What NOT to do in New York- Worst Tourist Traps/Scams/Times Square and MORE !

What’s up guys I’m Jon..A New York City Vlogger And whenever I travel the world I’m always looking out for tourist traps and scams And because I want you guys out there to be smarter travelers I’m going to tell you guys, what to avoid when you travel to New York City Leave me a comment and tell me what you think Of this list But here we go.. New York City’s BiggestTourist Traps & Scams You want to go the top of the one of the most iconic buildings in Manhattan But do you really want to wait in line and pay 32 dollars Just to look at other buildings If you’re dead set on doing this Go ahead But I think there’s far cheaper places to get amazing views Of Manhattan Everyone knows you can get free views of the skyline From Brooklyn But you’re not your average traveler You want to be creative I’ve got an idea for you Go to 230 5th the famous rooftop bar Arguably a tourist trap itself But hear me out Head in between 2 to 7 PM on a weekday Pick sunset for extra credit Channel your inner Hugh Hefner with that robe Order a $6 beer or a $7 wine And basque in that gorgeous view of the Empire State building It’s heated outdoors in the winter This would double as a fantastic date And if you want to bring the kids.. They’re allowed during the weekend brunch buffet Many visitors to New York City have a dream Of seeing the statue of liberty I get that But why spend extra money to do so? When you get off the subway at Battery Park You’ll be approached about Statue Cruises This way This way for the statue I don’t think they’re worth $20 just to get a little bit of a closer view Of Lady Liberty Why don’t you take the free alternative? The Staten Island Ferry Instead.. remember to sit on the right side of the boat And take in a free view of Lower Manhattan And the Statue of Liberty That all the locals know about Scam Alert The Staten Island Ferry is Free No ticket needed If anyone tells you to purchase a ticket from them Go to a cop immediately And get them thrown in jail for me.. We’re here in Times Square The center of the world You’ve got to visit here at least once I refuse to call Times Square itself a tourist trap In fact I encourage you to visit here Right before midnight… if you saw my video on Free Things to Do in New York You’ll find out why But here..does lie.. a few potential tourist traps and even a scam I hope you didn’t come all the way to New York
Just to take pictures of fake sesame street And comic book characters These guys will charge you even for snapping a photo nearby So be warned I do give the naked cowboy an cowgirls credit though For being unique Madam Tussauds Ripley’s Believe It or Not No,No.. simple as that And those stores near Times Square Selling NYC Items 20 dollars a t-shirt.. You can get a much cheaper price In Chinatown Trust me.. Do yourself a favor And skip all of these chain restaurants In Times Square New York is full of more interesting options Then the Olive Garden Come on.. If you find yourself near Times Square And want great food. My local choice is Los Tacos No.1 Located on West 43rd.. These are the best tacos in Manhattan Period Even my Mexican girlfriend Adriana Agrees And she’s one tough judge Scam Alert.. The CD Guys A bunch of would be rappers will approach you And try to aggressively hand you a cd As soon as you take it They’ll demand a tip or donation Walk away This is a known hustle Don’t make eye contact Save your money for an actual street performer Who’s not trying to rip you off Scam Alert..Trains and Bus Stations We’re at Port Authority right now The biggest bus station in New York City And this is a spot Where I see a scam occuring all the time And basically a stranger will walk up to you And say hey.. I need a few dollars To take a bus.. To Upstate New York
Or you’ll see this at Penn Station I’ve got to catch my train to New Jersey To visit my sick relatives Let me tell you that same person is doing that scam.. Every single day Just ignore it A second scam that you need to be aware of.. In New York City And this is one of the oldest ones in the book Is if somebody bumps into you And they’re either going to drop a bottle of alcohol Their glasses Prescription medicine Whatever it is.. They’re going to say that you owe them 40 or 50 dollars And you better go to an ATM Machine RIght now.. Or you’re going to have some trouble Here’s what you’ve got to do One.. Walk away If the person follows you.. turn to them and say.. Okay.. let’s go to the police They can sort it out And I gurantee you They’re going to walk away So be aware out there While Little Italy has a few gems The majority of restaurants there are over priced and cater to tourists You want to find incredible Italian food Go to Arthur Ave in the Bronx The prices are cheaper It’s more authentic And if you can visit during Ferragosto Festival, once a year It blows away the Feast of San Gennaro I would never call Central Park a Tourist Trap Because there’s just so many hidden places to go explore here But there’s one thing that I see so many tourists doing.. Time and time again That I just think.. aren’t worth it Pedicabs and Carriage Rides I know what you’re thinking It would be kind of nice to have somebody pedaling you around Central Park But have you seen those rates? Up to 5 dollars a minute That 30 minute tour could cost you more than the plane ticket you came in on Ditto for the romantic carriage ride 50 dollars for 15 minutes.. Rent a citi bike instead For 24 hours At just 12 dollars And get transportation all day.. that will keep you in shape And active Scam Alert.. New York City AIrports Arriving to New York CIty for the first time Especially at LaGuardia or JFK Could leave you open to a few common scams One of them is a stranger approaches you and asks if you need a taxi But what’s likely going to happen is they’re going to take you To an unmarked black car And they’re going to charge you Whatever they want To take you to Manhattan So if you need a taxi Go to the official line.. at any of the local airports Wait in line Get into a marked yellow cab You won’t run into any trouble There’s another scam I’ve seen with Ubers Where a driver will be standing with a sign And it says Uber on it But if you have any knoweldge of how Uber or Lyft work You’ll realize That you have to call the driver yourself on the app They’re never going to come outside and look for you like that Make sure that the name , the license plate, and the make of the car Match before getting in Otherwise you’re going to be getting into somebody’s car That doesn’t really work for Uber And they’re gong to charge you at least 25% more That what you really need to pay Tell me what you thought about these tourist traps and scams in the comments I’m curious Did I miss anything? Make sure to hit like And subscribe for more adventures from the Big Apple and Beyond Thank you so much for watching as always Until next time


  1. I miss the NYC I grew up in when none of this stuff was there. ๐Ÿ˜ข Times Square is now a strip mall. So sad.

  2. Idk about this.. ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ there's a lot more things for tourists to be concerned with.. like Central Park at night. NYPD.. etc etc

  3. When I got to my hotel in Manhattan in 2001 just 3 weeks after 9/11 I was the last person of the coach as I went up the stairs to the front door of the hotel there was a young boy who had his arms in side his t shirt I knew exactly what he was trying to do by the time I got inside the hotel he was heading back down the stairs I was so close to having my valuables stolen

  4. Thank you sooo much for making this video. It helps a lot.โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ

  5. Thank you for doing this video I'm from Nova Scotia Canada and going to New York city tomorrow and have never been there

  6. I agree with everything except Little Italy. There are restaurants and gelato there that are amazing and the atmosphere and Christmas store alone make it worth it to me. I guess it just depends what you go for. My family has gone to little Italy every trip to New York for the past 4 years. The real scams are in china town with the people selling fake purses and watches.

  7. As a first time visitor and someone who won't get a lot of opportunities to visit NYC, I actually liked going to Ellis Island and visiting the museum and then seeing the statue of liberty for the first time up close. We got amazing photographs of that but I lived there, I wouldn't care so much I guess. I think the Empire State Building has so much amazing history, if they want to charge you to go inside of it, fine, it's symbolic and I live in the present, I don't know when or if I'll ever have a chance to see it in person again. I think the carriages and stuff are not worth it(I loved the bicycle cost better), I think people have to pick and choose what they want to do. If it's vacation where you won't be doing this a second time around ever again, then I'd say, go for it! Bonus points always if you've read and done so much history on the buildings and culture of NYC so even if they are "tourist" traps, you know the history behind it more than a clueless somebody standing around trying to instagram story everything.

  8. The bottle scam is new to me and Iโ€™ve been a lot in NYC, but good to know. The airport taxi scam is almost universal in the 2nd and 3rd world airports.

  9. Yeah the biggest tourist trap in NYC Times Square are the rappers selling their 5 song CD's for $5 then they get you to buy a 2nd one for $5 if you give them a $10 bill…. Aah there it is ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†…… Another tourist trap in NYC is going to a Knicks game at MSG!!!! If you want to see an event at MSG go see the real team of MSG the Rangers play some hockey!!!

  10. Americans should host a new gameshow for illegal immigrant: first one to swim to the statue of liberty gets their freedom, the rest of the live ones are deported

  11. ME great i am going to new york wooohoooooo
    oh man screw this i am going to BORA BORA fuck new york

  12. Omfg the music playing in the background is giving me a headache!!!
    It's "New York New York" by Sinatra but it's chopped and screwed in such a horrible way that the repeating sound is more like a blaring horn! ๐Ÿ˜‘

  13. buy a pass for 6 nyc attractions for a reduced price instead of paying access to each attraction : much cheaper . had to follow relatives to time square, chinatown and little italy and had to eat overpriced, bland food . check the internet for interesting and cheaper places . to climb up the statue of liberty , tickets MUST BE BOUGHT MONTHS in advance, no way around it . use metro cards for transportation, much cheaper than cabs . btw : i am not arabic, muslim nor halal, but 'halal guys' food is filling and plentiful

  14. I was there two times and we did all the things you Said without watching this Video ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜

  15. I got scammed by a hot dog cart man. Charged me $12.
    Apart from that I loved NY. Will return but no $12 hot dogs. Iโ€™m onto you ๐ŸŒญ

  16. One of the best things to get a unmarked taxi is look for a black car and hold 2$ out yes he is going to take you to where you need to go for only 2$

  17. Definitely go to Arthur Avenue! I live right outside the city and my family goes there every month for cheese and olives that taste amazing. Nothing is expensive and its a pretty safe part of the bronx.

  18. Great tips on New York City.
    The " I need money for a bus, train ticket or gas " scam happened to many times .
    Initially, was kind enough to hand out $20 but later I got wiser.

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  20. Most fun restaurant in times square is the super fancy mcdonalds. Its like a top tier restuarant with super cheap prices

  21. I already thought new Yorkers were pushy and rude and never wanted to visit New York and this just cements my opinion

  22. When I went to New York as a group in our high school class trip we stuck out like tourist so we would get approach by peddlers selling fake Rolex, designer bags, jewelry etc.. . I didn't give in but my classmate did and bought knock off Oakley sunglasses. He accidentally drop them once that same day and they broke. Other time comedians would handout flyers to come see them perform at a comedy club. I did find $20 dollars on the sidewalk where many people just walk by and didn't notice. I also remember my chaperone was p___off when he found out the food he gather on his plate was sold by the pound. Where we are from its all you can eat and not sold by the pound. Lucky I spotted the small almost hidden sign. Overall I was not impressed by New York and probably won't return.

  23. Don't buy boxed goods in the streets. Or jewlery chains from hoods lol. Most hustlers are persistent so don't even entertain them. Also if you are going to buy candy in the subway from vendors make sure you have exact change. Dont give a 5 dollar bill to a hood because he will give you one more candy bars if you look like a punk.

  24. New York over price real estate too expensive too much traffic. Move for investment opportunity Michigan Ohio Colorado Vermont those places Is where new money is.

  25. great vid as a person that lived there and likes to go back de vez en cuando , sad to see how most all places one travels has the same traps

  26. Iโ€™ll tell you what I think your a life saver & you will save me a love of money & when my daughter goes to new York next year Iโ€™ll have peace of mind after showing her this THANK-YOU ๐Ÿ’‹

  27. Nyc is s scam for tourist and residents itself lmao donโ€™t waste your money in the city do t pay $5 for just 1 hotdog lol itโ€™s a ripoff

    NYC is scam period been living in the Bronx all my life

  28. If you know what your doing those black cars are actually cheaper then the yellow cabs. I can see how they might rip off tourists lol

  29. The CD guys got me on a Sunday morning and were very aggressive, it was embarrassing getting hustled like that ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธ

  30. A street performer NOT trying to rip you off??? Which one is that ?
    Biggest scam……the guys on the train โ€œtrying to get home โ€œ and โ€œjust needs a couple of bucksโ€. DONT GIVE THEM ANY MONEY. EVER

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