What It Takes To Start A Clinical Research Site With Zero Experience

everybody welcome back to the clinical trials guru.com again as these clinical trials guru.com the best place online for clinical trial content and information today's very special I got a guest he's actually a business partner of mine a new business part of mine right how long have we been doing business almost three months three months all right his name's Amir Amir Bashir he's an entrepreneur he has zero experience in clinical research well actually why don't you talk to us about how I even heard about clinical research actually you know I was I started about eight eight nine months ago and I was trying to find out how I can get the some studies and you know first of all the stuff to start up this business but he didn't help me out and then I find out from internet about Dan and I call him and then from there you know we start a partnership freak flood right there right for anyone who's interested but what what made you actually like how did you even find out what clinical research was what one inspire T to start looking at that industry actually I had a previous experience I was working in contents in 2003 to 400k service as a software is a software test tool a statistical analysis system so you did nothing with actual like clinic operations it was all the ITT stuff okay so that's how you learn about research through quintiles exactly right okay but it's still truly you had zero experience as far as oh we can implement the research the different ways to you know find the studies as well as there's a lot of paperwork right right as you will learn soon I mean we've only been doing this for three months we already got like how many studies we've got three studies all right so see that's what happens when you partner with with me if you're lucky I mean sometimes you can get three studies in three months sometimes it takes a year to get three or four studies it real there really is a lot of luck there but there's a lot of other things that go into play there and I want it that's part of why I want to interview you because you're unique you're a businessperson first you're an entrepreneur successful entrepreneur before you even get started in research yes right so talk to us a little bit about that actually I've been doing business since 2008 I have my headset business which is headsets on comm which we do online as well as we have a small warehouse in Seattle Washington as well as in Chicago then I have another company for sto which we provide SEO services to the companies and we have I also have our printing company which we print for in US as well as the rest of other world this is also online business and then I have office in Chicago so we did very good job from started in 2014 January and in today we have a still of 100,000 my printing company the site name is the custom boxes comm gross revenue $100,000 a month in year other business that's correct all right so how long did it think you to build that business up to that point oh it's one half year okay so you did it relatively quickly and you the goal is obviously to replicate that success in research right exactly right so what can you tell the people out there because there's a lot of people out there who are in the same situation I mean they want to start their own research companies or maybe they already started but they're very early and you know they might be struggling they might not be what what are some the challenges you've you've gone through let's start with the challenges first challenges basically what we have is uh it's difficult to find doctors you know and then after finding the doctors it's also difficult to convince them to start the study you know there's some of the difficulties I find and after then to reach out companies because we was new we don't know what we are doing when I have us some fellows which I hired have a clinical trials by the way cago clinical trials yes so I hired some people as a clinical coordinator but does not work well so then you know I start on myself and then I reach out to Dan and then from there we start some of the research and then he starts and you know I did not know that I didn't know you started before you reach out to me yes okay I started and what doesn't work out so that's what happened and I see so then you know I be very very positive and you know Dan is very responsible also any reply me we form a partnership and then from there you know everything better and it was astonishing that Chicago clinical trials is available yes honest she all right what are you people in Chicago doing all right well glad we got it so what are what I mean how many site selection visits have you gone through so far in three months in three months about four and what are some of the things what are some of the feedbacks monitors have been telling you I think they give you a very positive feedback and we answer everything but there are the people although we have new but you know we are able to provide all of their answers answer their questions and few things are missing and what they are very helpful to so that they give me the information list what they are looking for and then we complete that and after then mmm-hmm what so when they came in I mean what are some of the things that because other sites are watching that to you what are the most important things you need in your clinic all the files and you know all the data all the information they are looking should be aligned like you know this is a list of Soapy's that's so pleased and everything they are looking and it should be very very aligned format I think there is no difficult and what about cost people are people are always curious how much is it gonna cost me to start my on a clinic I would have been your experiences with that because everyone is different by the way here and there's I just showed a mirror two of our sites disease visiting now in California that's what I showed them two of our clinics each one is different right one is like a standalone research site the other ones and adjacent research clinic to an existing private practice if we had time I'll show you another one where it's kind of like a hybrid of the the previous two I mentioned and if we had even more time we'd go to another one where they're using like a central office just for paperwork and then they branch out they send coordinators out to different research clinics throughout their region so it's more like a s mo site management organization so as far as what your Chicago clinical trials is concerned what model are you looking at and is it something that you're still trying to figure out oh no actually we are going to replicate the similar model in Chicago and that's actually very helpful because we don't know how we can form the clinic over there but after you know the wall clinic what you have done here so we're going to replicate almost similar in Chicago like kind of like s mo for us mo exactly different doctors you partnering with I mean we just talked to like three of them for a particular study we have a P I we got really lucky with it what yes right we had another one that wasn't that good they didn't work out that's correct let's talk about that because the people out there give up too too quickly there I get emails every day from sides to say hey you know I I can get studies or I can't get doctors and I tell them you're not trying enough I mean it's you didn't get lucky with the first doctor you the first doctor you know we worked with him about three to four months and then he say can't do that and then we will shoot all the time then I get another doctor and she's helping me right now question was a study right yeah we lost that study yeah which one was it it's int yeah the phase four okay yeah yeah study and and I was renting the office I have a staff and I paying for everything but you know that's happen and we cannot do nothing so I lose some money you know in that area that part but you know from my experience I never forgiving you know give up I never gave up so I continue you know looking for a new new way to improve it so that right now I feel that you know so far what I achieve is good and I am one I'm on the edge right now and I'm able to you know move forward I'm going to replicate the similar office in Chicago does something it because I don't have experience in that area at the beginning so I don't know how things look like they are asking the questions different question we don't know and no I know what they're asking when the monitor came yeah I remember a lot of phone calls back and forth between me and Amir hey then what do I tell them here so yeah there's a little steep learning curve that's but once you figure it out with one site once everything is running smoothly especially in a big market like Chicago yes you can branch out like we were talking about Napper bill Ranbir Ruth or Naperville how do you call that yeah Naperville so we were talking about that and basically you can then take the same studies you have at your other side as long as you have another PI you can you you can do them at another side that's fine you can keep doing this yeah that I'm looking for because once you are about learning the business then is no difficult because the P I come by itself they they will join because there they are getting paid for the extra work they are doing now so so I'm hoping that you know that I will open up the office in a day probability also which is you already have one more physician and she is planning to open up the clinic with me in Naperville area and then we already have one in Chicago so Chicago no site on reg Avenue there are clinical trials basically it's a clinical trials clinic calm okay so that's actually we have that site is already up and running then uh my background is ID so first thing I do is make a site yeah well first I'd first you also do I think install things so if any of you people watching need any kind of IT consulting whether it's for your CRO or your research clinic or your SM I mean you're talking to someone here I'm talking to someone who has worked with pork with house so he's familiar with all the systems all the IT specific IT needs we need in this industry how can they reach me definitely you know I can help out to build up custom application we have a full team in India Pakistan Romania I people yes they are they are like you know helping me and I've been doing this from 2008 so I have a very good group in that area how can they get a hold of these someone is watching they can reach me myself my cell phone is six three zero eight eight five zero zero four five again six three zero eight eight five zero zero four five and I can also give my email address is a machine we are at clinical trials clinic calm and if you do if you need to reach him for whatever reason you can also email me then at the clinic across route are coming out introduce you come here he also does SEO that's all that's probably our next video actually we'll do another one just about SEO okay and those of you watching on periscope you'll get that uninterrupted yeah so that's kind of some of the services I provide I mean I do consulting with sites where we do all kinds of things like help them locate doctors or find studies or a partner websites like I did with a mirror and this is a relatively fast example of how quickly you can get studies it doesn't always work out that well and we're still probably a few months away from secreting our first patient maybe one month away maybe one month but it's relatively quick command I mean and I think a lot about to do with your entrepreneurial skills that you brought from your previous that's that's right well that's what I was thinking the same yeah so good anything else you want to let them know about challenges or opportunities just be positive and keep working that's what I would say I own right now three to four business so I'm also IT consultant sometime I do the consultancy so just be you know continuously work and then looking for a new opportunity but never for I'll give up tests that's what I would say never give up and in order to save money right now since we're not actually having visits we don't have a coordinator yeah yes you do and you brought in some interns who are who you knew or an MD grads so it's almost time to start hiring a coordinator that's correct already interviewing some of them I advertised in a crack list actually Craigslist so yes or no I think it cost like 20 bucks 25 bucks 25 bucks yes so I advertised over there and then I get a good response so I retire a couple of them or one or one of them and this week or next week okay moving quickly at Chicago clinical trials yeah Thank You mayor and thank you everyone for watching and this is Danna from the clinical trials guru calm and stay tuned for our next video we're going to shoot it right now about SEO and how you can use SEO for to build your clinical research company right thank severe thanks a lot you

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