'What The Health' Debunked by Real Doctor


  1. Some of you have noticed my dyslexic mistake. In my clarification I say a range of 90-97% of fat was from carbs, no it was indeed 90-97% of fat from FAT. I was just trying to be transparent about the range observed ok different women. Too bad Youtube no longer allows notes on videos. This topic is really interesting and I suggest this extended reading: http://m.ajcn.nutrition.org/content/74/6/707.full 📖 📖 📖

  2. the totally unempathetic way he was treating the woman speaking about POPs is so disgusting. i cannot believe this joker is a fucking doctor. walking proof that degree doesnt make a GOOD doctor.

  3. i eat a lot of fat in my diet from avocados, nuts, nutbutters, chiaseeds, flaxseeds, olive oil etc and i am not fat, if the fat i ate was stored directly in fat cells i wouldnt be at the weight i am. im not extremly lean or skinny, just normal healthy probably a bit on the skinnier side of average. what about the fact the fat is exxential for getting fat soluble vitamins etc… you can label fats as bad, and it seems to me that this is what is happening here (partly of course, about minute 7:45. correct me if im wrong but healthy fats are VERY important in a diet and our bodies need them for functioning correctly…. so i don't see where healthy fats are bad?

  4. Nevermind the fact that the third leading cause of death stems from the branch of medicine for which ZDogg belongs… allopathy. Now this dude, DESERVES to be highly criticized.

  5. Meat is good. Sugar is bad. Eggs are good. THE END. Everyone who agrees with that documentary is plain stupid, honestly, how can you agree with that shit?

  6. Great videos mic keep them up! You do your research thoroughly even to prove actual facts and debunk the so called professionals in splendid fassion. I'd love to see you on a podcast and debate these people that cling on to these false facts with a computer close by and nut it out with a healthy debate with actual proof to show it to them so they can't possibly argue against it.

  7. A dr who doesn't site any research and posing as if he is a nutrition expert – which dr's are not – but apparently dr's are experts in all arenas…NOT

  8. the movie what the health picks and chooses the information from all of those studies just like you, to make it fit the vegan narrative.

  9. You're a Vegan. You are part of a group with a dietary bias.
    ZDogg is not part of any group. He has no agenda.
    There is a type 2 diabetes epidemic and it's not caused by eating meat.
    Sugar is in everything we are eating.

  10. I'm not sure if this is true but someone i know, but won't let me use their name said that in the gay community, they been reporting that some of them that went on a plant base diet have stop being gay. At first i thought it was a joke, but then i saw that person dating someone of the opposite sex.

  11. You're doing the same thing the Dr was doing… when it comes to what causes fat. Everyone's genetics is different and different diets work for different people. You also aren't separating slow (naturally) occurring carbs from processed carbs and sugars. Much different physiology. What builds up the fat is not being able to burn off all of the carbs we eat (most people over eat carbs but proteins or fats would make you sick of you binge on them too much). You should look into the science of a Keto diet more before talking about ketosis. When you're on low carbs your body switches from a carb burner to ankle efficient fat burner in much shorter periods of time. You don't have to be in ketosis everyday

  12. He seems to do a lot of the things you do in your work on Youtube. He takes something he disagrees with and mixes what he believes to be accurate data with a semi-comic approach to ridicule what he doesn't believe to be accurate. I can dig that you disagree with his findings but it's a bit rich to comment on his style.

  13. You just shredded this man and anything he was hoping to become in the future.
    I really like you alot. 😀 bwuahaha

  14. Weight loss after trial; systolic pressure change(post-pre) (P=0.25; P=0.43)

    Published research == credible conclusion

  15. I am vegan/vegetarian and have been for 2 yrs now. I stopped eating meat and dairy products because our meat is just simply NASTY! I monitor my blood pressure and have not taken a blood pressure pill since I became vegan. Every now and then I will go to the farmers market and buy bacon and eggs. Our local farms raise grass fed animals and they are open range.. It's a matter of open range vs farm factory for me and farm factory run by big corp is a BIG NO-NO for me. I will never buy my meat from the super market. I have paid 14.00 for a lb of bacon and 5-7 dollars for a dozen of eggs which is why I only buy these a couple of times a year but I don't eat them daily when I buy them. I eat organic AND IT IS AFFORDABLE BECAUSE I AM NOT BUYING MEAT NOR DAIRY PRODUCTS. Doctors are not taught about nutrition while in school, I take that back, I believe they are taught 4 hours of nutrition in 4 years. Sometimes you have to put your health in your own hands.

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