

  8. I have been healing a lot of people with this therapy but the mine is diferent I don't touch to me patient

  9. This is just a different way of a spiritual healing. The instructor never said this is the only cure don't go see a real doctor. She said it can help and yeah it's mind over matter, but really that's what its about.

  10. I am a nursing student. I have to say when we were learning about TT I was pretty skeptical. I won't say I fully believe in it now (although EBP does show huge amounts of data to support this), but what I WILL say is..the mind is powerful. Holding a patients hand, stroking their hair, rubbing their back – can take a pain number from a 7 to a 4. I have witnessed pain leaving client's eyes first hand. It may be a placebo effect or it may not be, but my question is, does it matter? If a person is in pain and their pain is significantly reduced, isn't that what we want? Isn't that what were striving for? If I have to run my hands over my patient and carry their pain away to take away one ounce of their pain, you can bet I will always do it. Thank you for this experience! I truly enjoyed the video❤

  11. So it’s not really a “healing method”. It’s more like a way to soothe anxiety and relax a patient so that actual healing is easier. Makes sense. It’s still not something that should be charged for, I can get any one of my family members at home to do this for free.

  12. I am nurse in France and i have never heard about this healing technique during my studies and my practice. I find this post very interesting.. Erik Leskowitz in "Transpersonal Hypnosis" speaks about this healing touch in the training of American nurses. I am very happy to see that in USA you consider energy healing as an effective process. Thank you for sharing !

  13. Im struggling to get a decent amount of money at a stock job but this woman gets paid to spout bs where do i sign up

  14. "That energy fields surround all living things" is quite an assumption. What is the evidence to support this huge assumption?

  15. She should lose her PhD (if she actually has one) for peddling this nonsense. This mindset is responsible for the anti-vaxxers and the thousands of children that have died because of it.

  16. You can clearly tell that she can't even keep a straight face and is on the verge of laughing as she makes her psuedo science speech 2:10 because she doesn't even believe in her own bullshit

  17. If the therapist possesses the Dark crystal she can drain the victims aura and use that to lengthen her life span.

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