What to Do if you Suspect Meningitis – First Aid Training – St John Ambulance

If someone has meningitis they won’t usually show all the signs and symptoms at the same time The key points to look for are flu-like symptoms with a temperature, cold hands and feet, joint
and limb pain, and blotchy or very pale skin. As the infection develops, there may be a
severe headache, neck stiffness, drowsiness, vomiting, their eyes may become sensitive
to light, and in a baby there may be high-pitched moaning, a whimpering cry, floppiness or a
tense, bulging soft spot to the top of their head. If anybody shows the signs or symptoms of meningitis, like shielding their eyes from
the light, then call for an ambulance immediately and treat the fever. Check to see if they have a rash. Most rashes will fade when you press the spots under the
side of a glass. If the spots don’t fade, call for an ambulance immediately.
While waiting for an ambulance, reassure them and keep them cool.
Be sure to check their level of response, pulse and breathing. Remember, call for an ambulance, check for a rash, keep them cool. That’s how we treat somebody suffering from meningitis.

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