What Lab Tests Do I Need – The Functional Medicine Approach!

you hi it's dr. Justin mark Ajani here and today socks and to be on functional medicine lab test what lab test do you need to really assess how you're functioning how you're doing so first off we have conventional lab tests and some of these can be very helpful like your standard blood tests your CBC your CMP comprehensive metabolic profile your vitamin D markers hormone markers digestive markers there's a lot of things that we can look at instead of using the conventional broad spectrum lab range we can use more narrow or functional lab range to pick up dysfunctions in some of these categories so let's let's outline this you can see how it looks so here's your standard lab reference range this is your standard lab reference range and again 95% of the population have to fit into that range so essentially two and a half percent are on the high side and you get two and a half percent on the low side so we all know if anyone that's gone to an airport and seen the whole crowd of people you're kind of know ninety-five percent of the population is not healthy so that's definitely suspect and again as the population gets sicker guess what happens to the lab reference range it gets wider and wider and wider and more people are going to slip out of it so if you're waiting to get picked up by the standard lab reference range you may be waiting awhile it be forever some people continue to go back they don't feel good in the doctor what they're basically saying is you're normal or it's all in your head translation our lab tests aren't sensitive enough to pick up your imbalances so keep waiting until you finally get picked up until the test finally picks you up until it catches you and that's not acceptable for lots of people so we want to look at our lab tests and we want to create a spectrum a functional reference range where we can say okay this is where a health is this is where optimal health is and after we start deviating outside of that reference range let's say right here if you things start to become a problem so we have ways of picking people up before they're an issue and then we can take this range and we can narrow it down so this would be our angel we can look various markers like albumen globulin creatinine and bun and we can assess hydrochloric acid or gut function we can look at hemoglobin hematocrit and red blood cells along with MCB MCH and MCH see to it address B vitamin issues anemia issues whether it's b12 or iron so we can look at lots of different things in the body and get lots of information from blood tests and if we use a functional model we can infer even more information with certain tests we're gonna have to use a blood test to look at thyroid function and some hormones it's helpful to look at blood let's talk about some other tests and how we can trace it back to look at body function so we're looking at function it's helpful to look at symptoms only because symptoms can help trace us back to the body systems that are out of balance so we don't have a symptom based approach the symptom based approach is the easy way out all right that's the what allopathic medicine approaches this really cookbook medicine you have a symptom right let's play the game you have let's say you have GERD right here it's acid reflux what are we gonna do the medical doctors interpret I'm gonna prescribe Omni presume or nexium or prilosec if you have depression again what are we gonna prescribe well either well nutrient or a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor maybe zoloft for instance let's say we have some hormonal imbalances up if you're cycling female we're gonna give you the birth control pill if you're a menopausal female we may give you primer and Provera and this game continues to go on and on right we're chronic pain up we're gonna give you an NSAID 800 milligrams of ibuprofen over here like so let's say you're tired up we're gonna give you prescription of synthroid so it doesn't end you can see symptoms symptoms symptom and we're not getting to the root cause so symptoms are only helpful if we trace them back to the body systems that are out of balance so let's do that right now let's chase it all the way back here what we're gonna do is this we're going to outline our body this is what optimal Alvis this is hell and then from hell we have our hormonal system and in our hormonal system we're going to have our adrenals our thyroid and our female hormones a TF or a t adrenal thyroid female hormones adrenal thyroid male hormones and this is our hormones over here up here the next thing we're looking at is our guts as well as chronic infections so you come into my office and we see potentially a bull's eye rash like a limes type of presentation or unknown symptoms you may want to look at chronic infections like Lyme disease or you may want to look at gut infections like various parasites or bacteria or SIBO or chronic fungal issues again 70 to 80 percent of your immune system exists in your gut so we're starting to have chronic health issues we want to look in the gut we want to look at chronic infections we want to make sure that you have the ability to digest absorb and break down your nutrition as well then you can see if our stress handling system over here isn't working we're going to have fatigue we're not going to be able to manage inflammation and stress properly that thing causes our gut system to break down because this is where 70 to 80 percent of our immune system is is located in the gut so chronic infections poor absorption poor breaking down of food we're gonna have more issues and then what happens is a lot of our toxins are excreted via our hepato biliary system meaning our gallbladder and our liver so if our gallbladder is in pushing out bile properly if we're not breaking down food you can imagine that we're gonna be reabsorbing a lot of toxins and out of the toxification systems get very stressed and this could be from various nutritional efficiencies not being able to make enough glutathione glutathione our body's master antioxidant and is used for detoxification it's made from protein cysteine glutamine and glycine and we have inadequacies in our digestion or we have chronic infections we may not be able to detoxify properly so again ensuring we have the nutrition that's there and ensuring that we decrease a lot of the stressors that are affecting our liver and gallbladder will help our detoxification system function better so let's freak out we have standard blood tests that can look at thyroid function that we can look at more sensitively look on a CBC you pick up various anemias various malnutrition low stomach acid chronic inflammation hormone and low vitamin D things like that now on the hormone side we may want to look at lab tests like I mentioned on the blood side to look at thyroid hormones we may want to run a salivary hormone test that looks at the free fractions of the hormones over here so this would be our salivary hormones over here we may run some blood tests to look at chronic infection like we have our lines we have our various co-infections of lines this can be Babesia this be part nella or Licio etc and then we have all of our parasites parasites and bacteria and fungus and viruses so the more sick someone is the more we like to go in this area because we know something is there that's draining the immune system and putting stress on the body the last six someone is the more we don't have to spend as much time here and then last but not least we can look at its oxidation system by looking at an organic test organics acid Megantic acids are essentially metabolic byproducts and essentially these metabolites form if we're not able to convert these organic acids from A to B so how organic acids work imagine you have a it has to go to B and essentially we need certain nutrients maybe zinc alright maybe in clean to make that metabolite happen so if we don't have enough of these nutrients we may start to see a low amount of B and a higher amount of a because we're not converting that pathway properly so we can look at its oxidation pathway so we can look at chronic gut infections we can look at chronic immune stressors and we can look at chronic hormone imbalances thyroid adrenal and female hormones or male hormones as well so again the goal is were tracing back the systems to the underlying symptoms that are expressing itself not treating the symptoms individually tracing them back like a map to say alright we have gut issues these gut if issues could be causing depression right you wouldn't think that issues causing depression but go look at last week's video it's very common we could say alright our adrenals are fatigued we don't have enough cortisol or our corticosteroids are natural cortisone that means we could be extra inflamed and in pain so maybe it's not an ibuprofen deficiency maybe it's adrenal fatigue or maybe our adrenals are so low that we have starting to have PMS or hormone issues so maybe it's about a birth control deficiency maybe it's a strat /o Drina on balance so we can trace again the system's back to the stressors and vice versa and then we can get to the root cause and not just treat the symptoms and medications again this is dr. Justin here you can feel free and check below for more information and subscribe to our youtube channel so you can get more videos coming your way right away thanks have a great day


  1. GERD > Lack of HCL > FIX: Take 1/4 teaspoon of SEA SALT a day (gone in 3 days)
    DEPRESSION > Mineral imbalance > FIX: Supplement with Lithium, Vanadium, Chromium, Copper, Magnesium THREONATE, Potassium > Make your own fermented vegetables and EAT at least 1 soup plate worth daily. (throw away the "limited" probiotic crap you get from the health shop)
    HORMONES > From eating CAFO meat, from SOFT Plastics and PET bottles, and especially from CANNED foods.
    Fix: NETTLE ROOT POWDER, Chaste Tree Berry Tincture, Indole-3-Carbinol, DIM (Di Indol YL Methane) daily
    TIRED > Thyroid or adrenals > etc etc

  2. So, I didn't hear you say what labs we should have just to check our overall wellness. Doctors never follow through to treat symptoms. So how do we get them to investigate further. There aren't any functional medicine practitioners in my area. And even if I travel 100 miles to go to one, they don't accept insurance. We're all screwed with traditional medicine.

  3. Hi Dr Justin!
    Thanks for your help!
    I'm seeing that there is something called 'functional'
    medicine; doesn't that suggest that the other
    choice is 'dis-functional'. Why do I want to
    do – what everyone else does, when what they do;
    doesn't work!?
    Why do I want that?
    I want something that works!

  4. Just In Health, I understand clearly what you are conveying. HOWEVER…most often the "blood tests" come out NORMAL( I heard this from other patients who mentioned this as well. I understand that the blood tests can be either on the low or high end of the normal spectrum, thus show what may be wrong?! This is one of the most difficult issues that many patients deal with in medicine and thus many doctors claim that ME/CFS is psychosomatic!! The magic question is "what do you do even when we have the blood tests and we STILL have CFS and chronic pain?" Also, what do patients do when there has been 25-years of chronic pain in one area, that has become worse, and yet an MRI shows NORMAL?!?! There are many people, not just myself that find this 'rabbit hole' extremely emotionally/physically and financially exhausting!!

  5. No offense to anyone working in the field, but I've read some articles stating that functional medicine is mere quackery. I have suffered from chronic recurrent scalp follicultis and dermatitis for almost 9 years now and have seen numerous specialists to try and manage the problem to no avail. I've found a functional medicine practitioner near me, but I'm quite skeptical about going to see them. Has functional medicine helped anyone?

  6. Are you able to help someone with primary ammenhorea? After many tests with specialist i was told its due to a pituitary or hypothalamus problem. I am 37 and have been on birth control pills since the age of 17 to get hormones.

  7. I use UltaWellness.com for all of my lab testing needs. It' easy to order. They have 1000's of tests and are really inexpensive, way cheaper than other online lab testing companies.

  8. The doctors that don't know functional medicine are doing medicine wrong. This is the real medicine that really helps patients.

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