What should you do if you’re at risk for HIV? Penn State College of Medicine

[Dr. Zurlo] I think that I can say that, the reason for
the whole campaign, Opt-in For Life, opportunities for prevention and treatment. We want people to get into care. Go into OptInForLife.org. They can connect with our program, they can
find out where to get tested. They can find out from one of our sites where
to get treated. Because treatment is the key. If they can get into treatment, they can have
a long and healthy life. >> So talk about treatment. I want to ask about a cure. Do you think in the near future there will be
a cure for HIV/AIDS? Yeah, that’s been a challenge because we can’t
cure it right now, though we can keep it under control, really indefinitely for years and
decades. I think we are moving in that direction and
we have to find a way to finally eliminate the little bits of virus that still remain
in people, even who are fully controlled. I think we made a lot of strides, I’m sure,
that in my career, and therefore in most of my patient’s lives that we will reach that
point. I’m very optimistic.

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