What Is Therapy Dog Training? | Dog Training

Lots of people are interested in therapy dog
training. Largely because they love their dog so much
and get so much joy out of having them that they want to share that joy with others. For most organizations there’s about four
steps that you need to keep in mind to prepare yourself for therapy dog training. The first is the human end of the leash needs
to be trained. You can take an in home study course or workshop
from any of the organizations that offer a pet partners team. And that will prepare both you and your dog
for an evaluation. Secondly you need to have a health check for
your dog. Most hospitals require that your dog within
a year has received a full exam and health check, that they are up to date on whatever
vaccines you veterinarian requires and of course most states require the rabies vaccine. We also have to make sure that therapy dogs
are free of parasites and other diseases because they will be exposed to people that may be
in jeopardy or sensitive to such things. When you’re ready you’re gonna take your evaluation. Keep in mind it’s not just your dog that’s
being evaluated. It’s your skills and interfacing with the
various clients and the various facilities that you’re interested in visiting. As much as many people want their dog to do
therapy dog work, what you do wanna consider is whether that’s the right thing for your
dog. Dogs that do well with this type of work are
dogs that are extremely friendly and love interacting not only with you but with strangers. They also need to be comfortable in a variety
of strange environments and not be easily spooked by odd movements, loud noises or unusual
sounds. If you and your dog want to embark on being
a pet partners team the best thing to do is to get them socialized early on when they’re
puppies and to continue that training so that your dog is extremely mannerly, under your
control at all times and is having a good time on his visits.


  1. Dogs do need therapy…

    They are torn away from their family at a very young age then have their animal right taken from them.. Caged, beaten att times… Its fucked.

  2. how much must I be dedicated to train a therapy dog?
    and can I train multiple dogs at the same time?
    how much time does this work usually take a professional and is it necessary to work in team, if yes, what is the minimum number of required staff?

    this is my new ambition and its burning me crazy, please advise me, I'm hoping this will change my life since I want to dedicate it to animals in a country that is a Hell for them

  3. My German Shepherd is gonna be a Therapy dog, but as of right now, she's only 2 months old and needs to leave how to not to jump on people

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