What People Who Go To Therapy Want You To Know

– Going to therapy is like
getting a PhD in who you are. I’m like not even joking. (creaking) (slow piano) It took me forever to
start going to therapy because I was like, “Nothing
traumatic ever happened to me.” But like that doesn’t fucking matter. If you’re depressed, you’re depressed. If you’re just generally
unhappy, like that’s a problem, and you don’t have to live that way. – Therapy allows you to find
things out about yourself that nothing else does. Because it really forces
you to examine the whys. – You don’t have to do anything with it but it is such a release
to know that like sometimes that’s where that anger comes from. – Sometimes it’s not the
best to listen to a friend because they’re too
close to the situation. They’re super involved and their emotions are involved too because
they care about you. – A therapist will be
honest with you in a way that your friends and family won’t be. Because they’re not
emotionally attached to you, they can tell you insights about yourself that your friends and
family maybe don’t want to. – It’s like the one time in your life where you can be completely
honest to another human who’s attentive and caring, and it’s not gonna affect
anything of your world. – I’m very open with the
fact that I see a therapist. In part because I want people to know that it’s a good thing. There isn’t a stigma and
there shouldn’t be a stigma. – I think a lot of African
Americans will say like, “Oh, you know, you just need to pray.” No, you need to go talk to a therapist. The Bible’s not gonna
help you cope with severe to moderate depression. It just won’t. – It’s chemical. It’s things that happen,
physical changes in your body that cause your emotions
to be outta whack. There’s a science to emotions,
and I’m not an expert so why not talk to someone
who can give me more insight into that? – Good therapy is about self-discovery. It’s not about somebody
sitting across from you telling you, “This is
what’s wrong with you. “This is what you need to fix.” It’s about you looking
inward and finding the things that you need to work on. The most important thing
that you can do for yourself is go to therapy because that
is a huge form of self love. – I can’t think of a single
person who has been honest with themself and gone to counseling, and not benefited from it. – It look a lot of healing and to be, I’m not gonna say normal again, but just to be myself again. Therapy helped me get
to being myself again. – I go to therapy ’cause I’m worth it. I’m worth putting in
the work to get better. (bouncy, chiming music)


  1. To everyone in the comments talking about how awful therapy is just because THEY had a bad therapy experience, different things have different effects on people, so just because therapy did not go very well for you does not mean it's not going to have an affect on others…

  2. "Therapy allows me to be myself again" WOW! Yes I so agree with that statement in the video. A friend told me that she thought I was depressed. I wouldn't believe it but it made so much sense why I wasn't myself, why I could just do things, why I was stuck in my room in bed, and why I was just crazy out of it. I researched all this stuff on the internet about depression and how to get better but after two weeks, when I finally realized that I couldn't fix myself, I made the call. Never in my life would I think I would go talk to some strange person. I was so nervous. I was even more nervous when he called me back. I didn't want to pick up that phone but I AM SO GLAD I DID! After my first session I felt better (How is that possible?). I still don't know why it works but it does!

  3. In my opinion therapy makes me really anxious. I try to talk to my therapist every week, but it's really hard for me to talk about my problems because of my anxietydisorder.

  4. I'm literally only going to therapy to rant and vent and to let off the steam as in my current situation there is absolutery no realistic solution. I have problems and I hate it to open to another human being but as so many of my issues are coming out of anger I just vent in a way I would in my head.

  5. This is great! 🙂 I hope more people will watch this and realize what therapy is, when and how it can help anyone of us 🙂

  6. Okay look I am all for therapy I think it's great. However you can't just completely write off religion like that because it really does help. The Bible helps and so does prayer because I am literally living proof that it helps.

  7. this is why I need a therapist!!! my dad says I'm fine that I don't need one but I know there is something wrong with me and nobody listens to me without a biased response.

  8. And this is the reason why I want to be a therapist but my parent want me to be a surgeon even if they say they support what I choose like seriously? Are you shïttïng me right now?

  9. Therapy helps a lot and I want to tell myself I'm ok and I don't need therapy anymore but I know I need to but I'm scared to tell my mom that I think I need to go back.

  10. Therapy helps a lot and I want to tell myself I'm ok and I don't need therapy anymore but I know I need to but I'm scared to tell my mom that I think I need to go back.

  11. Or you could save yourself the money and be your own worst critic for an hour a day and reason through what is or isn't acceptable for who you are and who you want to be and create realistic goals to achieve what you want for yourself. Maybe that's too much to ask of yourself… but, then, why do it with someone else? They can't give you any conclusion that you can't come to on your own. Call me crazy but I don't think it's healthy leaving your mental well-being to someone you don't even know and trusting that they know what they are talking about. Fairly certain they have their own biases that seep into their views on your mental state.

  12. I want to go to therapy but its too expensive for my family to afford and going to therapy is you being considered crazy by people around you. I just want yo be okay. To be finally be helped fixing things in my mind that I cant fix myself.

  13. In Australia there is a mental health care plan wish I'm thankful for because you have ten sessions for twelve months and they're free but when those twelve months are over I guess I would have to start paying for them….

  14. I suffer from Lyme Disease and have been extremely sick since September 20, 2015. I will soon be going to a therapist. Watching this made me realize that I am not going crazy, I am not alone, and I never will be.

  15. Everyone should be obligated to attend at least one therapy session a month. It really should be mandatory.

  16. Therapy improved my life so much. It's difficult to tell someone that you want to see a therapist, I couldn't bring myself to ask my parents- but I asked my aunt and she helped set up an appointment.
    So find an adult you'd feel comfortable asking and tell them you'd like to see a therapist. It will be worth it, trust me.
    Hugs to y'all

  17. I want to go to therapy, however I can't tell my parents the exact reason. And I know that they'll just say pray to God, but I'm pretty sure that's not gonna work.

  18. Growing up I was always behind other people. I was dumber then most of my friends,I even failed almost all my grades. It hurt a lot knowing I was a fail. My mom put me in therapy. I didn't talk to anyone for 2 years. Then all of a sudden I realized it didn't help anything. So me and my therapist chatted mostly about my dad and my failing grades. Later that year I became extremely paranoid and never let anyone out of my sight. I would break down if I was alone. I told my therapist. We are still trying to work things out. I'm masking good process though. This started at 8 and I'm now 15. I'm proud I made it this far.

  19. Yes to the lady talking about prayer and the bible. I'm a Christian but I know that God made people with these gifts of helping others for a reason! Use it!

    Love it. ❤️

  20. I've been thinking about going to therapy on and off, and several of the main reasons I don't want to go is because I don't know what's wrong, I don't know if there is something wrong, and I don't know what goes on in therapy. So, if you don't mind sharing: basically what goes on in therapy?

  21. I've just uploaded 10 things I've learned from Therapy. If you guys are having fears, please don't! <3 You guys can get through this I promise you! xxx

  22. Therapy might be very helpful but in my case, it's completely useless. I'm done with my therapist, I wanna go see another one. But I don't wanna ask my parents cause they already have so much to worry about. Help.

  23. I would confront my mom about going to therapy, but she doesn't know what it is…neither she doesn't believe in depression, anxiety, etc.

  24. It's also about finding the right fit: finding a therapist/counsellor that you can connect with that you feel comfortable enough around to speak honestly.

  25. I'm so scared to go to the therapist tomorrow. My sister got really upset when she found out, probably because its the same girl but that was my moms choice…Its understandable. I'm just so scared that there's nothing wrong with me and this is what its like to feel normal. I get out of bed and feel tired even though I slept for three days. All I do is sleep. All I want to do and feel capable of is sleeping. I'm so confused. I scratch myself now which is new. I bite my nails to the quicks. I cut my hair off in the bathroom. God knows why I did that. I'm an idiot. I'm scared that all I'm feelings are just hormones or just a cry for attention like my sister says. I don't know what to do. I don't want to be here. I don't deserve it.

  26. This is a Great video! thanks for shedding light into therapy and mental health. I'm a therapist from California and it's wonderful to see clients improving and making progress in their lives when they come into session. Everyone can benefit from "you" time 🙂

  27. but my therapist DOES tell me what to do about myself… i also don't think she believes i even HAVE any mental illnesses.

  28. I went to therapy for my Schizoid personality disorder. What a waste of time and money!
    ok, I learnt that I am ok with me being the way I am, but otherwise no benefits.

  29. My therapist comes to my house. She has tattoos. She even has one on her hand of one of her cats. She wears cat socks. She colors her nice short hair with blues and pinks and purples. She wears alot of black blazers, shirts, pants (with cat hairs of course), boots, and eyeliner. She's a cat lady with 3 cats and wears alot of black clothes and cat socks. I love her so much!! I'm glad I chose to keep her as my therapist 2 years ago.

  30. "It took me so long to go to therapy because nothing traumatic ever happened to me." This is exactly how I feel! I felt embarrassed about my depression for so long because I thought it just meant I was weak. I thought people would think I just wanted attention if I told them about it. I told my Mom last week and she signed me up for counseling. It was the best decision I ever made, just letting someone know.
    It is okay to feel depressed. It is not your fault. It took me so long to understand these two truths.

  31. I don't wanna go to a therapist because I'm 13. I need to go with my mom and I don't want the therapist to tell my mom anything. I just sit in my room and cry all day and that doesn't help either. halp

  32. Reminder thought that therapy doesn’t work for everyone. I love seeing all these stories about people who benefited from therapy but I went for nearly a year straight and yah it helped a little but still I wasn’t any better at all (I was actually worse) and I left therapy a few months ago and I’m making so much more progress on my own

  33. I had a breakup and got cheated on 5 yrs ago and my friends feel like I haven't let go of my ex but I'm extremely nervous and don't know how to tell my relatives saying I need it they think it would really help me any tips to help me

  34. I am going to a therapist soon and I don't know how to start talking . I think I have some disorders adhd ocd depression ect. But it will be strange if I start the dialog with : Umm hey I think I have adhd , diagnose me … please someone help me because I don't have a lot of time . Thanks in advance!

  35. Some jobs will blacklist you if you see a therapist , so it's either your own well being or your career, sadly some people have their career.

  36. That girl that bought up God has made a valid point. The Pope even went to therapy.

    Can't all the time rely on God, seek help.

  37. I just recently stated going to therapy. It was scary af at first (and still sometimes is), but it's actually super helpful now.

  38. I always wanted to know who they talk to, do they talk to your family after talking and talk about what you talked about with them?! I mean

  39. There is not a science to therapy. You know how many people go to thearpy without relief? Lots. IT DOSE NOT help depression. If you think it dose this is very dangerous. It is largly a social science art. I think nuro science will show a huge prrogess in the future.

  40. I don’t have depression anymore..but however my anxiety has gone up to the point we’re I would cry in public from being anxious and I don’t like being near people and so on. I wish I could have conversations with people without panicking.

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