What to do if Your Baby has a Burn or Scald – First Aid Training – St John Ambulance

as your baby crawls or toddles around exploring the world they may come into contact with something that can burn or scold them a burn is usually caused by dry heat like a flame or a fire a hot iron or sunburn a scold is caused by wet Heat like steam or a hot cup of tea if your baby has a burn or scald you might see some of these signs they may cry or have pain in the area they may have a red and swollen patch of skin they may have blisters or they may have peeling skin if you think your baby has a burn or scald move them away from the source of heat call the burn or scald by running it under cold water for at least ten minutes don’t use ice gels or creams on the area they can damage the affected skin and increase the risk of infection remove the clothing from around the burn if the clothing is stuck to the skin don’t try to remove it cover the burn with cling film or a clean plastic bag get rid of the first few centimetres place a single sheet over the burn or scrunch the edges but don’t wrap it around the limb this protects it from infection always seek medical advice if your baby has a burn or scald if the burn or scold is on the baby’s face hands or feet or if the injured area is larger than the size of the baby’s hand or if it is a deep burn then it’s a serious burn or scald serious burns or schools need emergency treatment so call 9 9 9 or 1 1 2 while you wait for the ambulance treat your baby for shock if necessary so remember move them away from the heat call the burn with water for at least 10 minutes protect the burn with cling film call 999 or 1 1 2 for an ambulance and that’s how you treat a baby with a burn or scald thanks for watching help support central ambulance donate today you

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