What Medical Groups Don’t Tell You About RVUs – (RVU Physician Compensation)

I want you to work for me
and I want you to run laps around this hotel and I want
you to do the same thing and we’re going to have
insurance pay for it, okay. For each lap, insurance will pay $10. Now, I’m your employer
so I’m going to tell you, “Listen, it’s really tough to work for me so I’m only going to give you
half of what we’re getting, but I’ll give you food
and I’ll give you uniforms so you’ll be happy, and maybe I’ll give you some vacation.” So for every lap, you’re going to get $5. You say okay, I love
running, so let me do that and you say, okay, that’s fine. Well, what you’re going to do,
you’re going to run 30 laps. 30 laps around the hotel. You’re going to run 20 laps. So for 30 laps, I’m going to
get, I’m the hospital, right so I’m going to get $300. Our agreement is that
I give you half, right? So you get $150. Well, that’s great. You do 20 [laps], so how much do you get? You get $100, yeah, because
I got $200. It’s fair. You did more, you did less. What did I get? You did more laps, you did more work, you paid $50 more than your
friend who did less laps, right? This is your RVU system! For doing more work, you ended up paying a lot more money to your hospital and you shouldn’t be doing that!

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