What medications should I continue or stop taking before a colonoscopy?

Andres what medications can you continue and what medications should you stop prior to the colonoscopy one that's an extremely important question because you don't want to leave that to the end or the day before or the day of the procedure if the patient is for example a diabetic if the patient has hypertension if the patient is taking aspirin if the patient has a history of seizures and it's taking a medication for that if their patient is immunosuppressed because they have underline inflammatory bowel disease or so all of them need to be brought up with their doctor before they even start the bread when the colonoscopy actually it's being scheduled so your doctor can tell you exactly which medications are okay to take and which ones they must stop or even decrease the dose prior and during the colonoscopy you know underneath there's some medications that I tell the patient that they should continue particularly aspirin aspirin is one of those medications that are vital to the heart people can have a heart attack after stopping their aspirin so I tell them if you're taking a spin don't stop there aspirin there's another medication that I usually go around with the patient which is the iron this medication is safe during a colonoscopy but it can obscure the findings when we're looking inside the colon so I tell patients if they are taking iron to stop it at least one week before the procedure I agree actually in that leads us to the other condition that we frequently see which is diabetes even if they're taking insulin or if they're taking oral medications they're gonna need the dose it's gonna need to be modified so if you have diabetes bring it up with your doctor so they can tell you exactly how to manage the dose of the medication that you are on to make it safe for your colonoscopy and there's another type of medications that I'd like to discuss with my patients prior to the colonoscopy are the blood thinners or anticoagulation medications because there are so many now and these are very important for the heart so I tell people before the colonoscopy if you're taking one of these medications please ask your primary doctor or your cardiologist if you can stop the medication or if you have to continue the medication during the colonoscopy last but not least were frequently asked about antibiotics that they may be taking for different reasons I always tell the patients continue the antibiotic don't stop it because of a procedure that's not a problem

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