What People Who Take Mental Health Medication Want You To Know

yeah I've taken medication for ADHD say something yeah talking about medication for anxiety or depression there's definitely a stigma I take a medicine for my ADHD I was panicky and sad at the same time I can feel so weird even at my own doctor's office I'm like yeah I'm here for an adderall appointment and it's just all the sudden this like weird thing in the room with people of color it's almost like a thing that doesn't really exist there's like a spectrum there's like you're either crazy or you're weak and in the middle is you just act like you're fine it doesn't mean you're weak and it's not something you can just get over stigma comes from people thinking that medication is an easy way out and I think that's absolutely not true I think it's really difficult to take that step I'm not a big fan of just forcing medication to solve a problem quickly I come from a very strong family we were athletes we handle our business you know we know that a lot of who you are depending on your self-control takes a lot of hard work on your own in addition to the medication this isn't a cure-all there's no cure-all but just because something is not a cure-all doesn't mean that it's something you should just say I use it as a tool and in conjunction with a lot of other stuff that enhance my life and now the medication it does my anxiety doesn't reach that next level and now I talk for myself Jessica that doesn't work for some people doesn't mean it doesn't work for anyone and it was something that I needed I would be able to calm myself down sift through my thoughts and emotions instead of reacting I can actually deal with my problems a lot better and a lot more head-on there's enough horrific in this world like you don't need your chemical sadness to make you a brilliant artist you don't you deserve to be happy once I got out of my shell and was open with people they just started being open with me and even asking me where I went to therapy but then I really found out that more and more of my friends were really dealing with similar issues a lot of people who feel alone about it because there are not a lot of people talking about it some people think that when you take medication it means you're really messed up why doesn't it just mean that you're taking care of yourself you should take it very seriously and know that this is not going to fix me but it can help me fix myself you're worth taking the time out to figure out and to take care of your body in your mental health all you have to do is what's right for you that's all that should matter and it goes for everyone else out there like you don't need to feel alone or weird about it


  1. pharmacists are very good at shaming mental health patients. i have been thouroghly shamed and traumatized by cruel,unknowledgable pharmacists

  2. I am an avid #MentalHealthAwareness advocate and performer, and I love this so much. I travel the country trying to bring that awareness on stages, in classrooms, hospitals, and on my YouTube channel, so I get excited when I see other advocates. πŸ’™β€

  3. I wish i could afford it. How do you all afford those psychiatrists appointments and $1k a month medications? #bipolardepression #anxiety #hopeless

  4. I have been taking medications for my Generalized Anxiety Disorder since last October and I am completely open about this.

  5. Love the Australian Police who come to my door & smack me on the ground & drag me to hospital, strapped up by nurses & injected with high dosage to get lost with magical powers for infinity +1.

  6. I wish I could go on medication for my anxiety. I am in pain every single day but my parents won't take me to a pyschaiatrist because there isn't one in my city that works with teens

  7. Have an asian person in this video,
    There’s much more stigma against mental health medications for asians.

  8. I don't take my medicine cause I'm scared to take it then the next thing I'm taking my life due to side effects…….

  9. If you aren't MY psychiatrist then don't talk to me about what meds are going to work or aren't going to work just because they maybe didn't work for you or for somebody you know.

  10. Lol the first person
    "I take medication for adhd… Say something"
    Just reminded me that I forgot to take my adhd medication today…

  11. I have anxiety and depperison , this is what I have to say to everyone who is not mentally ill . Do not label me ! Because of my mental health because I'm driffent ! Don't think I'm weak I'm stornger than you .

  12. People who think those on meds are weak need to get sick or be born with a mental illness and lets see how long they suffer before they get on meds..

  13. I like the overall message but its just annoying and unnecessary for them to bring RACE into it.. but I shouldn't expect any less from buzzfeed i guess?

  14. Very appreciative of the dude at :57 who talks about the athlete's mindset! I never made the connection, but it's very similar. Any dedicated athlete knows how to improve: you "handle your business", whatever it takes, no complaining, just a lot of hard work/training/practice that no one needs to see. I've yet to see anyone over 20-25 who takes a pill and snap all better. To only take medication and do no work on the others parts is, for most people, something akin to just fixing your diet. It'll help, but it won't make you a smarter, more skillful athlete.

  15. thank you all for the helpful feedback I've tried other things to help but now I think it's the only answer to go and try to find the right medication

  16. I've wanted to try and take medication for my mental illness but my stupid anxiety makes me think oh no what if there are bad side effects that could kill you ugh

  17. i saw this thing, it said, "my brain doesn't make the right neurotransmitters;store bought's fine" i really like it

  18. heres the thing. the brain of someone without anxiety has serotonin. mine doesn't. i dont produce it correctly. i need to take serotonin in a pill form for anxiety. if you cant make something in your brain store bought is fine

  19. Pills stifle your creativity? Hardly, once I started taking mine it was like this huge weight was winched off my shoulders and I could suddenly start thinking about my craft and art.

  20. I hate taking my meds, especially the as needed ones. But I had a withdrawal once, and I can't stop, either.

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